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May Day Ticket Animal Crossing

The May Day Tour Event 2021

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – May Day Nook Miles Ticket

It is a limited-time event in this game. This game has brought a new mysterious island where you can visit with your favorite returning character Rover. Here, we will also help to know how to get tickets to this game. The May Day Tour Event will start from April 29, 2021, to May 7, 2021. This time is not time-locked. You can easily access it in advance. The fans are excited to know how to get May Day Ticket Animal Crossing, lets start exploring about it.

How To Get Your May Day Ticket

To kick off May Day, head to Dodo Airline to get your May Day Ticket, which will be ready at the counter for you. You have to use the May Day Ticket before the end of the day on May 7, and you can only use it once. The May Day Tour takes around 15 minutes to complete, so make sure you have enough time.

When youâre ready to do the May Day Tour, talk to Orville, and select âI wanna fly!â and then âUse May Day Ticket.â Donât worry about whatâs in your pocketsâeverything youâre carrying will be held for you at the airport, so you donât need to empty your inventory before leaving like you might do before going on a Mystery Tour.

Who Is The Special Guest

Now Rover has an interesting history in the Animal Crossing series, and from when you talk to him after finishing the maze it sounds like he’s about to make a comeback in some form. He’s a well-travelled pussycat, with plenty of backstory.;

Initially, way back in Animal Forest and Animal Crossing, he would set-up your game for the first time, setting up the time, date, the player character and the town in which you live, meeting you on the train en route to your town.;

He plays a much smaller role in Animal Crossing: Wild World, but then in Animal Crossing: City Folk he’s the cat that meets you on the bus driven by Kapp’n who’ll ask you question that will determine your gender and name, along with your town’s name.;

It’s the same for Animal Crossing: New Leaf too, with Rover appearing on the same train as you, and again asking you questions that will set up the game.;

Of course, in New Horizons, all of his previous roles have been taken over by Timmy and Tommy prior to you arriving on your island. However, he clearly hints that he’s could become a bit more of a regular Animal Crossing: New Horizons visitor, although it’s unclear what role he would take if he made a comeback.;

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How To Get May Day 2021 Tickets In Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing New Horizons: May Day Secret Ticket

Players will need to wait until April 29th to participate in this event. When the players boot up the game, they will be greeted with the morning announcements that May Day has officially begun. To participate, the player will need to head down to the airport and speak with Orville. He will mention his excitement for the event and there will be a text focused on May Day. He mentioned Tom Nook has provided the player with this ticket. Select this option and the Orville will send you on your way.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been one of the biggest games to release in the last year. It’s hard to believe how much time has passed since its initial release. Players will need to craft a ladder and collect Bell Vouchers while playing through May Day. Make sure to participate before the end of May 7th to get those rewards.

Animal Crossing is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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Fly To The Special Island For The May Day Event

Like like when you spend Nook Miles Tickets to go on Mystery Tours, you have to go to the Airport to use your May Day Ticket.

From there, you’ll be flown to a special island available only for this event!

You Can’t Bring Any Items

Everything in your inventory will be kept at the Airport when you take off, so you’ll have to use the Tools and Materials you find in the Maze on the island to clear the event.

No buying Tools off Orville either, sneaky you, so pay careful attention to how you use the items at your disposal!

How Do May Day Tickets Work

When you take the ticket to the Dodo Airlines counter, Orville will note that you have a May Day ticket and ask if you want to use it. Wilbur will fly you to an island just as he does with a normal mystery island tour, but rather than a typical island, this one will have a hedge maze you’ll need to navigate to collect items that you would normally find on a mystery tour, but you’ll have to do it without any tools.;

how did you know, Tom Nook

Ninji gbsct

Once you complete the maze, you’ll meet Rover, a very delightful cat character who has played various roles in the Animal Crossing series.

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Connect To The Internet

If your Nintendo Switch has not connected to the Internet since before midnight on May 1, the May Day Event will not start, even if your in-game clock is on the correct date.

