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May Day Maze Animal Crossing

How To Complete The May Day 2021 Maze In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

May Day Event 2021: Maze Walkthrough in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

If you’re returning to do the May Day event in 2021, know the maze is different this year – giving you a new puzzle to solve and a bonus set of Bell Vouchers to earn.

We’ll get right to the solution here – but if you have yet to visit, the next section explains how to reach the Maze island.

To begin, collect the Shovel, equip it, and dig up the hedge blocking the way to the fruit.

Eat the fruit, and you’ll get the strength to dig up entire trees or smash rocks. Here, let’s dig up the tree to the north.

Grab the two pieces of wood here, then go east, and pick up the two pieces of fruit at the end.

Now head west, past the entrance, and dig up the hedge. At the end is some wood and a recipe for the ladder.

Eat two pieces of fruit – use these to smash the rock to the north, and dig up the tree by going east and then back west.

Cover up the hole, then go south and pick up two pieces of fruit.

Go north, and don’t smash the rock yet. To the west is a workbench. What we’ve now done is recovered the same amount of fruit we had before entering this area of the maze, but it’s given us access to the workbench. That said, we don’t have the resources yet to craft anything – so let’s find all that now.

Go back east, and eat two pieces of fruit, allowing you to smash the rock and dig up the tree and collect a piece of fruit between them.

Eat this fruit as well, then go over the hole to the north and dig up another tree.

Use the Ladder to scale the cliff here to get the two pieces of fruit.

You Can Also Get 9 Bell Vouchers

There are 9 Bell Vouchers on this island. 4 vouchers are right next to Rover and the other 5 are in the southwest part of the island.

Do Not Eat Fruits To Remove The Last 3 Trees

Note that in order to collect all vouchers, you need to break 3 rocks by eating 3 fruits. In order to do so, you need to reach the goal by cutting trees with an axe and removing the tree trumps with shovel, instead of eating fruits and removing the whole tree with a shovel.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Get A Ticket For The May Day Event Maze

Animal Crossing New Horizons recently released update 1.10. The new patch focuses a lot on the events arriving in May and June. This includes International Museum Day, the Wedding Season, and many more.

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One of the standout events of the update is the May Day celebration starting on April 29. The limited time holiday event allows players to travel to one of the two mysterious Islands till May 7. In order to visit these places, fans will need a May Day Ticket. Heres how you can get them.

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What Is The May Day Event

May Day is taking place between April 29 and May 7 in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The event consists of an exciting trip to a completely new island. On the island, players will be able to take part in the May Day maze.

Be careful though, the ticket to the maze is a one time use deal, so use it wisely.

Find Treasure In The Maze

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

You’ll need the Tools and Materials you find to clear the Maze, and you won’t be able to bring anything other than Rover’s Brief Case and the Bell Vouchers you find back from the May Day island, so focus on getting to Rover with 3 pieces of fruit left in your inventory.

You Can Start Over Using the Rescue Service

If you ever get stuck in the maze, you can use the Rescue Services for 100 Nook Miles to go back to the port and reset the maze.

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Animal Crossing May Day : How To Finish Maze

After arriving on the island, a player could take an average of around 15 minutes to complete the maze and tour the island, so it is best to do this in spare time where one can go uninterrupted. May Day 2021’s ticket cannot be used again, and a pause could ruin the experience.

The main goal of this maze is to meet up with Rover at the other end, all while surviving and making one’s way to the maze, which has special items that can be exchanged later on in the game. Items and fruits can be found along the way, while items to craft axes would also be available. Also, there are nine bell vouchers in the maze that can be exchanged for 3,000 bells each, back with Tom Nook.

Most of the time, the maze would be a player’s experience to solve, and there would be hints about the play when using the phone and talking to Wilbur. Players are also encouraged to eat fruits to destroy rocks and trees along the way, to get to the other side. Getting all the nine bells is hard and would require a strategic approach of fruit-eating, ax crafting, tree chopping, and rock smashing along the way.

The event would run from today, Apr. 27, until next Friday, May 7.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons May Day Maze Guide 2021

The May Day Labyrinth returns in 2021 in Animal Crossing New Horizons, We tell you tips, rewards about the May event in this May Day Maze guide.

The May Day event returns for another year to Animal Crossing New Horizons.

