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Should I Buy Animal Crossing

And Then The Tool Ring

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Before You Buy

Another really useful Nook Mile Reward you should aim to unlock ASAP is the ‘Tool Ring’. It might not sound like much on paper, but as the listing suggests ‘It’s Essential!’. Available for the rather reasonable price of 800 Miles, the Tool Ring adds a whole new feature to your game. Once you’ve bought it, you’ll be able to hit up on the D-Pad to quickly access and switch between all your various tools. You can swap them in and out straight from your inventory too, meaning it’s totally customisable. It’s a lot easier than heading into your inventory every time, and quicker than cycling through your tools using left and right on the D-Pad.;

Keep An Eye On Your Nook Miles Rewards

Along with the traditional Bells, there’s a new currency in the game known as Nook Miles. Tucked away inside your Nook Phone is a handy app that lets you track your progress towards the next Nook Miles Rewards Milestone. Miles can be exchanged for rewards, recipes, furniture and more via the Nook Stop terminal found in Residents’ Services.

Initially, you’ll basically haemorrhage Miles because you practically get rewarded for doing anything – you can see all the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nook Mile Rewards we’ve discovered and unlocked in our guide – and we’re talking catching bugs, planting flowers, selling fruit or seashells, increasing the number of furniture items you have placed, taking snapshots, editing your profile, placing furniture outside, editing the bulletin board and more.;

It’s worth keeping an eye on your progress within each task though, as if you need more Miles, it might just be a case of planting a few more flowers or something to hit the next Milestone.;

And when you unlock Nook Miles+ after paying off your initial moving fees, that’s even more the case.

How To Spot Fake Paintings And Statues In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Wily art dealer Redd is your ticket to filling your expanded museum with famous artworks, although Redd also deals in fakes and forgeries and you’ll have to have an eye for detail if you want to avoid wasting your bells on a fake.

While the lighting on his boat might be poor, Redd offers you the chance to inspect each artwork by asking to take a ‘closer look’. You are able to zoom up close on the illuminated work of art and get a good look at it before purchasing, so be sure to check if it’s the real deal before wasting your hard-earned Bells.

Don’t know your Picassos from your Pollocks? Not sure how to tell a fake from a genuine work of art? The alphabetical lists below details exactly what to look out for with each piece, so scroll down and find out which items are genuine and which are fake.

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How Buy Art Paintings From Redd In Animal Crossing New Horizons

How to buy art paintings and avoid the fake ones from Redd in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Animal Crossing New Horizons update 1.2 has come with the arrival of Nature Day. While the addition of Leif is sweet, theres a notorious art seller named Redd who will also join your island. Youll be able to buy art paintings from this nefarious newcomer to add to your Museum, but youll need to be wary of ones that are fake and worthless.

In addition to the arrival of Leif, Nature Day, and Redd the fox, Animal Crossing New Horizons update 1.2 has also seen Tom Nooks bank reduce the interest rate for all saving accounts within the game. Theres no reason that has been provided for this, but at least you get a letter with a couple of presents attached.

While the reduction in interest rate is peculiar, the update is worthwhile and necessary as youll want to unlock Redd and the art wing for your museum.

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Buying And Selling Turnips On Switch Explained

Handmade Animal Crossing Clay Pins : AnimalCrossing

Every Sunday morning, a wandering vendor named Daisy Mae will appear around your town square. Daisy Mae will sell you Turnips, but the price is variable. One week she may be selling them for 100 Bells, but the next week she may be selling them for 150 Bells.

You can buy as many Turnips as you want . Once you have the Turnips, the idea is to sell them for more than you paid.

Every day , Timmy and Tommy in Nooks Cranny will tell you the current price of Turnips. The price actually changes twice a day .

An example: Lets say you bought 100 Turnips from Daisy Mae for 100 Bells each. Youve made a 10,000 Bell investment. Now if Timmy and Tommy happen to be buying Turnips for 150 Bells each, selling them your Turnips will net you 5,000 Bells in profit.

These numbers can scale up into the hundreds of thousands of Bells, resulting in some enormous paydays.

But theres always a risk of taking a big loss. If you buy at 100 Bells per Turnip and the Nooks Cranny price never goes above 50 Bells, youre going to take a loss. Thats just the way it goes.

Important: Whatever you do, do not hold onto the Turnips until the following Sunday. When Daisy Mae arrives in your town again, the Turnips you bought the following week will be spoiled and worthless. Taking a 50% loss with a bad Nooks Cranny price is better than losing the whole investment.

Important thing 2: You cant use house storage to store Turnips. If you go HARD on Turnips, youre likely going to have to fill a room with them.