Although a notification for an Update will not occur, your Switch will still need to connect to the Internet to gain access to the event.

Go To The Airport & Use May Day Ticket

MAY DAY TICKET 100% WALKTHROUGH – Animal Crossing New Horizons

Once youâve talked to Tom Nook, head to the airport. Orville will mention something about a May Day Ticket, so select âI wanna fly!â and use your ticket there!

You Canât Bring Anything On The Tour

When you participate in the May Day Tour, you will be forced to leave all of your belongings. You need to find tools and materials in the tour to reach the goal. You canât buy tools from Wilbur either.

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May Day Exclusive Rewards And Items

Rover will mail you your rewards, which you’ll receive the day after you do the May Day Maze. This includes Rover’s Briefcase and the amount of Bell Vouchers you managed to find on the island.

If this is your second time doing the May Day Event, you’ll also receive Rover’s Photo!

List of May Day Rewards
Rover’s Photo

You Cannot Take the Bushes Home

Other than the items above, you cannot take other items home, such as the bushes on the island. They will be gone when you return to your island.

What Is May Day

From April 29 – May 7, players are given a special ticket, which allows them to fly to a unique island. Once they’ve arrived, players will need to navigate through a maze on that island to find items and eventually meet Rover, a familiar villager from previous Animal Crossing games.

Once players complete the maze and speak with Rover, they won’t be able to fly to this special island any more.

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Animal Crossing: Where To Get May Day 2021 Tickets

May Day 2021 is fast approaching in Animal Crossing New Horizons. This guide will show players how to get tickets for the upcoming 2021 event.

May Day is back after an entire year with its own puzzle to complete in;Animal Crossing. This guide will show players how they can prepare for this upcoming event and how to get May Day 2021 tickets. Last year, May Day functions as a way to get away from the island and test your problem-solving skills. When the player would depart from the island, they would lose all of the items in their inventory. It would be made available when they return back to their island but not until then. Once the player lands on this new island, they will be tasked with solving a puzzle and navigating through the maze to make it to the exit. No digging through the walls. No picking apart the maze. Players will need to use their brains to win this minigame. Here is how players can get May Day 2021 tickets for this event.

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How To Navigate The May Day Maze In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How to take a May Day Tour in Animal Crossing: New ...

The newest update to Animal Crossing: New Horizons;allows players to participate in the games first big event since its release: May Day. May Day is a day to celebrate workers for all that they do. In the game, May Day is a chance for players to celebrate how much hard work everyone has put into their islands.

Tom Nook is throwing an event for players to celebrate their efforts by giving them a chance to participate in the May Day Maze. Players will have access to the maze from May 1st until May 7th. Although it seems like a short period of time, the maze itself is not too difficult. However, players should stay on the island until all the items are collected. Here is a rundown on how to participate in the event, how to navigate the Maze, and collect all the items this island has to offer.

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May Day is live in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with the main event being a maze where you can talk to Rover and collect some bonus Bell Vouchers. At first, the maze idea seems pretty straightforward in that you need to follow it through to the end. However, its a bit more complex than it seems. To help get you through it, weve put together a guide showing you how to solve the May Day maze in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

How To Get A May Day Ticket

During the May Day Event, head to Dodo Airlines and speak with Orville behind the desk. He’ll have a ticket waiting for you with your name on it, courtesy of Tom Nook!

Orville will tell you about the ticket, and then you can select, “I wanna fly!” Then you’ll be able to select the special, one-time only option to “Use May Day Ticket.”

Once you select this option, Orville will explain the tour is a secret organized by Tom Nook, and that due to the nature of the island, you will not be able to bring any items, resources, or tools with you. But don’t worry, you’ll get them all back upon your return!

You can also still receive Nook Miles points for activities completed in the maze, such as chopping trees or hitting rocks.

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May Day Maze Walkthrough

For those who have tried to navigate the maze but cant seem to find a way through and collect all the items, here is a walkthrough of the maze.

The first thing you will want to do is grab the shovel at the entrance of the maze. Ignore the row of shrubs by the entrance and, instead, dig the shrub up to the left of the tree and grab the single fruit. Eat the fruit then dig up the first tree blocking your path.

