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May Day Maze Animal Crossing 2021

Go To The Airport & Use May Day Ticket

May Day Event 2021: Maze Walkthrough in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Once you’ve talked to Tom Nook, head to the airport. Orville will mention something about a May Day Ticket, so select “I wanna fly!” and use your ticket there!

You Can’t Bring Anything On The Tour

When you participate in the May Day Tour, you will be forced to leave all of your belongings. You need to find tools and materials in the tour to reach the goal. You can’t buy tools from Wilbur either.

How To Get Your May Day Ticket

To kick off May Day, head to Dodo Airline to get your May Day Ticket, which will be ready at the counter for you. You have to use the May Day Ticket before the end of the day on May 7, and you can only use it once. The May Day Tour takes around 15 minutes to complete, so make sure you have enough time.

When you’re ready to do the May Day Tour, talk to Orville, and select “I wanna fly!” and then “Use May Day Ticket.” Don’t worry about what’s in your pockets–everything you’re carrying will be held for you at the airport, so you don’t need to empty your inventory before leaving like you might do before going on a Mystery Tour.

Animal Crossing May Day Maze Rewards 2021

Once you return to your island you can head over to Resident Services and talk to Tom Nook. He wont give you any rewards but will instead congratulate you on your efforts. He will thank you for taking part in the May Day celebrations.

Youll need to wait until your Bell Vouchers are mailed to you, so check your mailbox each day. You have nine Bell Vouchers which can be exchanged for 27,000 Bells.

Rover will send you a letter too, which will include Rovers Photo which is an extra bonus reward for completing the Animal Crossing May Day Maze well done!

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How To Reset May Day Maze Island If You Mess Up & Get Stuck

If you happen to mess up while trying to escape the May Day Maze by digging up or chopping down the wrong trees and rocks, you can easily reset the island completely! You might need to do this to get all nine Bell Voucher prizes, or even just make it to Rover, as its not hard to screw up.

To reset the May Day island and maze in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, open your NookPhone and launch the Rescue Service app with the helicopter icon found on the second page. For just 100 Nook Miles, Resettis rescue crew can help you out by resetting the maze and bringing you back to the beginning of the island!

If youve already left the May Day Tour island though, you wont be able to use Rescue Services to solve your problem. Another possible solution is to play on a secondary player character, which you can learn more about in our What To Do If You Mess Up & Get Stuck On May Day Maze Island article here.

How To Complete The May Day Maze 2021

Animal Crossing May Day Maze 2021 Explained

This years May Day Maze needs to be approached in three parts:

  • Craft a Ladder
  • Find Rover
  • Collect Bell Vouchers

Well walk you through each of these stages so you can successfully complete the Animal Crossing: New Horizons May Day Maze. Before you begin, read our May Day Maze tips and tricks to get started.

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What Are The Rewards For Completing The May Day Maze 2021

Once you get back from the maze island, you can head to Resident Services and talk to Tom Nook. This won’t get you any physical rewards, but you’ll get a special bit of dialogue where he thanks you for taking part in the May Day celebrations, and expresses his gratitude for all that you do for the island and its community. It’s a rare sweet moment where he doesn’t try to sell you anything, so make the most of it!

However, if you’re all about more tangible rewards, you’ll need to wait a day or two and then check your mailbox. Wilbur will be mailing those nine Bell Vouchers, so once they arrive you’ll be able to take them to Nook’s Cranny and exchange them for a cool 27,000 Bells.

You’ve also got that letter from Rover to look forward to. Last year, the gift for completing the May Day Maze was Rover’s Briefcase, which he handed off to you in person. This year, your gift arrives in the mail and contains Rover’s Photo.

This works just like villager photos: you can place it on display, and interacting with it gives you a short bio about Rover. You can also change its frame to one of eight variants using 1x Customization Kit.

For more Animal Crossing: New Horizons guides including more event guides like this one check out our guide hub page.

What Is The Animal Crossing May Day Maze

The May Day Maze is set on a remote island and is run by Rover, the cat who has been in the series since the first game.

The maze offers players a variety of challenges and gives them the opportunity to use a range of their tools, as they have to dig up and chop down trees, smash rocks and more.

Last year, players who completed the event earnt Rovers Briefcase as a furniture item. They also had the opportunity to find a total of 9 Bell Vouchers dotted around the maze.