In 2020, it was celebrated with a labyrinth island, in which we met Rover and he gave us a suitcase.

On this occasion, we will travel to a new labyrinth, and again, we will meet Rover the cat, who will send us a new reward: his photo.

The May Day event began on April 29 and will last until May 7, 2021, coinciding with the actual celebration of Golden Week, a festive week in Japan. In this guide, we will explain what rewards you can find and some tricks in case you get stuck in the maze, more complex than the previous one.

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What Are The Rewards For Completing The May Day Maze 2021

Once you get back from the maze island, you can head to Resident Services and talk to Tom Nook. This won’t get you any physical rewards, but you’ll get a special bit of dialogue where he thanks you for taking part in the May Day celebrations, and expresses his gratitude for all that you do for the island and its community. It’s a rare sweet moment where he doesn’t try to sell you anything, so make the most of it!

However, if you’re all about more tangible rewards, you’ll need to wait a day or two and then check your mailbox. Wilbur will be mailing those nine Bell Vouchers, so once they arrive you’ll be able to take them to Nook’s Cranny and exchange them for a cool 27,000 Bells.

You’ve also got that letter from Rover to look forward to. Last year, the gift for completing the May Day Maze was Rover’s Briefcase, which he handed off to you in person. This year, your gift arrives in the mail and contains Rover’s Photo.

This works just like villager photos: you can place it on display, and interacting with it gives you a short bio about Rover. You can also change its frame to one of eight variants using 1x Customization Kit.

For more Animal Crossing: New Horizons guides including more event guides like this one check out our guide hub page.

May Day Exclusive Rewards And Items

How to Complete the May Day Maze in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Rover will mail you your rewards, which you’ll receive the day after you do the May Day Maze. This includes Rover’s Briefcase and the amount of Bell Vouchers you managed to find on the island.

If this is your second time doing the May Day Event, you’ll also receive Rover’s Photo!

List of May Day Rewards
Rover’s Photo

You Cannot Take the Bushes Home

Other than the items above, you cannot take other items home, such as the bushes on the island. They will be gone when you return to your island.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Can You Replay The May Day Maze 2021

Once players begin the May Day event in 2021, they must complete it in a single visit to the unique island. They can restart the event multiple times, as long as they can pay the 100 Nook Mile Ticket fee for Rescue Services. Once they complete the maze or give up and go home, there is no returning.

Orville, the clerk at the Dodo Airline airport, only gives villagers one chance to visit the island. This is the only time players will have to visit the island and participate in the special event to win the 2021 prize: Rovers photo.

Hello! Are you ready for a mini vacation? I hope so, because we’ve got one planned for you! Just stop by the airport between now and May 7th to get your ticket. Have fun!

Isabelle May 1, 2021

Players who dont want to play cannot trade or give away their May Day Tour event ticket to a friend. The item is not a physical ticket held in a players bag but a verbal invitation to participate in the May Day festivities.

However, players do have a workaround to participate additional times in the May Day Tour event, but it will require creating a second character on their island. Once players have made a second character, they can use them to run through the maze for more Bell Vouchers and a prize from Rover.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a Nintendo Switch exclusive available now.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons May Day Maze Solution

First things first, when you land on the island youll be able to grab a shovel off the ground.

To your left, use the shovel to dig up a bush, then grab the single piece of fruit. Eat the fruit, then use your shovel to dig up the tree blocking the path. Note that before you dig up or chop down trees, you should shake them for additional twigs as resources.

Keep going after digging up the tree and on the ground, youll encounter small square holes.

Keep moving forward and you can hop over these holes. Head straight, then at the wooden arrow sign, make a right. Pick up the three pieces of wood, head down and to the left, and jump over the holes again.

Head back up straight, then make a left near the row of three trees. Hop over the hole and keep going left, then go down and pick up the twig on the ground and head down.

When you come to another hole, make a right and then keep heading right to jump over another hole. From here, you can jump over the three holes that lead towards additional resources including twigs and rocks and an axe.

With this axe, youll be able to head back to the left and chop down the tree that leads to two more pieces of fruit.

Again, shake the tree for twigs before you chop it. Also note that when you chop down this tree, your axe will break. To save your shovel, you can sit on the tree stump and spin around to the other side, then do the same coming back.

