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Is The Animal Crossing Switch The New Model

How To Purchase The Animal Crossing Switch Parts Separately

Animal Crossing New Horizons: NINTENDO SWITCH OLED MODEL REVEALED (What Does This Mean For ACNH?)

This is going to get a little tricky, so prepare yourself. Nintendo’s Japanese store already has listings up for the individual Switch parts. However, since this store only ships orders within Japan, you’re going to need to purchase the individual parts from an online service that ships Japanese goods worldwide.

There are several options out there, but we recommend Zenmarket, which is helpful for anyone who either isn’t confident with their Japanese or who doesn’t know the language at all. If you have a firm grasp of the language and feel confident enough in your ability to fill out an order request in Japanese, you should check out Tenso. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to pay for the shipping service and tax in addition to the products you purchase, which can get expensive.

The Animal Crossing Switch was scheduled to release in Japan on March 20. However, the coronavirus has affected the supply chain, which means it could come out later than that. Since even the pre-order date has been pushed back to an unknown date, it’s possible that you won’t see the separate Switch parts showing up on these Japanese online marketplaces for quite awhile.

But don’t despair. You can always contact the services and give them a link to Nintendo Japan’s website to let them know what it is you’re trying to purchase. They might be able to make the order based on the URL. To help you out with that, here are the links for the separate Animal Crossing Switch parts on Nintendo Japan’s store:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Sanrio Collaboration Pack

This set of Animal Crossing Sanrio cards is both a cool collectors item and a useful piece of in-game content. Each of these cards features artwork made in collaboration with the house of Hello Kitty, and all of them can be scanned to your Nintendo Switch or 3DS to bring their respective villagers into your island.

Powera Protection Case For Nintendo Switch

This PowerA case will protect your Switch on the road, and comes in two attractive Animal Crossing variations: a colorful model that features the games many adorable villagers on it, and a more subdued Nook Inc. model for professional Bell investors. Either way, this popular case features a sturdy outer shell and rubberized handle for safe travel, a flap that can hold up to six game cards and an interior design that can hold both the standard Switch and the Switch Lite.

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Main Differences Between Nintendo Switch And Animal Crossing Edition

  • Nintendo Switch is the enhanced version of the Nintendo Wii U introduced in the year 2017. Animal crossing edition is one of the animal forest edition versions, and it was the latest version being launched in 2020.
  • Nintendo Switch has a battery period with a lifespan of 2.5 to 6.5 hours. Animal crossing edition has a battery period with a high lifespan of nine hours.
  • A maximum of eight players can use the Nintendo switch. Animal crossing edition can either be played individually or by several players.
  • Nintendo Switch requires 128 GB of storage space. In contrast, the Animal crossing edition can be used with a smaller storage space of 6 GB.
  • Nintendo Switch sold about 79 million units, whereas Animal crossing edition sold about more than 60 million units.
  • Culture Fly Animal Crossing Box

    Nintendo Switch

    Not sure what to get the Animal Crossing lover in your life? This big ol box of stuff is sure to have at least something they might like. Culture Flys Animal Crossing collector box features a drinking glass, a pair of socks, a hat, some coasters, an ice cube tray and even a Bluetooth speaker. You certainly wont find a deal this good at Nooks Cranny.

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    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise

    For folks who have poured hundreds of hours into New Horizons and crafted the perfect island getaway, the new Happy Home Paradise expansion provides a fun new challenge. This paid add-on content tasks you with designing vacation homes for various clients, who each have their own style and decoration preferences youll have to satisfy. If youre into the creative home-building aspects of Animal Crossing, the Happy Home Paradise expansion will let you do a whole lot more of that.

    Happy Home Paradise is available as a $25 stand-alone purchase or as part of Nintendos $50-per-year Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscription that also gets you access to a library of Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games. And even if you choose not to buy the expansion, all Animal Crossing players can check out the free 2.0 update that adds new locations, villagers and features including those adorable gyroids.

    A Special Animal Crossing: New Horizon Nintendo Switch Is On The Way

    Nintendo unveiled a new Animal Crossing: New Horizons-themed console this week that is slated to ship on March 13 for $300, with orders now open for those interested in buying. The limited-edition Nintendo Switch is curently available for pre-order at , , and

    In accordance with the vacation-themed setting in New Horizons, this new Nintendo Switchs aesthetic provides brings tropical colors and designs, and its one of the more unique Switch models available. Other limited edition Switch models were made for Superand Pokémon Lets Go: Pikachu and Eevee, and a Switch Lite for Pokemon Sword and Shield came out last year. The serial number provided on one of the images confirms that the new model will include improved battery life for users playing on the go.

