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Is It Bad To Time Travel In Animal Crossing

Do The Developers Know I Time Travel Will They Do Anything To Me About It

Why Time Travel In Animal Crossing Is A Bad Idea

There is actually a variable turned up by data mining called isTimeSly that determines whether or not the player has time traveled! With that said, theres no indication whatsoever that the developers care, as there are no permanent in-game consequences or punishments for time traveling. Ultimately, it is your game, and you should play it however you want to!

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

New Horizons is the first game in the series that does not have an in-game option to change the time. However, it is still possible to time travel by changing the Switch system time by disabling “Synchronize Clock via Internet” in order to adjust the time. The highest the Switch time and date options will go towards is December 31st, 2060, although it appears the game continues onward into 2061. However, recurring events, like the Bug-Offor Fishing Tourney cannot occur beyond 2060.

The effects of time travel are significantly lessened in this game. Villagers will no longer move out without notice after longer periods of time, now requiring permission to leave from the player. Weeds still occasionally spawn on the island, but weeds will no longer negatively impact environment rating unless the quantity of weeds on the island is above 100; in addition, Rafflesia no longer spawn for islands with the worst rating.

Advantage: You Can Get Bugs/fish/etc From Different Times & Seasons

In the game, certain animals can only be found at night such as tarantulas and scorpions. Others can only be found during certain seasons, or when it’s raining.

Rather than wait for the time to roll around when you can find certain animals, you can time skip to a point in time where they’re available.

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What Time Traveling Doesn’t

  • Some special Events, like the upcoming Bunny Day Event in New Horizons are time-locked via Free Updates, so players cannot travel ahead for event-exclusive items without Nintendo releasing them first.
  • Flowers won’t die, making things more manageable than some previous titles.; However, flowers also won’t crossbreed if they aren’t watered daily, and having a full village means a villager might leave.
  • Undo anything you did previously by accident or on purpose, like selling items or chopping down trees.
  • Send your time travel history and personal data to Nintendo while flagging your account for messing with timelines ; SERN Rounders and Nintendo Ninjas also won’t go after you, probably.

Can You Get Banned For Time Travel In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Is TIME TRAVEL bad in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Can I ...

No, you cant get banned for time traveling in;Animal Crossing: New Horizons. According to an interview with Washington Post, the developer doesnt consider time traveling to be cheating. However, they do state that, for the players to play for a very long time, and also for players to share the experience with their friends or family, we do think that playing without traveling would probably be the ideal way.

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However, if youre like me, you might not be a big fan of waiting until the next day to proceed with the adventure. Skipping ahead allows players to continue on with the story at an accelerated rate, unlocking buildings and characters more quickly.

Nintendo has confirmed that players wont be able to time travel to seasonal events. For example, its not possible to warp ahead to Christmas Day and enjoy the seasonal characters and activities. Those will need to be experienced in real-time, with the Nintendo Switch connected to the internet and a Nintendo Account linked. Time-traveling players shouldnt miss out here, but they will need to head into the System Settings to correct the time.

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Penalties For Time Travel

Turnips will rot

Don’t set the in-game clock back if you have turnips in your inventory. They will rot automatically. Keep this in mind when time traveling.

Cockroaches will appear

Cockroaches will appear if you don’t play for more than a month, or if you skip ahead in time with Time Travel.

The more time passes, the more Cockroaches will spawn, so check in often to avoid your house being taken over by them!How to Get Ride of Cockroaches

Flowers will overgrow

The number of flowers in your island will increase as you time travel to the future. The only way to relocate your flowers is by using a shovel.

This can be a huge waste of time if you want your island to look tidy. You can prevent an overgrowth if you build fences around your flowers.

Weeds will grow untamed

Be careful when time traveling as weeds increase over time. This can greatly affect your Island Star Rating.

Residents will get lonely

If you time travel forward for over a month, residents will notice your absence and will react to it. They will say things like Where have you been?

It’s not confirmed, but your friendship with certain residents might decrease so be careful!

Newer events are time locked

As of version 1.6.0, new events are time locked, meaning you can’t time travel to access the events before the specified event date.

Once officially released, you can time travel to them at any time, even after the event has ended.

Penalties from Previous Games

  • Villagers move away
  • Planted flowers are wilted

What Happens If You Time Travel In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Switch plays in real time, meaning that a day in the game is as long as a day in real life. If you want to speed up your progress, you can time travel. Rather than waiting until the next real-world day, time traveling lets you and see your new home renovations or new building quickly.

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Should You Time Travel

Although we don’t necessarily condone time crimes – which are considered to be “cheating” by many Animal Crossing purists who wish to play the game as it was designed by its creators – we do recognize that this is a series in which players are also encouraged to play however they wish.