Eat a piece of fruit so that you can break this rock and access the iron on the other side.

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What Prize Does Rover Give You On May Day Island

When you reach Rover at the end of the May Day Maze you can speak to him about the island. After Rover learns a bit about you he will give you the reward of Rovers Briefcase . Once you receive this item you can leave the island if you so desire. Note once you have Rovers Briefcase you can no longer return to this May Day Island. Back on your island you should return to Tom Nook to tell him about the island adventure. After this conversation you can head to your mailbox to get the items you brought back from the May Day island.

Thoughts on our May Day Island Maze directions guide? Drop them in The Pit below.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: How To Restart The May Day Maze 2021

How to solve May Day maze in Animal Crossing: New Horizons ...

Once players are inside the maze, they can call for rescue at any time, but its not free. It will cost 100 Nook Miles per reset. Taking out your trusty Nook Phone, then select Rescue Services. Players will be asked to confirm their decision to start over, and after confirming, they are taken to the beginning of the maze.

Hello! Are you ready for a mini vacation? I hope so, because we’ve got one planned for you! Just stop by the airport between now and May 7th to get your ticket. Have fun!

Isabelle May 1, 2021

All progress, or any mistakes, players made during the maze will be reset, and players can start over. There are no consequences from restarting the maze, and the maze will retain the same layout for the entire event. This is especially helpful for players who want to experiment with different ways to complete the puzzles before exhausting all options and being forced to restart. Players can reset the maze as long as they have enough Nook Miles to cover the Rescue Service ride.

If the maze is too difficult, some players may be tempted to leave altogether, but they should keep trying. Completing the maze has a major reward. One is the opportunity to speak to Rover, the well-known blue cat, who appeared in previous games. He will give players a rare new item for 2021: Rovers photo. Near Rover are Bell Vouchers, which can been redeemed for extra Bells. The only way to reach this set of vouchers is to complete the maze.


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What Happens On May Day In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The “one-time May Day Ticket” grants you access to a special limited-time tour to an island different from the usual mystery island tours.

This special May Day island features a hedge maze constructed by Tom Nook himself. You arrive on the May Day island with a totally empty inventory and it’s up to you to use a shovel and materials you collect to craft items and work your way through barriers and obstacles to the goal.

Images: Nintendo Life

We won’t spoil it with a ‘How To…’ guide here it’s really quite simple! but you’ll need to find and eat fruit, dig up trees and smash rocks if you want to navigate the maze to meet the “special visitor” at the end. There are also Bell Vouchers to collect.

As part of , a new May Day event featuring a totally different island to the previous year was available to travel to:

From 4/29 5/7, collect a May Day Ticket from Orville at the airport to visit a unique island. This island is different from last years May Day, so be sure to take a trip and find out for yourself! #AnimalCrossing#ACNH Nintendo of America

If you do get stuck, you can always talk to Wilbur the dodo pilot for tips, or you can use your NookPhone and call rescue services to restart the maze entirely. Note that once you leave you can’t return, so make sure you don’t leave without getting your reward!…

May Day Island Maze Guide

When you arrive on the May Day mystery island you will have all of your tools taken from you. To make your way through the maze you need to collect tools along the way. Heres how to reach the end of the May Day maze:

  • Walk forward and grab the Shovel.
  • Use the shovel on the shrub to the left so you can get a fruit. Eat the fruit.
  • Return to where you got the shovel, dig up the tree to the north, then head through the now open passage so you reach the + with the hole. Jump across the hole so you continue to head north.
  • Take the first right and jump across the three holes so you reach the three pieces of wood. Pick them up.
  • Make your way west of the wood then go up and west so you reach the stick there. Pick up the stick and head down and to the east.
  • Pick up the three sticks and one stone here by jumping across the three holes and grab the Worn Axe tool south of the middle hole.
  • Take the Worn Axe and use it to cut down the tree to the north of the stick you picked up during step 5. Shovel the stump out of the way and grab the stick and two fruit in the area behind this tree.
  • Double back to the three holes from step 6 and jump over the far east hole so you can reach the rock at 8. Eat a fruit and shovel the rock out of the way so you can grab the Iron Ore there.
  • Head back to 4 and go to the west. Jump across the hole to the south and chop down the tree by 10. Grab the two fruits there.
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