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May Day Island Animal Crossing

Whats Next For New Horizons

May Day Event 2021: Maze Walkthrough in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Its safe to say that fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons were left disappointed with the news of this update.

Rather than giving the millions of players worldwide new events to sink their teeth into, Nintendo has recycled last years and given them new twists.

These events were already fairly underwhelming in the first instance, so doing them again with a slight change is nothing to get excited about.

Fans are desperately waiting for a big 2.0 update, which will hopefully be announced somewhere down the line.

May Day Maze Guide 2021

The May Day Island Tour is a specially crafted maze that takes up the entire space of the main island , and rocks will prevent you from accessing anything but the main part of the island.

Since you will not have access to your own tools, your objective is to reach Rover on the other side of the island by navigating the winding maze and looking for items to help you progress past barriers. There are also special prizes waiting at the end for those who use items wisely! Read the step-by-step guide or view the slideshow below for information on how to complete the maze, and access hidden rewards!

If you run into trouble, run out of tools or make a mistake you can’t fix, use your NookPhone to call the Rescue Service for help.

When you enter the maze, you will see Rover‘s head at the top right corner of the maze.

  • Grab the shovel. Dig up the shrub to the left and eat the fruit inside the area. Dig up the tree directly blocking your path ahead.
  • Collect the wood on the ground and turn left. Dig up the shrub blocking your path. Hop over the water and collect the wood and Ladder DIY.
  • Backtrack to the center of the maze, hopping over the water again. Continue right, hopping over the next bit of water and collect the fruit in this area.
  • Backtrack and head to the left side of the maze, hopping over the water puddle. Eat a fruit and use the shovel to break the rock blocking your path forward.
  • Run to the right and hop over the water puddle. Collect the wood lying on the ground.
  • Fly To The Special Island For The May Day Event

    Like like when you spend Nook Miles Tickets to go on Mystery Tours, you have to go to the Airport to use your May Day Ticket.

    From there, you’ll be flown to a special island available only for this event!

    You Can’t Bring Any Items

    Everything in your inventory will be kept at the Airport when you take off, so you’ll have to use the Tools and Materials you find in the Maze on the island to clear the event.

    No buying Tools off Orville either, sneaky you, so pay careful attention to how you use the items at your disposal!

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    Update Game To Latest Version

    To make sure that you’ll get access to the May Day event, check your game’s version. It needs to be version 1.2.0 for you to be able to access the new seasonal events.

    Free Update On April 23

    Players will have gotten a free update on April 23, 2020. This update added Leif & Redd to the game, as well as other seasonal events such as Nature Day, etc. Make sure to install the update & restart the game!

    New Characters

    How To Reset May Day Maze Island If You Mess Up & Get Stuck

    Animal Crossing May Day Island Tour

    If you happen to mess up while trying to escape the May Day Maze by digging up or chopping down the wrong trees and rocks, you can easily reset the island completely! You might need to do this to get all nine Bell Voucher prizes, or even just make it to Rover, as its not hard to screw up.

    To reset the May Day island and maze in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, open your NookPhone and launch the Rescue Service app with the helicopter icon found on the second page. For just 100 Nook Miles, Resettis rescue crew can help you out by resetting the maze and bringing you back to the beginning of the island!

    If youve already left the May Day Tour island though, you wont be able to use Rescue Services to solve your problem. Another possible solution is to play on a secondary player character, which you can learn more about in our What To Do If You Mess Up & Get Stuck On May Day Maze Island article here.

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    May Day 2020 Maze Solution In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    What follows is the 2020 maze solution – which we’ll keep on this page in case it’s relevant for future years. Read the first section of this page for how to complete the 2021 Maze.

    Arriving on the special May Day island in New Horizons, you’ll discover that it’s less of a relaxing celebration and more of maze.

    To solve this maze, you not only have to discover the correct route through its twisting hedges, but also correct materials hidden around the island to create the tools you need to progress. We recommend picking up every time you see on your journey through the maze, so that you don’t have to backtrack.

    Be warned – below you’ll find directions on how to solve the May Day maze, which does contain spoilers, so, if you want to solve it unassisted, then don’t read on.

    Your quest to solve the May Day maze begins by picking up the shovel and using it to dig up the bush to your left, which will allow you to pick up the fruit kept behind it. This fruit will also be the native fruit of your island.

    Eat the fruit and use the shovel to scoop up the nearby tree into your inventory.

