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How To Time Travel In Animal Crossing

Changing The Time Outside The Game

TIME TRAVEL GUIDE – How to Time Travel in Animal Crossing New Horizons
  • 1Turn on your DS. In order to change the time outside of the game, you will need to start your DS.
  • 2Go to the Settings menu. Instead of loading an Animal Crossing game, click on the settings icon from the DS menu.
  • The system settings will not open if you have a game running; if you do, the DS will inform you that the software needs to be closed to proceed.
  • 3Select Other settings. Once youve clicked on the system settings, you will see four different panels. Other settings is found in the lower-right corner.
  • 4Change the date and time. Tap on Date & time, which is the second on the list; here, you can either change todays date, the current time, or both .
  • 5Start your Animal Crossing game. Once youve selected the date and time that you desire, load Animal Crossing: New Leaf. You will see that the date in the game will also change in order to reflect the system settings.Advertisement
  • With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

    The most unique thing about the Animal Crossing series is its reliance on a true calendar and clock. When its March 19th in the real world, its March 19th in the game itself. Of couse, while this has been true since the original game on Gamecube, there have also always been ways to time travel. With this latest entry on the Switch players are asking the question, can you time travel? The answer is yes, but be very wary as there can be consequences. With that said, heres how to time travel in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

    What Are The Specific Effects Of Time Traveling Backwards

    If you time travel backward more than a day, it will be like going back to fake yesterday.

    Negative Effects
    • Turnip prices will change and your trend will be reset.
    • Watered effect will be removed from flowers and they will not grow/breed.
    • ABD chain will reset.
    • Villagers will advance moving in/out.
    • It will not count as a “new day” in terms of progression.
    • Building construction/upgrades/moves will not be completed.
    • Shop stock will be the same as it was the first time you visited that day unless you leave the current week.
    • Rocks and trees will not refresh.
    • Mail will not be delivered.

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    A Guide To Time Traveling In ‘animal Crossing: New Horizons’

    Animal Crossing: New Horizonsis one of the most chilled out games you could possibly play during these trying times. Unfortunately, that also means it’s one of the slowest to get into. The relaxing, no-pressure nature of the Nintendo Switch game is partially due to one important factor: it runs in real time. But for some it can be frustrating to move at the glacial pace of real life. You can often run out of things to do, and items and mechanics aren’t all unlocked at the onset. So what’s the deal with all this ‘time traveling’ business you may have been hearing about online? It’s a way out of monotony for you and every other Animal Crossing fan out there. Here’s what you need to know.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    How to Time Travel in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Aug 26, 2020 Source: IGGM

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a very popular game thisyears. It will throw you into a world full of personality and practically let you do whatever you want, which almost everyone enjoys. One of its characteristics is that it follows real-time, which means you have to wait for a period of time for things to take effect. It reflects the local time, so if you live at 8 am, the time in the game is 8 am. But some players want to get rewards immediately, so they choose to skip the wait.

    But how to do this?

    The answer is time travel!

    It includes changing your system’s internal clock to manipulating it in the game, this is a very controversial approach. Some people think it will make the game uninteresting, while others will use it in-game sessions.

    Why should you time travel?

    In fact, in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, time travel is unnecessary. Most players use the game to wait for changes to occur in real-time. But some people’s work arrangements only allow them to play at night, after the game store closes. But with time travel, this trouble will disappear, which lets you take control of the game’s clock.

    Time travel can be used for almost anything. Maybe you are waiting for a villager to request to leave your island. You can speed up the process by jumping to a new day, because you can check in the game whether the villager is ready to leave.

    How to time travel?

    Step 1-Go into settings

    Step 2-Open the system settings menu

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    From 2000 To 2060 And Back Again

    So, I began my experiment. I traveled small increments at first, but with each letter I got from Nook Bank awarding me interest, I became more and more curious about how much interest I could accrue. I went for the biggest time jump I could. I was surprised to see the Nintendo Switch clock can go back well before the Switchs existence. It even predates the GameCube with 1/1/2000 being the earliest date you can set the clock to. I was even more surprised to see that, according to the Nintendo Switch clock, the world ends after the year 2060.

    A few leaps from 2000 to 2060 was all it took for me to gain the max interest: 99,000 Bells. It got to the point where I could jump ahead in 2 years increments and net 99K Bells in a matter of minutes.