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How To Restart The May Day Maze In Animal Crossing

The May Day Maze event returns to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in 2021. If players find they need to restart, they can call for rescue, for a price.

The May Day Tour maze event is back in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and players can earn exclusive prizes for completing it successfully. May Day is the next repeat holiday celebration in Animal Crossing: New Horizons since the game launched a little over one year ago. During the 2021 event, the maze has changed and become just a little more difficult and unpredictable. The event runs from April 29 to May 7, and players who log in during that window will have a chance to visit a special May Day Tour island using a free May Day Ticket, received at the Airport. This island contains a hedge maze puzzle for players to solve. At the end of the maze, like last year’s event, players will have the opportunity to speak to Rover and claim their prize.

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Who Is The May Day Island Tour Special Visitor

Complete May Day Maze Guide for Animal Crossing New Horizons – 2021 Update!

Image: Nintendo

Well, fan favourite Rover was clearly visible in the trailer , so it’s probably not much of a surprise to find him waiting for you at the end of the maze!

Rover is the very first character veterans of the series met in the very first Animal Crossing game back on GameCube , so it’s great to see him back in the Switch game.

Once you complete the maze and talk to him, he’ll give you a special reward which Dodo Airlines posts to your house.

Images: Nintendo Life

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How To Get And Use May Day Tickets

The first time you play Animal Crossing: New Horizons on or after April 29th, Isabelle will mention the May Day celebrations in her morning announcement. If you talk to your animal villagers, chances are good they’ll be pretty excited for it too. They all urge you to go to your island’s Airport and pick up a May Day Ticket.

So head into the Airport and talk to Orville at the counter. He’ll inform you that there’s a ticket for a special May Day Tour back there with your name on it, courtesy of Tom Nook. You can use it any time between April 29th and May 7th by speaking to Orville. Just say “I wanna fly!” and, when he asks you where you want to go, select “Use May Day Ticket”.

Who can play the May Day Maze 2021?

The new maze is described as being available to “veteran” players. Players who didn’t start their save until after 7th May 2020, or who just didn’t complete last year’s event, will be doing the original maze first.

We don’t know at the moment whether newer players will be able to do the 2021 maze straight away afterwards, or if you’ll need to wait another year to catch up.

Update: It seems that comment about “veteran players” was a bit of a red herring, and that everyone will be playing the 2021 maze regardless of when they started their save. Many thanks to the commenters who were able to set us right about that!

Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Play The Acnh May Day Maze In 2021

By Sam Woods

Today, last years smash hit, Animal Crossing: New Horizons received its first major update in quite a while.

Since the Egg Day event at the start of April, players have been starved of news, and activities in Nintendos island living sim.

Thankfully, this new update brings with it a range of new including Wedding Season, International Museum Day and the May Day Maze.

Heres how you can play the May Day Maze in Animal Crossing: New Horizons this year.

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May Day Tour Maze Prizes & Rewards

There are three different prizes you can win during the May Day Event by visiting the May Day Tour island and completing the maze! You wont actually be able to take these items with you in your inventory though theyll instead be mailed to you by Dodo Airlines or Rover and you can find them in your mailbox at home tomorrow.

How To Get Rovers Briefcase

If its your very first time completing the May Day event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you will receive the Rovers Briefcase item as your prize for finishing the maze! When you reach the end of the maze in the top right, youll discover the returning special character Rover sitting down on the ground waiting for you.

After speaking with Rover, hell mail you his exclusive Rovers Briefcase item as a prize and keepsake for finding him through the tricky island maze! Unfortunately, this item cannot be customized though.

How To Get Rovers Photo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players who have already completed the May Day event previously in 2020 have a brand new prize in store this year for 2021! When you reach the end of the maze in the top right, youll meet special character Rover once again for the second time in New Horizons.

This time around, hell send you his exclusive Rovers Photo item as a prize for you to enjoy. Itll arrive in your mailbox the next day.

How To Get Bell Vouchers

What Is The May Day Event

Animal Crossing May Day Maze 2021: How To Complete The ...

May Day is taking place between April 29 and May 7 in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The event consists of an exciting trip to a completely new island. On the island, players will be able to take part in the May Day maze.

Be careful though, the ticket to the maze is a one time use deal, so use it wisely.

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How To Visit Maze Day Tour Island

To participate in the May Day event and enjoy the activities that Tom Nook has planned for you, load up Animal Crossing: New Horizons during the week of April 29th to May 7th.