Some are vehemently opposed to the idea, while others have more ethical reasons for manipulating time – such as odd personal schedules and real-life demands that prevent “normal” enjoyment of the game.

However you choose to play, it should be for your own pleasure. Whether you choose to get as much out of the game in as short amount of time as possible, or prolong your enjoyment and play with real-time limitations, it’s ultimately up to you. We hope this guide helps you make your decision wisely!

What are your thoughts on time traveling in Animal Crossing? Have you tried it – or do you prefer to play solely in real time? Spark a heated time crime debate in the comments below, dear readers!

Is Animal Crossing Switch Limited Edition

Is TIME TRAVEL bad in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Can I get Banned? Is it Cheating?!

Alongside the game, Nintendo is releasing a limited-edition Animal Crossing-themed Switch console, which you can finally order today at major retailers like Walmart. Its priced at $299 the same as a regular Switch console but its decorated with themed decals that feature Tom Nook and other icons from the game.

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In Animal Crossing: Wild World

When changing the time in Wild World, players can select between two options. The first is the in-game method where players at the character select can click the phone and follow the option that goes to the Date and Time settings. The other is changing DS time. Depending on the DS model, the menu that allows you to adjust time and date will differ. The highest the players can time travel to is December 31, 2099, after which time will reset back to January 1, 2000.

What Is Time Skip Or Time Traveling

Time traveling is an exploit of the systems clock, by changing the clock on the Nintendo Switch you can change the Time, Date, and even Year of your Animal Crossing game. Time Traveling has been apart of the series since the Gamecube days and has been useful for players who do not have the time to wait real-life days for events.

What does time traveling do in ACNH?

It changes the in-game time of your animal crossing island; depending on the time you set it to, it could be day, night, or even next year.

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In Animal Crossing: City Folk

As in Animal Crossing, there are two options to change the date and time settings for Animal Crossing: City Folk. The easier option is to change the Wii date and time instead of the in-game date and time settings. This is again due to the in-game settings’ affecting the bank interest, plants and trees. The highest time can go towards is December 31, 2035; once the Countdown commences, time loops back to January 1, 2000.

Disadvantage: It’s Just Not How The Game Was Meant To Be Played

How to time travel

Time travel is not how this game was meant to be played.;Animal Crossing: New Horizons;is intended to be a sl0w-paced, relaxing saunter through the world, not a sprint to become rich.

Ultimately though, you have to decide on your playstyle and what will make you happiest in the game. If you want a stress-free experience where you can enjoy the little things, do not time travel by any means.

If you’re hungry for fame and bells, then well! That’s your choice.

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How To Change The Date And Time In Animal Crossing

If you are playing Animal Crossing New Horizons you will want to save your game and close it, to close your game you will want to press the home button on your controller, highlight your game by pressing the X button, you then want to select Close.

  • On the Home Menu, go to System Settings by clicking the Gear Icon on the bottom of your screen. It should be next to the Digital Power Button.
  • In System Settings scroll down until you find the System Option, select it.
  • Once in System, select Date and Time. Turn off the setting that says Synchronize Clock via Internet.
  • Now you should be able to change the date to any time you desire.
  • Return to Animal Crossing New Horizons and enjoy.

    Using Time Travel To Cheat The Stalk Market

    This was pretty difficult to test prerelease but now that the games out its clear that the Time Travel Stalk Market cheat is the best, easiest, and safest way to make money fast through time travel. It also requires a little help from a friend or person willing to let you on their island when they have good turnip prices.

    First, find a friend who has good turnip prices. Set your clock back to Sunday between 5 am to 12 pm to buy turnips from Daisy Mae, but don’t change the time after you’ve made your purchase. Fly to your friend’s island and sell the turnips. Then, repeat this process as much as your friend allows, or until their turnip sales price changes at noon or Nooks Cranny closes at 10pm). Your friend cant time travel while you do this, but you can leave them money or buy turnips on their behalf. Depending on their prices, you can make over 2 million Bells each trip.

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    How To Make Millions With Animal Crossing Money Trees

    Money trees are always good for a little extra cash. As your island continues to grow though, your ambitions become bigger like terraforming your entire village and youll need every last bell in the bank.

    The problem is, money trees have a risk factor to them. Planting 10k bells is the safest choice, because you will always get 30k in return. Some Animal Crossing fans live on the braver side, though, burying up to 99k. They often lose their bells.