    Later I discovered another, less surefire hack. At this point, youve probably realized that burying 10K Bells in the glowing spot that appears every day on your island will grow into a money tree that can turn your investment into a total of 30K. You may also be aware that, despite all the rumors and misinformation floating around, this is the only amount guaranteed from the money tree. Planting 11K and even 99K could grow into a 33K or 297K tree, respectively but its rare and totally random.

    However, planting 99K Bells in the year 2000 and jumping to the year 2060 will ensure you grow a 297K money tree as long as you dont use the same two dates twice.

    Setting Up Time Travel

    First and foremost, youll want to completely close;Animal Crossing: New Horizons on your Nintendo Switch. You can do this by hovering over the game on the Switchs Home screen, pressing the X button on your Joy-Con, and then selecting Close.

    Next, from the Switchs Home screen, go to the consoles System Settings. The System Settings icon looks like a gear and is located between the Joy-con icon and the Power icon in the bottom toolbar.

    Once youre inside the System Settings menu, scroll all the way down and select the System menu. Next, select the Date and Time option by pressing the A button on the right Joy-Con.

    This sub-menu is where you change all of your time settings on the Nintendo Switch.

    To customize the current time, select Synchronize Clock Via Internet to turn Off the automatic clock.

    Change the date or the time to whatever you want and press OK.

    Navigate back to the Nintendo Switch Home screen by pressing the physical Home button on your right Switch Joy-Con and then launch the game.

    When you launch Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the date and time will reflect the settings you changed in the Switchs Date and Time menu.

    To turn the real-time sync back on, save and close the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game client, and navigate back to the Date and Time menu. Select Synchronize Clock via Internet to set it back to the On position.

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    Time Travel In Video Games Isnt Really Cheating

    Animal CrossingCozy Grove

    Animal Crossing, like other games of its Nintendo Switch ilk, is meant to be grazed upon. Its designed for short bursts rather than binge sessions. Theres only so much you can do in one day of playhit your rocks, pick your fruit, check in at the shops to see whats newthen it’s done. Its a nice reprieve from Assassins Creed marathons for sure, but it can also start to drag if you play for too long. Once you’re no longer enamored with the game, it just feels like a chore, and no one has time for that.

    Swapna Krishna

    But there is one hack that can save you from all that drudgery: time travel. Its not allowed, really, and in some circles its downright controversial, but its a loophole that people absolutely take advantage of. Heres how it works: Save and close your game fully. Toggle Airplane Mode, then go into the System Settings and change the date. Boot your game back up and voila! You dont have to wait 24 hours to make forward progress.

    But thats not the kind of time travel Im advocating for here. Its not about making oneself look like a better gamer, its about saving your own gamer sanity. Some of us just dont have the time to play the game as its supposed to be played, and pulling off a little time heist is the only way to keep up.

    How To Cheat And Time Travel In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Animal Crossing New Horizons how to time travel change time

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    I will make no judgement. Cheating in video games is a perfectly reasonable thing to do, because doing basically anything in videogames is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. Its your game, after all, and you should do what you want with it. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game that lives and dies by the real-world calendar: the sun comes up in the morning and goes down in the evening. When its springtime outside, its springtime in the game. If you want to wait for the bugs of summer, youve just to wait for summer in the real world. that is, unless you cheat.

    If you bought Animal Crossing: New Horizons at launch, youre now a few days into the game. If youve played a fair amount, youve likely amassed a decent collection of bugs and fish in the museum, perhaps exhausting those readily available here in March. You might be tempted to skip around and get some more, so: heres how you do it.

    1) Go to the home menu, select Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and close it

    2) Go to your system settings, select date and time and turn off synchronize clock via the internet.

    3) Set your date and time to whatever it is you want.

    4) Head back on in.

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    Why Would You Ruin Animal Crossing With Time Travel

    I realize time travel is an upsetting concept to many who may be wondering why I would want to ruin my game or why I would pay $60 to skip parts of the game. The short answer is: for science. I was assigned to write our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Time Travel Guide, so I was doing this for the silent, large group of players who dont mind taking advantage of a well-established exploit if it lets them enjoy their time a bit more – for numerous, valid, reasons.

    Have you played Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

    Some people have limited time to play and cant or don’t want to wait until the next real-life day to progress New Horizons projects. Others may only be able to play at night and wouldnt be able to see the sun or even buy turnips without some clock manipulation. And, of course, some of us just want to be filthy rich so we can shop to our hearts desire and move buildings without having to grind for a quick 50,000 Bells a dozen times over.