When you play for the first time during this event period, youll hear a special morning announcement from Isabelle letting you know the May Day festivities have begun! You can speak to Tom Nook for additional dialogue, but this is not necessary.

To get your May Day Ticket and visit the May Day Tour island, visit the Airport and speak to Orville at the counter! Hell inform you that Tom Nook left a May Day Ticket at the airport with your name written on it.

After learning about the ticket at the Airport, you can use your free May Day Ticket at any time by selecting the I wanna fly! option followed by the Use May Day Ticket option presented to you by Orville.

In the 2020 version of this event, players had to retrieve their May Day Ticket from Tom Nook at Resident Services, but this is no longer the case in 2021. There is still dialogue from him that you can experience though.

In 2021 The Might Day Maze Has Gone By Means Of A Number Of Modifications

Animal crossing new horizons might day maze 2021. To get began head into the Resident Providers constructing and speak to Tom Nook. This information will assist gamers resolve their puzzles. The Might Day Tour occasion for 2021 in Animal Crossing.

The brand new Might Day Maze for 2021 may be cut up up into three levels. New Horizons is celebrating the second Turkey Day occasion this 12 months on November 25. Might Day is right here in Animal Crossing.

Hell let you know that hes left a Might Day Ticket for you at. Nicely get proper to the. New Horizons is a sport that constantly will get new updates concerning seasonal eventsFor the month of April gamers have been in a position to take part in Bunny Day an occasion the place eggs have been hidden across the island for gamers to seek out.

The primary time you login to New Horizons throughout this time interval Isabelle will let you know in regards to the festivities throughout her bulletins. The occasion is generally the identical as final 12 months however in 2021 gamers can acquire Rovers Photograph. Its time for an additional seasonal occasion in Animal Crossing.

You can not time journey backwards to. Must you full the maze in its entirety youll obtain 9 Bell Vouchers 27000 Bells in addition to what could also be a photograph of Rover if the dataminers. Those that accomplished the earlier Animal Crossing maze may even earn a brand new prize from Rover the cat.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Get A Ticket For The May Day Event Maze

Animal Crossing New Horizons recently released update 1.10. The new patch focuses a lot on the events arriving in May and June. This includes International Museum Day, the Wedding Season, and many more.

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One of the standout events of the update is the May Day celebration starting on April 29. The limited time holiday event allows players to travel to one of the two mysterious Islands till May 7. In order to visit these places, fans will need a May Day Ticket. Heres how you can get them.

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What Is The May Day Tour Maze

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – 2021 May Day Maze Walkthrough

The May Day Tour Maze is a special maze puzzle in Animal Crossing: New Horizons found on a faraway island only accessible during the May Day event when using a May Day Ticket at the Airport. By navigating through the puzzle and meeting Rover at the end, youll receive a special prize.

When you arrive at the May Day Maze, your inventory will be empty without any tools, so youll have to find and craft new tools using the resources on the island. Veteran players who already experienced May Day last year can enjoy a new version of the maze for 2021.

Heres a few handy tips on how to solve the May Day Maze in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but you can find our complete 100% walkthrough below if you need more in-depth help:

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons: What Is The Prize For The May Day Event 2021

Once players have completed the maze in 2021, they will have to speak to Rover, the blue cat, sitting on a cliff. The visitor will talk to players for a bit before awarding them with this years prize: Rovers photo. This photo cannot be purchased or obtained elsewhere in the game at this time.

After Rover tells the player about winning the prize, he wont give it to them immediately. The special item will arrive in the players mailbox the next day.

Hello! Are you ready for a mini vacation? I hope so, because we’ve got one planned for you! Just stop by the airport between now and May 7th to get your ticket. Have fun!

Isabelle May 1, 2021

Once players have claimed their prize from Rover, there are additional Bell Vouchers located near the friendly cat. These vouchers are only available once players have reached Rover, which is a bonus for those who complete the maze.

Bell Vouchers and Rovers photos, or Rovers Briefcase for those who didnt complete the maze in 2020, are the only items players can take home in 2021. Bell Vouchers will stay in the players bag on the return home, while the prized photo will show up the next day. Players can redeem Bell Vouchers for 3,000 Bells each. Normally, these items cost 500 Nook Miles, but by grabbing them during the May Day tour, players will essentially receive free Bells.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a Nintendo Switch exclusive available now.



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