    There is a solution though time travel. Mucking around with your Switchs date settings is a surefire way to guarantee your 99k bells get turned into 297k:

    • Find a rare glowing dig spot for your money tree.
    • Bury 99,000 bells, and confirm a sapling has sprouted.
    • Go to the home screen and close Animal Crossing.
    • Head over to System Settings and select date and time. Turn off the synchronize clock via the internet option here.
    • Set your time and date to 40 years in the future, e.g. If you are doing this on May 13, 2021, make sure you go to May 13, 2061.
    • Open Animal Crossing back up and check your tree. It should have a guaranteed 297,000 bells waiting for you!

    If youre going to avoid the time travel glitches, we recommend only planting 10k for each of the money trees you uncover. Its the safest way to avoid losing cash, and 20k profit for just finding a rare digging patch aint bad either!

    Can I Time Travel To Play Events That Have Passed

    You can time travel in Animal Crossing New Horizons without worry. Don’t let others scare you.

    Here is a table displaying what events are active and what year they are accessible in.


    As of 1.10.0, the Nature Day event with daily Nook Miles tasks was removed completely in lieu of a seasonal Nook Shopping item.

    Player birthdays can only be experienced once every in-game year; TTing back to the same birthday date wont restore it, youd have to go to a future or past year.

    Future events and future seasonal Nook Shopping items are still inaccessible in-game.

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    What Happens If You Time Travel

    While we neither condemn nor condone time manipulation in Animal Crossing, we do caution that there are many varied in-game consequences to these types of actions.

    The good:

    • Cash Money: Make more Bells with interest on saved money in your ABD
    • Event Attendance: Skip ahead to events in the future – such as KK Slider concerts, birthdays, or upcoming fishing tournaments
    • Expedited Mail: Get items in the mail more quickly
    • Finish Things Faster: Speed up the process of new villagers moving in, fruit regrowing on trees, renovations & upgrades to buildings, trees and flowers growing, etcetera
    • Shopping Spree: Access new items and inventory at shops on different days
    • Seasonal Sporting: Access other times of the year to catch out-of-season fish and bugs
    • Early Birds & Night Owls: Adjust time of day to access things that may be closed, such as shops
    • Eviction Notice: Get rid of those villagers you despise much more quickly by ignoring them for days on end, until they finally decide to pack up and leave

    The bad:

    The ugly:

    • Trashed turnips: Time traveling backwards, or forwards to the upcoming Sunday and beyond, will automatically spoil any turnips in your possession
    • Neglected neighbors: Time traveling multiple days at once puts you at risk of losing some of your residents, as they begin to feel ignored – again, this can be a plus if you’re looking to ditch some unwanted villagers, but you won’t necessarily have control over which ones leave if you travel too far

    From 2000 To 2060 And Back Again

    So, I began my experiment. I traveled small increments at first, but with each letter I got from Nook Bank awarding me interest, I became more and more curious about how much interest I could accrue. I went for the biggest time jump I could. I was surprised to see the Nintendo Switch clock can go back well before the Switchs existence. It even predates the GameCube with 1/1/2000 being the earliest date you can set the clock to. I was even more surprised to see that, according to the Nintendo Switch clock, the world ends after the year 2060.

    A few leaps from 2000 to 2060 was all it took for me to gain the max interest: 99,000 Bells. It got to the point where I could jump ahead in 2 years increments and net 99K Bells in a matter of minutes.

    Later I discovered another, less surefire hack. At this point, youve probably realized that burying 10K Bells in the glowing spot that appears every day on your island will grow into a money tree that can turn your investment into a total of 30K. You may also be aware that, despite all the rumors and misinformation floating around, this is the only amount guaranteed from the money tree. Planting 11K and even 99K could grow into a 33K or 297K tree, respectively but its rare and totally random.

    However, planting 99K Bells in the year 2000 and jumping to the year 2060 will ensure you grow a 297K money tree as long as you dont use the same two dates twice.

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    Time Travel And The Money Tree

    You can combine the above cheat with the Time Travel Money Tree cheat to make a total of 396,000 bells in one trip! Here’s how you do it. It requires you to already have at least 99,000 Bells. Remember to make sure your clock is not synced to the internet.

    • Set your clock to the year 2000
    • Put 99,000 Bells in your Pocket
    • Find the glowing spot, dig it up but do not close it!
    • Bury 99,000 Bells into the hole .
    • Save and exit. Close the software completely.
    • Change your clock to the year 2060; same date .
    • Head for your tree and get 3 bags with 99K bells each plus some 99K of interest! .

    The big drawback to this hack, compared to the interest one, is it’s easier to make an error. And because you can’t use the same date it could become a lot to keep track of. Lastly, sometimes it takes a few minutes to find the glowing spot, go to the bank, etc.

    If youre interested in getting rich quick but dont want to Time Travel, be sure to check out our Money Making Guide for tips outside of this exploit!


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