    All of this started out as mere research but I have to admit, by the end of the project, I was time traveling just for me. Sure, there are plenty of legitimate strategies to getting money plus some grey area exploits, but for many of us the only way we can make extra money, real extra money, is to go out and cut a few corners. And after everything Ive seen and dealt with, Id absolutely do it again.

    Can I Get In Trouble For Time Travel

    Strictly speaking, there are no official rules against Time Travel, and the developers left the method intact from Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Within the game community, opinions are largely split regarding the ethics of time travel. Some are adamantly against its use, but the leisurely style of the game coupled with the overall design of playing how one wants means that it is largely a personal decision.

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    If I Time Travel Back To Keep A Villager In Boxes Will I Lose Her When My Game Resets At 500am Real Time

    Animal crossing switch time travel backwards. Animal Crossing time travel is an infamous cheat that has been with the series since inception and New Horizons is no exception. If Tom Nook says your house will be ready tomorrow you have. When you time travel backwards in Animal Crossing.

    New Horizons nothing really changes aside from the date and a few weedsbugs spawningIts just like youre starting a. New Horizons uses the Nintendo Switchs Date and TIme Setting directly. Instructions for Changing the Date.

    If youre currently playing Animal Crossing. New Horizons like previous installments in the series runs in real-timeIf an hour passes in the real world it also passes in your game whether youre playing or not. Like those before it ACNH takes place in real-time.

    How to Time Travel Change the Date and Time Change the Switch Date and Time Setting. If you want to speed up your progress you can time travel. How to Time Travel Backwards.

    Dont time travel backwards with an empty plot somebody else will move in. Though Nintendo has said that you cannot time travel in the game but there are several players that are taking advantage of time traveling. Or that they dont have time to play on the actual day will have to suck it up because the fact that we are allowed to time travel backwards to.

    But if you go backward within the same game day you should be fine. How To Time Travel In Animal Crossing. If the Synchronize Clock via Internet setting is enabled disable it.

    What Are The Specific Effects Of Time Traveling Forwards

    HOW TO TIME TRAVEL in Animal Crossing New Horizons

    It is important to remember that time traveling forwards is no different than closing your game and then logging in at the new, manually input time. With that said, here are the effects of going forwards.

    Negative Effects
    • Weeds and flowers will grow/spread.
    • Cockroaches may appear in your house .
    • You may get the bedhead animation .
    • Villagers may ask/comment on where you have been.
    • Turnips will spoil if you time travel past 5 AM the following Sunday.
    • Building construction/upgrades/moves will be completed.
    • Weeds and flowers will grow/spread.
    • Rocks and trees will refresh.
    • Mail is delivered.
    • Turnip price trend will not change.

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    Tired Of Waiting Out The Natural Passage Of Time Want Your Infrastructure To Get There Quicker Here’s How To Time Travel In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    by Ginny Woo

    There’s a whole bunch of stuff to do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and honestly, so little time. It’s hard to really make the most of it as a power player if you’re wanting to just go through it all in real time, so we totally understand if you want to learn how to time travel in Animal Crossing New Horizons. We’ll show you how.;

    Time Travel And Revisiting Gulliver

    This Time Travel Revisiting Gulliver Cheat lets you quickly get Gulliver‘s entire collection of souvenirs and can help you farm rusted parts. Cheat credit to;Doug Chin;for contacting us about this exploit. Here’s how to do it.

  • Gulliver appears randomly so Time Travel one day at a time until you find him. Check your beaches for his location.
  • Once you find him, give him his communicator parts so you can get your reward .
  • Save and exit the game. Move the clock forward one day. Start the game, get the present Gulliver sent, then save and exit.
  • Change the clock back to the day Gulliver appeared and you’ll be set!
  • Rinse and repeat.
  • Remember: You can use this trick to farm rusted parts or to quickly get his entire collection .
  • Advanced Gulliver trick: He will give you a gift you havent received before, so if you want multiple of that item, just dont take the gift from his letter the next day. You can use this method to get as many Pagodas as you want.
  • And you can learn more tricks like this by checking out our Cheats and Secrets page.

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    How Time Travel Works

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons happens in real-time, based on your system clock. This means if its 20th, 10pm – according to your Nintendo Switch clock – it will be 10pm in the game world.

    Time matters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons because Shops and Sellers have limited hours, different creatures and items appear at different times and seasons, tournaments are limited to certain days, and some construction projects wont be completed until tomorrow. Even the time of day and season, in-game, is tied to your Nintendo Switch clock.


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