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Is Animal Crossing Fun For Adults

There Are Plenty Of Reasons To Be Afraid Of Kapp’n


It’s no secret that travel is a big part of Animal Crossing, and, as luck would have it, there exists a character whose main purpose is to shuttle you to and fro. Whether it’s by boat or by taxi, you can count on Kapp’n to get you where you need to go. Unfortunately, you can also count on Kapp’n to be extra creepy while he’s doing it especially if your character is a woman.

If you make the mistake of taking a ride with Kapp’n, you can expect inappropriate questions like, “So … are ye romantically involved with anyone?” and “Yar I’m just curious, could a lass like yerself fall for a turtle like me?” These inquiries come flying your way even though Kapp’n is and has a kid. Holy smokes.

And it gets worse, because Kapp’n isn’t a turtle at all, despite saying he is. As some Reddit users discovered, Kapp’n is actually based on a Japanese monster called the Kappa. That’s right, kids “kappa” isn’t just a meme used by people in Twitch chats it’s a creature from Japanese folklore that abducts and eats children. Think about that the next time Kapp’n offers you a ride.

New Horizons’ Priorities Are A Little Out Of Order

There’s something very odd about the way Animal Crossing: New Horizons approaches the growth of your tiny island home. It starts out with just you and a few other island dwellers. You’re all in tents, and you’re all working diligently to learn new skills and customize your abodes. Things start to escalate pretty quickly, though, once you start catching a few animals. Tom Nook begins to talk more and more about this “Blathers” person, and asks you to catch more specimens he can send to Blathers.

And then Blathers the owl actually shows up on your island. That’s when things really get strange.

Despite you and your neighbors still roughing it in a lot of ways, Blathers wants to build a museum. He wants you to go off and catch butterflies and fish. He wants you to dig up fossils. He wants to put everything you find on display in a fancy new exhibit, which a grand total of three or four or five islanders might visit. All this while those who made the trip with you could still be living in tents, trying to figure out how they can secure enough bells to at least build a small house for themselves.

You and your friends should at least be properly sheltered before anyone even thinks about building a museum on the island. The fact this isn’t the case really speaks to Tom Nook’s messed up priorities.

Games Like Animal Crossing That Are So Wholesome It Hurts

07 May 2021

In case you’re sick of Tom Nook or love Animal Crossing so much you just want more

The fact you’re looking for games like Animal Crossing isn’t a surprise. After all, it’s been over a year since Animal Crossing: New Horizons arrived in our lives and all obsessions wane. The sweet as pie sim has had the internet aflame, sharing fashion designs, crushes on the anthropomorphic characters, and even setting up their own bartering systems for hard to craft items. Of course, the world of Tom Knook and his relentless loan sharking isn’t for everyone, and some people aren’t lucky enough to have a Nintendo Switch. Worry not if that’s you, because we’ve found a bunch of games that are similar to the Nintendo classic, letting you customize your world, socialize safely, and you’ll never have to pay Tom Knook one bell to do it.

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‘i Get Up Early To Do Tasks’

“I struggle with anxiety and depression and I think the current state of the state of the world where there’s bad news 24/7, there’s not really a way to escape everything that’s going on,” Akemi tells Radio 1 Newsbeat.

She’s been playing games in the Animal Crossing franchise since she was nine – and even took time off work when New Horizons was released in March.

“Even though it’s just a digital virtual world and I suppose nothing you do in it really actually makes a difference, having a little place where there’s not a global pandemic and everything is pretty OK is a really nice escape.”

In Animal Crossing you complete tasks to earn money to build and buy the things you want. Very much like real life.

It functions in real time – so if you log-on at midnight, it’ll be midnight in the game.

And this means, to get things done, you need to head back to your island pretty regularly – and at different times during your own day.

“I feel better mentally when I’m in a routine,” the 23-year-old explains, “so I’ve made it a part of my routine to get on the game early and do a few daily tasks and then I just carry on my workday as normal.

“And then in the evenings I get back home and just having something that makes me feel like I’m doing something productive, even if it’s watering plants or planting trees, is very therapeutic.

“I think it helps that it’s these meaningless tasks that don’t really make a difference, but they’re just special to you.”

How To Start Playing With Your Kids

#acpocketcamp in 2020

Interested in giving it a try? You can buy the digital version of Animal Crossing: New Horizons directly from after logging in, or your can order the retail version from your favorite online store. When it comes to playing, here’s how the game appeals to different age groups so you can get the most out of Animal Crossing with your family:

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Animal Crossing Clothes Merch & Shirts

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In New Horizons You’re Basically Asked To Steal Resources From Other Islands

In the present day, most countries aren’t all that proud of colonialism. It’s rather embarrassing to look back and realize the people of your country sailed around to new lands, took what they wanted, and, in many cases, took ownership of those new places entirely. It’s at least somewhat innocent to travel to a deserted island and make a new life, building everything solely off the resources you have available there. But that’s not what Animal Crossing: New Horizons asks you to do at all.