    The May Day maze is full of holes that you need to jump over. To do this you simply need to walk up to them and then continue walking – your avatar will simply automatically jump over the hole for you.

    Continue following the path along, jumping over the holes as you come across. Eventually you’ll find yourself back in the centre of the maze, but this time you’ll be above the three hole in a row.

    How To Get The Tickets For The Maze Tours

    Animal Crossing New Horizons will continue with the tradition of trading Maze Tour Tickets from Tom Nook. To visit the Island, players will have to head over to the Airport, and speak to Orville who will be at the counter. He will then reveal that Nook left a ticket with the players name at the Airport. Fans can then use it by selecting the option of I wanna fly! and then select the Use May Day Ticket anytime till May 7.

    During the tour players can enjoy lots of activities, like picking up wood, fruits and many other items. They can use them to craft other items like ladders. Fans will only have one opportunity to visit the maze, so once they return from the tour, they cant go back again. So make sure to use the ticket wisely.

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    Enjoy your trip to the maze!

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    Explore Everything During Your First Visit On The 2021 May Day Tour

    The Animal Crossing: New HorizonsMay Day maze event only comes around once a year and some are wondering if you can replay it in 2021. The event lasts until May 7, so some players may hope they can replay it more than once within a single year. Unfortunately, there is bad news for those who want to visit the May Day Tour island again.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons May Day Tour Tickets

    May Day DLC (MAZE ISLAND!) – Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Part 14

    When you arrive at the special Animal Crossing: New Horizons May Day Tour destination, Wilbur will inform you that this mysterious new island is a giant maze that you’ve got to make your way through. You’ll have no tools or anything you may have had in your pockets to help you, but if you get stuck you can still call the Rescue Services from your phone to deposit you back at the landing pier so you can start again.

    Interestingly, it seems Wilbur might have a hit or two for you as well.

    From here though, you’ll need to figure your way through the maze, which consists of a series of puzzles to solve by using your Animal Crossing: New Horizons know-how. Each maze will no doubt be built differently, so a few basic tips for you below:

    • Eat fruit to be able to dig up trees with the shovel you’ll find
    • You don’t need fruit to dig up bushes
    • You can’t remove fences
    • Push in a direction to jump over small holes
    • A worn axe only lasts long enough to chop down one tree
    • You can’t get resources by hitting rocks
    • You can dig up tree stumps with your shovel
    • Use fruit as little as you can
    • Remember the location of key resources and items as you navigate the maze

    Your reward for completing the maze will be a selection of Bell Vouchers, which you’ll be able to exchange when you’re back on your island. But, as you reach the end, you’ll also encounter a special guest – Rover – who’ll give you a reward: Rover’s Briefcase.

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    Who Is The May Day Island Tour Special Visitor

    Image: Nintendo

    Well, fan favourite Rover was clearly visible in the trailer , so it’s probably not much of a surprise to find him waiting for you at the end of the maze!

    Rover is the very first character veterans of the series met in the very first Animal Crossing game back on GameCube , so it’s great to see him back in the Switch game.

    Once you complete the maze and talk to him, he’ll give you a special reward which Dodo Airlines posts to your house.

    Images: Nintendo Life

    How The May Day Tour Works

    The goal of the May Day Tour is to make your way through a maze using only the items you find on the island. These items include tools, your native fruit, and crafting materials you’ll also find DIY recipes for the flimsy axe and regular axe in case you didn’t already have them. Within the maze there are 9 bell vouchers to collect, which can be sold at Nook’s Cranny for 3,000 bells each, though your main goal is to reach the special NPC at the end of the maze: Rover.

    The puzzle relies on fruit power, which is the stamina you get from eating a piece of fruit. While powered up from eating fruit, you can dig up entire trees and destroy rocks–which are your main obstacles in the maze. You’ll need to eat a piece of fruit to dig up a tree or break a rock, which will then let you access an area that has more fruit or crafting materials. If you want to get all the bell vouchers, the challenge is to use your fruit sparingly, craft an axe, and chop down trees instead of using fruit power to pick them up you’ll need the fruit power to destroy rocks instead, since you can’t otherwise move them or get rid of them the way you can simply chop down trees.

    If you get stuck, you can use the Rescue Service app on your NookPhone or ask Wilbur for a hint. Using the Rescue Service will completely reset the maze and your inventory, which is useful if you used an item you shouldn’t have and can’t reach certain areas of the maze.