Head up to the small gaps and jump across two of the gaps. Then head to the left and cross another small gap to collect one tree branch. Head down and across two gaps to find a series of holes with three tree branches, one stone, and a Worn Axe. Keep in mind, this is a Worn Axe so it can only be used for three hacks before it breaks.

With the axe in hand, jump back across the gaps going up and left and move towards the top left corner of the maze, where a tree blocks you from two fruits and a tree branch. Chop the tree down , then collect the fruit and tree branch. Head right from where the tree was and move toward the right side of the map. There, you will find three wood pieces that need to be collected.

Use the tree branches and stones found to create a Flimsy Axe. Then upgrade the Flimsy Axe to a regular Axe with the 3 pieces of wood and 1 iron nugget that has been found. With the newly added strong ax in hand, head back to the middle of the maze and chop down the tree that keeps players from accessing the two fruit. However, do not eat this fruit yet!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons May Day Tour

Animal Crossing New Horizons MAY DAY GUIDE (ALL PRIZES & Everything You NEED To Know! Find ROVER)

During the event, Isabelle will let you know that Tom Nook has a special May Day Ticket to give you, so make sure to head over to Resident Services as soon as possible to collect your gift.;

Tom Nook will explain that the event is meant to be a thank you for all the hard workers, particularly those that have made the island more beautiful – aka you, you Resident Representative you.;

He’ll make sure that there’s a special May Day Ticket at the airport for you, and you can redeem it any time between Friday, May 1 and Thursday, May 7.

From there, it’s just a case of heading over to the airport to use your May Day Ticket whenever you’d like between that time. To use it, just hit the normal ‘I’d like to fly’ option as you would for a Nook Miles Ticket, and it’ll take you to a special ANimal Crossing: New Horizons May Day Tour destination. But not before stripping you of everything you’ve got on you – bar your clothes, of course, the Dodos aren’t totally crazy.;

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How To Start The May Day Tour In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

To take part in the May Day celebrations in New Horizons you must first visit Residential Services and talk to Tom Nook.

He’ll explain that he’s got a special May Day special for you and tell you to head down to Dodo Airlines.

Once you get to the airport, talk to Orville and he’ll say that there’s a special May Day Ticket waiting for you.

If you want to take part in the May Day event, tell Orville that you want to fly and then select ‘Use May Day Ticket.’

It’s important to note that you can only partake in the May Day event once a year, so make sure you have the time to properly complete this activity. Orville will also take away your inventory as part of the event, but, don’t worry, you’ll get everything back once you return home.

You Cannot Bring Items Home

Don’t waste your time digging up the shrubs, you will not be able to take them home. The only things you can have back on your island are the rewards you get, which is Rover’s Briefcase, and the Bell Vouchers.

  • Dig up the shrub nearby.
  • Make a path and destroy the 3 rocks.
  • 1. Dig up the shrub and tree

    First, grab the shovel toolbox on the ground and dig up the shrub that’s blocking your way to a fruit.

    Proceed to eat the Fruit and dig up the Tree straight ahead.

    2. Go all the way up, then left

    Jump over two Rivers and make you way as far up as you can, then jump over another river to the left and follow the path to get a tree branch.

    3. Follow the path and find the worn axe

    Following the path, you’ll jump over a River while heading to the right.

    This new location gives you three different paths. Leave the first one for now and go down the third one for a tree branch and a stone, and down the second and middle path for a tree branch and a worn axe.

    4. Use the axe on the top left tree

    Jump back up to the spot where you can go down three paths, then backtrack over the River to the left and head for the Tree in the top left corner.

    Cuting it down with the worn axe will make the Axe break. Dig up the tree stump to gain a tree branch and two fruits.

    5. Return to the three paths

    From the area you just got Items from, head down and back to the area where you could go down three different paths.

    6. Get the wood and break the rock

    7. Dig up the tree and craft an axe

    10. Get to Rover

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