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Colonialist Exploitation Made Easy

Remember those tickets I talked about earlier? Thats where Animal Crossing: New Horizons might just come off as slightly more sinister than its glossy, friendly appearance might imply. Using a Nook Miles Ticket lets you take a plane to a randomly-generated deserted island that youre free to plunder, loot, and generally exploit however you might see fit. The only limitations here are the durability of your tools which can be easily replaced and your inventory space.

On a game design level, I can understand the need for these random islands no one wants to defile their home island for resources, after all. But think about it over a larger period of time and things start feeling well, bad isnt the right word. Maybe icky?

Really, the problem is that no matter how you look at it, youre invading an island, exploiting its natural resources, and leaving, never to return to that island again. Sure, that last bit might dissolve some of the guilt, but let me tell you, if you think about it long enough, you dont quite feel like youre playing a cutesy game about living a chill life anymore. Youll start feeling like your own Animal Crossing version of the East India Trading Company.

When Does Redd Visit Your Island

After speaking to him the first time, donating his first painting and starting the museum expansion, Redd will always visit on the first day the museum reopens. However, Redd doesn’t appear on a set schedule for subsequent visits .

However, dataminer on Twitter has looked at the code governing special visitors to your island and surmised that Redd will appear approximately once every two weeks, according to the schedule for special island visitors. Shortly after this discovery, a helpful internet soul created this handy infographic:

A little graphic to understand when you will see certain characters on your island see the full Instagram post for even more info on this – data mined info by —#AnimalCrossing#ACNH#AnimalCrossingSwitch#NewHorizonsâ 8BitBish May 17, 2020

So, once Saharah, Kicks and Leif have visited, the two remaining weekday slots will be taken up by two of the five other characters – the ones that don’t come get priority the following week. Assuming this data is correct, it’s possible that Redd won’t visit for a full two weeks, although he’ll definitely visit the week after that.

You can head to the northern shore of your island to check if Redd is there, but the easiest way to see if Redd is visiting is to open the map on your NookPhone and see if the Jolly Trawler is docked there.

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What Its Like To Play Animal Crossing For The First Time Ever

1. Ive played roughly four hours of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and spent 90 percent of my time picking stuff up off the floor. Thats maybe the best way to describe the game: A picking-stuff-up simulator. You pick stuff up so you can sell it to earn money that you can then use to buy furniture or make tools, like an axe, that helps you pick up better stuff.

2. Im not sure I fully get the appeal yet. Getting new stuff is cool. I caught a sea bass and that felt rewarding. But most of Animal Crossing is a loop of things I hate in real life. Theres a lot of busy work to accomplish Ive pulled up hundreds of weeds at this point and in-game smartphone notifications that beep with more alarm than they deserve.

3. Whats worse is that Im doing all this in service of a convoluted debt that I was only informed of after I signed on the dotted line. Theres a debt I owe Tom Nook in Nook Miles, and a debt I owe him in bells. I think theres a systems of converting bells into miles and vice versa but I havent figured it out. Or maybe I misheard as Nook explained the various services he offers for managing my wealth. Im sure the conversion rate is terrible. I mistrust the games system of credit just like I mistrust my real life system of credit. Fun!

8. At my current pace, I should meet the ghost by May, and Ill be no closer to paying my debt.

15. I want to be clear, however, that Im having a good time. I just dont get what Im supposed to do once I catch the ghost.

Animal Crossing Is Out: This Is The Version You Should Buy

How To Make Money FAST In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now available, and given the fact that excitement has only grown for this game in recent months, were guessing that there are plenty of people looking to buy it today. With a new game launch, the question of which version to buy is one that inevitably comes up, and in the case of New Horizons, theres only one choice to make: Digital or physical?

There are adherents who swear by digital games and those who only ever purchase physical games, but in these unprecedented times, there is only one answer: digital. In order to slow the spread of COVID-19, we should be practicing social distancing and self-isolation as much as possible, even in communities where elected officials havent made such an order. That means staying inside as much as you can, leaving for essential things such as buying food, medication, or going to work.

Buying a video game is not an essential thing, as much as GameStop would like to say that it is. By going out to a shop merely to buy a physical copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, youre not only putting yourself at risk of being exposed to COVID-19, but youre potentially exposing others to the virus as well .

So, if at all possible, you should buy Animal Crossing: New Horizons digitally so you dont have to worry about unnecessary exposure to coronavirus. The game is live now on the Switch eShop for $59.99.