    This new Switch variants Joy-Cons sporting a mint green and blue color scheme. In contrast, the main body features various Animal Crossing symbols representing characters, furniture, and other details. The consoles dock sports a distinct design of Tom Nook on a deserted island accompanied by his nephews, Timmy and Tommy.

    Several new features, such as the ability to craft new tools and furniture, previously appeared in the free-to-play mobile game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, along with the option to change your characters skin color, a feature that debuted in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

    Editors’ Recommendations

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    Nintendo Switch Vs Animal Crossing Edition

    The difference between the Nintendo switch and the animal crossing edition is that switch is the successor of Wii U, and it was released in 2017. In contrast, the animal crossing edition is one of the latest video console games released in 2020. It is the successor of the Animal forest, released in 2001.

    The Nintendo Wii U faced a lot of criticism and loss due to the demerits and discomforts. The organization decided to release another new version that has rectified all the issues. It operates on the Nintendo Switch system software operating system. It was highly preferred and bought by a lot of gamers globally due to its user-friendly console.

    Animal crossing edition is a socially stimulating video game that is highly popular and enjoyed by several gamers worldwide. This commercially successful series has sold out more than 60 million units. Initially, it was introduced in 2001, and ever since, five versions of this series have been released globally and achieved an international hit.

    What Is The Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Edition

    Nintendo Switch Lite Turquoise & Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bundle – Product Overview

    The limited edition Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Edition was launched in March to commemorate the launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The back of the console features designs from the popular game, whereas the included dock is the main attraction with an illustration of Tom Nook and the Nooklings, Timmy and Tommy. The trio are illustrated on a tiny island of their own.

    The console’s Joy-Cons are also finished in pastel shades of green and blue complete with bespoke wrist straps that match the console’s color scheme. The U.S. version of the console doesn’t include the game. However, the U.K. version includes a code that lets you download the game for free.

    If you own a Nintendo Switch Lite, there’s an Animal Crossing: New Horizon carrying case and screen protector you can get for .

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    The Gorgeous Animal Crossing Switch Is Being Restocked In Australia At Least

    • 1.5k

    Image: Nintendo Life

    Missed out on the glorious Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch? Well, it looks like you might be in luck.

    Nintendo Australia has announced that a new shipment of the special console is coming later this month, arriving at “selected retailers” on 26th November. Stock has only been confirmed for Australia/New Zealand so far, but similar restocks in the past, also initially announced by Nintendo Australia, did make their way to other territories too.

    A limited new shipment of the #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons inspired #NintendoSwitch system is coming soon! Featuring unique Joy-Con controllers, a special Nintendo Switch dock, and custom design on the back, it will be available at selected retailers from 26/11. Nintendo AU NZ

    As you’ll no doubt have seen if you’ve had your eye on one for a while, the Animal Crossing edition Switch features a special white dock boasting artwork of the Nooks, a unique Joy-Con pairing of pastel blue and green, as well as a specially designed console with Animal Crossing-inspired art on the back. If only we could justify buying another Switch…

    Incidentally, if you’ve been enjoying Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ recent major update and Happy Home Paradise DLC, you might want to check out our exhaustive collection of guides, walkthroughs and tips designed to help you get the most out of your island life. If you don’t want to miss out on any of the exciting new additions, we have you covered.

    See Also

    Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition

    If the Animal Crossing fan in your life doesnt have a Switch yet or would just really appreciate a version of the console with Tom Nook on it this special-edition Switch is one of Nintendos nicest-looking yet. Youll get a custom white dock with an adorable illustration of the Nook family as well as an attractive pair of pastel green and blue Joy-Con controllers.

    Just note that this isnt the latest Nintendo Switch OLED model that has a bigger, bolder display, so youll be getting the standard 6.2-inch LCD screen for playing in handheld mode. But unlike the Switch OLED and the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X the Animal Crossing Switch is the rare console you can actually find in stock these days.

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    Today’s Best Nintendo Switch Deals

    Nintendo Switch | Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + 3-months NSO: $299.99 at Best Buy

    Save $70 If this isn’t your first Black Friday, you’ll no doubt recognize this Nintendo Switch bundle from the previous sales. In it, you get a Switch console, a copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and 3-months of Nintendo Switch Online membership. It’s good value, too, as all of these items would cost around $370 at full price.

    Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion: $49.99 for one year at Nintendo If you’re interested in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Designer DLC, it’s free as part of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion. Alternatively, you can get some friends or family members on board and opt for the $79.99 Family Membership, which is cheaper even if it’s only split between you and one other.

    How To Transfer Animal Crossing: New Horizons Save Data To Nintendo Switch Oled

    The Gorgeous Animal Crossing Switch Is Back In Stock At ...