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    What Is The May Day Event

    May Day is taking place between April 29 and May 7 in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The event consists of an exciting trip to a completely new island. On the island, players will be able to take part in the May Day maze.

    Be careful though, the ticket to the maze is a one time use deal, so use it wisely.

    How To Complete The May Day 2021 Maze In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    animal crossing may day 2021 how to complete the maze

    If you’re returning to do the May Day event in 2021, know the maze is different this year – giving you a new puzzle to solve and a bonus set of Bell Vouchers to earn.

    We’ll get right to the solution here – but if you have yet to visit, the next section explains how to reach the Maze island.

    To begin, collect the Shovel, equip it, and dig up the hedge blocking the way to the fruit.

    Eat the fruit, and you’ll get the strength to dig up entire trees or smash rocks. Here, let’s dig up the tree to the north.

    Grab the two pieces of wood here, then go east, and pick up the two pieces of fruit at the end.

    Now head west, past the entrance, and dig up the hedge. At the end is some wood and a recipe for the ladder.

    Eat two pieces of fruit – use these to smash the rock to the north, and dig up the tree by going east and then back west.

    Cover up the hole, then go south and pick up two pieces of fruit.

    Go north, and don’t smash the rock yet. To the west is a workbench. What we’ve now done is recovered the same amount of fruit we had before entering this area of the maze, but it’s given us access to the workbench. That said, we don’t have the resources yet to craft anything – so let’s find all that now.

    Go back east, and eat two pieces of fruit, allowing you to smash the rock and dig up the tree and collect a piece of fruit between them.

    Eat this fruit as well, then go over the hole to the north and dig up another tree.

    Use the Ladder to scale the cliff here to get the two pieces of fruit.

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    May Day 2021 Dates In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Explained

    May Day 2021 in New Horizons runs from Thursday, April 29th to Friday, May 7th. Time-wise it starts and ends at 5am on these days, which is the shared reset time for every island.

    If you want to celebrate May Day, however, you must first ensure that you’ve downloaded the latest patch for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which you should be prompted to do when you start the game. And yes, even if you played last year you need to get the latest patch – as the maze solution is new.

    May Day Will Start On May 1st

    Event Duration May 1st ~ May 7th

    From the beginning of May, Tom Nook will reward you with a May Day Ticket to celebrate workers on the island!

    What Is May Day?

    May Day is a celebration of workers, just like Labor Day in the real world. During May Day, players will receive a May Day ticket from Nook Inc. as a thank-you for working on the island.

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    Animal Crossing: What To Know About May Day Tours

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can take a May Day Tour between May 1 and May 7. Here’s a guide to the special mystery island.

    May Day has arrived in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and to celebrate International Workers’ Day, Tom Nook is sending players on a mystery island trip like no other. Between May 1 and May 7, players can talk to Tom Nook in Resident Services to receive praise for all the hard work they’ve put into their islands, as well as information about the May Day Tour. Tom will leave the player’s May Day Ticket at the airline counter and players can choose to use it at any time.

    This trip is different for a few reasons, so here’s what players need to know.

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    Animal Crossing: Inviting Rover To Move In

    How to solve May Day Island Tour! | Animal Crossing New Horizons

    Rover brings with him some new content this May Day, notably the item Rover’s Photo as a completion prize – but only if players have already completed Animal Crossing’s May Day 2020 event, otherwise they will receive his briefcase furniture item. Similarly to last year, the prize will arrive in the player’s mailbox the day after the hedge maze is completed.

    Although players can once again talk to Rover when they find him at the end of the hedge maze, other than offering up this year’s prize there isn’t much more he’ll discuss. Notably, that means he can’t be asked to move onto the player’s Animal Crossing island. Given his reputation throughout the franchise as a frequent traveler, it seems that convincing Rover to settle down isn’t going to be an option any time soon, though it’s unknown currently if he’ll appear during another event or become a surprising guest Animal Crossing villager in the future.

    Between this May Day and the last, Rover hasn’t made any other appearances in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, though his amiibo can be scanned in order to purchase his poster. However, if players try to invite Rover to their campsite, they’ll receive the message that he is busy on another far-away island. It’s likely that Rover maintain his status as a special character who exclusively appears during events for the foreseeable future. 2021’s May Day can be completed up until May 7th, at which point players will have to wait until next year to participate.

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