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Is There Another Way To Get Artwork For The Museum

Island residents can occasionally mail you artworks that you’d normally only be able to get from Redd. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that these paintings and sculptures will be genuine. In fact, ‘smug’ villagers only send fake pieces, so you might consider evicting them from your island paradise – check out our complete list of every villager and their personality type.

So, developing a good rapport with your neighbours is another way to build your art collection.

Know The Value Of Your Labor

Animal Crossing, Nintendo

In Animal Crossing as in life, raw materials aren’t worth as much as fancy finished goods. For instance, the fruit that your island produces sells for only 100 bells per piece. But if you turn 20 apples into apple-themed wallpaper, it’s worth 4,000 bells double the value of that fruit alone!

Few people can make a couch or a chair in real life. But you certainly can do your own painting or wallpapering, and the crafty ones among us can even sew curtains or create decorations.

You can save a lot of money doing a few of these things yourself instead of purchasing finished products. And just like in ACNH, you can turn your handmade goods into a decent side hustle if you find buyers who are willing to pay for them!

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Start Your Deserted Island Getaway Today

A big reason why our Should You Buy on Animal Crossing: New Horizons is so late is because theres just so much to see and do in the game. I wouldnt have felt good about writing a review after spending a quick weekend with it, since so much of the game is designed around the real-world time and calendar. Well, Ive spent quite a bit of time with it since it came out thanks in no small part to the lock down were currently under and I can safely say that it might be just the perfect self-quarnatine game out there. I have no idea how Nintendo lucked into this release window, but its downright perfect.

Ive already said quite a bit about Animal Crossing and why people love the franchise so much; a lot of the appeal is the fact that you cant just rush through the game in one long 8-hour sitting. Animal Crossing really comes into its own once you actually manage to spend a few days with it. Maybe even a week. But heres why Animal Crossing: New Horizons is definitely not a game you should ignore, regardless of whether or not it looks like your type of game.

The Music And Environmental Sounds Are So Soothing

Why Should I Buy Animal Crossing

The Animal Crossing songs and environmental sounds are so relaxing that I’ll listen to them to help me get to sleep. Like the impeccably composed music of another Switch title Untitled Goose Game, the music is often minimalist and sparse, but present in apex moments to still feel integral to the gameplay. Crashing waves, soft rain, and breezy trees all adaptably provide the ambient noise while you play.;

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Pay Off Your Moving Costs Asap To Unlock New Options

On your first full day on your new island, Tom Nook gives you a rather large bill to cover all of your moving costs. Thankfully, you can pay it in Nook Miles – and a fairly reasonable 5,000 Nook Miles at that – and we’d advise making it the first thing you do on the island. Once you’ve paid off Mr. Nook, you’ll unlock a whole load of new options. Firstly, you’ll be able to take out a new loan, which will automatically let you upgrade from a tent to a house. It’s a loan of 98,000 bells, but your new home will be built by the next morning, and then you can start repayment. This unlocks the ability to hoard items in your home’s in-built storage, which is very handy indeed.;

But, that’s not all. You’ll also unlock the Nook Miles Rewards at the Nook Stop terminal in Residents’ Services, which opens up a whole load of items, recipes and more.;

Plus, once you’ve taken out your new home loan, you’ll unlock Nook Miles+, which are a selection of five straightforward tasks that constantly replenish as a way of earning Nook Miles more quickly and easily. For example, these range from catching five fish or selling 10 shells, to chatting to three neighbours or planting one tree.;

So many perks, so little time!

What Do I Do With The Art

The art can be donated to the Museum, provided that its genuine. It can also be used as a normal furniture item to be displayed in your home. If its a statue, it can also be placed anywhere on the island.

If you buy a fake, not even Timmy and Tommy will want to buy it. Youll have to dispose of it using a Trash Can furnishing item if you dont want it anymore. Or you can just display it and fool your uncultured friends.

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Give Five Bugs And Fish To Tom Nook Asap

The museum running Blathers will pay for bugs and fish to fill his exhibits but won’t show up unless you summon him via Tom Nook. When Nook gives you the recipes for the net and fishing rod, he’ll nonchalantly say “I would love to see anything you manage to catch. I’m quite curious about the local fauna.” Now, don’t dismiss this as just a little enthusiasm for your fishing abilities, if you go and talk to him after you catch a fish or bug with your new tools, you’ll notice a prompt that says “I found a creature!” If you give him five creatures, he’ll suddenly get a phone call from his old pal Blathers. The next day, Blathers will appear in his little makeshift museum tent, and if you keep donating, you’ll eventually unlock the Animal Crossing: New Horizons museum proper.


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