Once you reach a point where you can build a shop on your new island, Timmy Nook asks you to gather materials to make the shop a reality. But he doesn’t just request that you find everything you need on the island. Instead, he gives you a ticket, implores you to travel to other islands, and instructs you to take what they have, too.

These other islands aren’t entirely empty, by the way. They’re full of other souls who might also need those resources in order to survive. Still, Timmy Nook seems to think it’s okay to steal their wood, mine their ore, and take their animals back home to your museum. You can even woo some of the folks from other islands to join yours, which is a huge slap in the face. You’re basically stripping their island bare to make yours better, while offering them a small parcel of land in exchange.

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Why Are So Many People Playing Animal Crossing

As far as Nintendo games go, Animal Crossing isnt perhaps as well-known outside of gamer circles as series such as Super Mario, Pokémon or The Legend of Zelda. And yet the latest instalment, New Horizons, has become something of a phenomenon in this worrying new world we find ourselves in.

If you havent already come across it, New Horizons is a life simulation game, a more easy-going counterpart to earlier titles like The Sims. You start off by purchasing a getaway package to a deserted island, armed only with a tent and a few basic tools to tend to the land.

Although theres a basic storyline to follow, what you do in your newfound escape is up to you among other things, you can go bug-hunting, try to fish up rare and fascinating fish, excavate for fossils, design your home, create elaborate gardens, invite friends over for a catch-up, or sit and stare at the night sky, waiting for a shooting star to pass you by.

Theres no endgame, no final boss: this is your own little world, to do with as you please.

Read more about video games:

In part, this is why New Horizons has been such a runaway success. Launched towards the end of March, it came out at a time when we were all finding ourselves confined to our homes, unable to visit our friends and loved ones, and generally feeling as though we were losing control of our day-to-day lives.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Coco Is Probably The Soul Of A Dead Person

Animal Crossing Fun #1

Here’s a dirty little secret you’ll discover when playing Animal Crossing for the first time: not all the characters are animals. Some look like little robots. Some appear to be toys brought to life. Some take on the shape of a certain animal, but really, they’re something far more disturbing.

Like Coco, for example. Coco is a peculiar bunny, if you’re expecting her to look like most bunnies. That odd appearance should definitely be a sign something is amiss, though. Bunnies don’t have black holes where their eyes and mouth should be. Bunnies aren’t named after the Coco of folklore, which “is said to outright kidnap and devour any disobedient child.” Yes, another child-eater.

It’s almost as though Coco isn’t a bunny at all. And, as you’ve probably guessed, that’s likely the case. Coco, according to the Animal Crossing Fandom page, seems to be a haniwa a ritualistic clay figure controlled by the spirit of a deceased being.

That’s not to say Coco is evil or anything. In fact, she’s quite nice once you get to know her. But you’ll undoubtedly have the truth about her in the back of your mind each time the two of you meet going forward. Sorry for making things weird, Animal Crossing fans, but it had to be said.

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Vacationers Are Woefully Underprepared

The vacation package in Animal Crossing: New Horizons seems like a dream come true, right? You’re transported to a deserted island that you can shape however you see fit. Your days consist of gathering resources, decorating your space, and making friends with those who also made the journey to the island. Your evenings are all about sitting around a campfire, chatting with your neighbors and eventually catching some z’s. It sounds perfect.

You quickly learn, however, that you and your fellow island dwellers weren’t prepared at all for island life. That’s not to say you weren’t ready to pull weeds, shake trees, and mine for iron nuggets. Far worse: you all booked a vacation package you didn’t have the bells to pay for.

When you start out in New Horizons, you have exactly zero bells to your name, and Tom Nook once again saddles you with a loan you need to pay off. The same happens to your island neighbors, who openly ponder how exactly they’ll make bells to get out from under their debt. That is positively crazy. Who books a trip to a deserted island without any kind of job lined up? It’s one thing to show up homeless like in past Animal Crossing titles, which forces you to work to keep a roof over your head. New Horizons, however, is a getaway one you didn’t actually have the money for.