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game that was released at the perfect time right as the pandemic started. The Animal Crossing series was already one that players sink hundreds of hours into, which only heightened it. Those looking up to upgrade their Nintendo Switch to the OLED model tomorrow on October 8, would hate to lose their islands.

    Fortunately, Nintendo has an Island transfer tool that allows you to transfer your saved data from one Nintendo Switch to another. But first things first, make sure your game is up-to-date, so check for any updates. You can either transfer the entire island, or you can just transfer your character and their data. You can learn how to do either of these options below.

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    What Comes In The Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Bundle

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers players a cute, special edition Nintendo Switch, giving their console and docking stations a cute island look.

    There are many ways players can customize their Nintendo Switch to match their favorite games. For fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nintendo offers a special Animal Crossing-themed Switch console. Bundles like this one allow fans access to different colored Joy-Con controllers, as well as docking stations decked out with official art. For Animal Crossing, this means a cute island theme to brighten up the basic Switch design, giving players the ability to show their Animal Crossing pride at home or on the go.

    Of all the games available on the Nintendo Switch, Animal Crossing is one of the best-selling to date. There is even a possibility New Horizons will unseat as number one in sales, in the coming months. Because of the game’s popularity, getting the special Animal Crossing Switch bundle isn’t easy. Players will want to call around to their local retail stores to see if the bundle is in stock, or potentially try to order online so that they have the best chance of obtaining the set while it’s still available.

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    Happy Home Academy Rewards

    HHA is a service that evaluates your house interior design every Sunday with a letter. HHA assigns a number score and a rank , along with a tip on improving your score. 1. Exclusive One Time RewardsHHA will send you exclusive one-time rewards for meeting certain score thresholds . They will send you only one gift per week, starting with the lowest requirement reward then working their way up.2. House Upgrade RewardsHHA will send you a gift each time you upgrade your house, for a total of seven gifts. Tent to house upgrade is usually a DIY, then followed by furniture gifts.3. Extra Furniture GiftsHHA can also send you furniture gifts if you follow their advice and resolve their critiques. Ex: Furniture having a unified color, no cockroaches, no non-furniture items on the floor, etc.4. Tips for Improving your HHA Score: Display rare furniture, multiple items from the same set or theme, essentials , Feng Shui , furniture having a unified color theme, and in season furniture. Make sure furniture aren’t inappropriately facing the wall, that there are no cockroaches, no trash and no non-furniture items littering the floor. Source: Companion Guide

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    Controller Gear Animal Crossing: New Horizons Socks

    You can never give or receive enough socks especially during those cold winter months which is why this fun Animal Crossing collection makes a great gift. These colorful Controller Gear socks come in a few variations adorned with cute characters and iconography, including long crew socks and short anklet options.

    What About The Switch Pro

    Nintendo Switch My Way – Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    But wait, werent there rumors last year that Nintendo is working on a new Switch model? Yes. Last year a Taiwanese site reported that production of a new Switch model would start by Q1 2020.

    That report said the new model is supposed to feature a magnesium alloy body and a beefed up CPU. Many fans have dubbed this model the Nintendo Switch Pro even though Nintendo hasnt settled on a name.

    A report in October 2018 from the Wall Street Journal reveals Nintendo wants to keep the Switch ball rolling. The company plans on releasing new models much like it did with the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS.

    The Switch Lite debuted in July 2019 as a solution for gamers who may not want the switch functionality.

    The Switch Lite cannot be docked and features Joy-Cons that cannot be removed. Thats a concern for the longevity of the model, though Nintendo used the same defective Joy-Con parts in the Switch Lite.

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    The Limited Animal Crossing Edition Of The Nintendo Switch Is Back In Stock

    Fancy an island holiday in the middle of winter?


    After disappearing early on and being almost permanently out of stock ever since, the Limited Edition Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch is back, with preorders now live on the Nintendo Store for people to claim their copy.

    The actual consoles themselves will be sent out on 9th December 2020, but considering the high demand Nintendo clearly decided to start preorders now, with limits of 1-2 orders per customer depending on what bundle you buy.

    All of these various bundles guarantee you a digital code to download New Horizons and a special model of the Switch, which sports ocean pastel colours and a picture of Tom Nook and his two minions battling for space on two square meters of land. It’s certainly a nice midpoint between the starkly-garish Neon Red/Blue Switch and the please-don’t-make-me-put-in-effort-grey model, as the Joy-Cons are also a gentle green and blue colour, just to keep the theme going. Aside from that, different bundles will get you a protective carry case for your Switch, three months of online membership so you can visit other friends’ islands, or even a copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, just in case you want to ruin all those friendships afterwards with some merciless kart racing.


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