Island Museum Aquarium And Terrarium

Catches are displayed within enclosures that resemble the species real-world habitats . For instance, the multi-tiered aquarium comprises exhibits for multiple habitats and the species synonymous, including upstream rivers , rainforest rivers , open ocean and tropical shallow seas . In the greenhouse, pond skaters and aquatic bugs are found in the ponds, beetles can be seen on the trees and fireflies are found swarming over the grass. Moreover, the behaviours exhibited by species within these displays are synonymous with the real world . As a result, these spaces enable players to learn more about biodiversity and increase their understanding of ecological phenomena. While plaques exist across the museum’s enclosures giving the identity of species within, there remains potential to incorporate further information such as IUCN status and life-history traits.

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Talking To Mr Nook Can Unlock New Features

Most Animal Crossing players know of Tom Nooks reputation. His love for money knows no bounds, and its perfectly understandable that some players would like to avoid him as much as possible. Plus, his house loans are too expensive, although, players can prolong their dues.

But talking to the owner of Nook Inc. can have various benefits, such as unlocking new features and discovering new recipes — which is rather important for island development. Mr. Nook may seem greedy, but he is not too bad.

Find Special Bugs On Stumps

Animal Crossing New Horizons 100 piece puzzles online free ...

A cut tree trunk around the island can look off-putting to nitpicky players, but the stump can actually provide certain bugs that only appear on the round surface. For aesthetics, players can place the stumps on the hills.

As for bug collectors, players can complete their collection by having a few stumps around the island. Acquiring these bugs is the same as catching all other insects by using a net. Different bugs can appear at various times per day, so gamers should check out the tree trunks several times a day.

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What Are The Best Games Like Animal Crossing

We don’t always turn to games for fighting and adventure. While the games of the list may have those qualities, the main motivator is personal accomplishment. Play these games any way you want!

10. Castaway Paradise

Castaway Paradise gameplay.

In the mood for a vacation? Come on, arent we all? Much like Animal Crossing, in Castaway Paradise you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. You can fish, farm, craft, invest, and more. Theres incredible customization, so if youre anything like me, youll work just to make your world aesthetically pleasing. That being said, you can see the game progress, which will keep you hooked.

The customization in this game is truly endless.

The anthropomorphic villagers each have their own personalities, just like in Animal Crossing.

9. My Time At Portia

My Time At Portia gameplay.

A Ghibli-inspired town-building game.To me, thats the best string of descriptors you could read about a game. You can level up in fighting, mining, cooking, anything you want! Meet new people and learn secrets about the town as you grow your farm. Similar to Animal Crossing, this game has its own unique art style, which makes the customization all the more addicting.

Like Nora says, theres a deep history in this town. And look at these graphics!

You arent completely on your own in this game. Theres a handbook that will help guide your crafting and more.

8. Staxel

Staxel gameplay.

7. Ooblets

Ooblets gameplay.

6. Donut County

Donut County gameplay.

After I’d Placed Tents For My Neighbors They Proceeded To Do Nothing

I could talk to my neighbors, or give them gifts, but, otherwise, they wandered around our little section of island taking up oxygen. Eventually, I got a barbell as a gift, but the buff tiger won’t come lift it with me. What is the point of this if I cannot even lift?

There are other tasks, but none are particularly rewarding. I could fish, though the mechanism is so basic it reduces the process to pulling the lever on a slot machine to see if the right critter comes out. I could collect fruit or plant trees, a time-consuming process that requires me to interact with the game’s aforementioned atrocious UI.

Consider “Stardew Valley,” another resource-management-type game with an intricate internal economy and wealth of customization options. The sheer cosmetic variety of “Stardew” is more fun, if slightly more limiting, than “Animal Crossing.” But what sets it apart is the compelling story and narrative at the heart of the game.

This is thus far my biggest problem with “Animal Crossing”: I have no connection to any of the villagers or characters who come through the island.

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You Are Tom Nook’s Indentured Servant

Since day one, players have seen through Tom Nook’s adorable facade and called him out on what he really is: a greedy capitalist who views you as nothing more than a source of labor. When you first set foot into Animal Crossing‘s universe, it’s Tom Nook who conveniently shows up with a home in exchange for working at his store. If you manage to get out from under your mortgage, Tom Nook ensures you’re never really free by expanding said home without your permission.

And think about what you’ll be doing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Tom Nook is offering you a vacation package to a deserted island, where you and your animal friends will camp at first, but eventually build a functioning town with modern amenities. That new town will be built on the backs of those who are supposed to be on vacation. And Tom Nook? Tom Nook will reap most of the benefits. Tom Nook will be making money on his vacation package, and by selling you everything you need to transform your new home into something more habitable.

And you? You’ll be working hard to make it all possible, none the wiser that Tom Nook has duped you for probably the sixth or seventh time.


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