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Should I Get Animal Crossing

New Horizons’ Priorities Are A Little Out Of Order

Should you buy Animal Crossing: New Leaf? | GamersCast

There’s something very odd about the way;Animal Crossing:;New Horizons approaches the growth of your tiny island home. It starts out with just you and a few other island dwellers. You’re all in tents, and you’re all working diligently to learn new skills and customize your abodes. Things start to escalate pretty quickly, though, once you start catching a few animals. Tom Nook begins to talk more and more about this “Blathers” person, and asks you to catch more specimens he can send to Blathers.

And then Blathers the owl actually shows up on your island. That’s when things really get strange.

Despite you and your neighbors still roughing it in a lot of ways, Blathers wants to build a museum. He wants you to go off and catch butterflies and fish. He wants you to dig up fossils. He wants to put everything you find on display in a fancy new exhibit, which a grand total of three or four or five islanders might visit. All this while those who made the trip with you could still be living in tents, trying to figure out how they can secure enough bells to at least build a small house for themselves.

You and your friends should at least be properly sheltered before anyone even;thinks about building a museum on the island. The fact this isn’t the case really speaks to Tom Nook’s messed up priorities.

Building With Friends: Parkitect

Price: $30 at the time of publicationESRB rating: not rated

A game with more activities to do together, for people who love showing off their Animal Crossing islands to friends online.

If you painstakingly terraform and decorate your island in Animal Crossing so you can proudly give tours of it to your friends, building and sharing your own theme park in Parkitect is a good next choice. Many of us at Wirecutter remember RollerCoaster Tycoon fondly, and Parkitect is practically a modern-day clone of the best of the early-2000s series. The multiplayer mode, which lets up to eight people work on the same park in real time, is the standout feature for anyone who likes the more social aspects of Animal Crossing. You can either work on the same project together or take on your own area of the park. This is a game for PCs, but the system requirements are pretty minimal, so it should run well on most computers without leaving anyone out just because they dont have a gaming computer. The gameplayfrom placing decorations to constructing rideswas smooth for me in multiplayer mode. The in-game tools and building mechanics did involve a learning curve, though, and I recommend utilizing the tutorials in single-player mode before you hop online with a group.

In New Horizons You’re Basically Asked To Steal Resources From Other Islands

In the present day, most countries aren’t all that proud of colonialism. It’s rather embarrassing to look back and realize the people of your country sailed around to new lands, took what they wanted, and, in many cases, took ownership of those new places entirely. It’s at least somewhat innocent to travel to a deserted island and make a new life, building everything solely off the resources you have available there. But that’s not what;Animal Crossing: New;Horizons asks you to do at all.

Once you reach a point where you can build a shop on your new island, Timmy Nook asks you to gather materials to make the shop a reality. But he doesn’t just request that you find everything you need on the island. Instead, he gives you a ticket, implores you to travel to other islands, and instructs you to take what they have, too.

These other islands aren’t entirely empty, by the way. They’re full of other souls who might also need those resources in order to survive. Still, Timmy Nook seems to think it’s okay to steal their wood, mine their ore, and take their animals back home to your museum. You can even woo some of the folks from other islands to join yours, which is a huge slap in the face. You’re basically stripping their island bare to make yours better, while offering them a small parcel of land in exchange.

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Know The Value Of Your Labor

Animal Crossing, Nintendo

In Animal Crossing as in life, raw materials aren’t worth as much as fancy finished goods. For instance, the fruit that your island produces sells for only 100 bells per piece. But if you turn 20 apples into apple-themed wallpaper, it’s worth 4,000 bells double the value of that fruit alone!

Few people can make a couch or a chair in real life. But you certainly can do your own painting or wallpapering, and the crafty ones among us can even sew curtains or create decorations.

You can save a lot of money doing a few of these things yourself instead of purchasing finished products. And just like in ACNH, you can turn your handmade goods into a decent side hustle if you find buyers who are willing to pay for them!

The Music And Environmental Sounds Are So Soothing

[Review] Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival

The Animal Crossing songs and environmental sounds are so relaxing that I’ll listen to them to help me get to sleep. Like the impeccably composed music of another Switch title Untitled Goose Game, the music is often minimalist and sparse, but present in apex moments to still feel integral to the gameplay. Crashing waves, soft rain, and breezy trees all adaptably provide the ambient noise while you play.;

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Start Your Deserted Island Getaway Today

A big reason why our Should You Buy on Animal Crossing: New Horizons is so late is because theres just so much to see and do in the game. I wouldnt have felt good about writing a review after spending a quick weekend with it, since so much of the game is designed around the real-world time and calendar. Well, Ive spent quite a bit of time with it since it came out thanks in no small part to the lock down were currently under and I can safely say that it might be just the perfect self-quarnatine game out there. I have no idea how Nintendo lucked into this release window, but its downright perfect.

Ive already said quite a bit about Animal Crossing and why people love the franchise so much; a lot of the appeal is the fact that you cant just rush through the game in one long 8-hour sitting. Animal Crossing really comes into its own once you actually manage to spend a few days with it. Maybe even a week. But heres why Animal Crossing: New Horizons is definitely not a game you should ignore, regardless of whether or not it looks like your type of game.

Don’t Sell Your Fossils Right Away

Once you get Blathers on your island, you will earn the ability to appraise fossils. Like in previous Animal Crossinggames, fossils can quickly earn you a large sum of bells when sold to the shop. However, selling your new fossil right away is a bad idea.

Selling a fossil before it’s donated can make finding it later on a pain. You should donate your fossils first and wait to sell the duplicates. This will help you get your museum stocked much faster without you having sellers guilt later on.

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You Are Tom Nook’s Indentured Servant

Since day one, players have seen through Tom Nook’s adorable facade and called him out on what he really is:;a greedy capitalist who views you as nothing more than a source of labor. When you first set foot into;Animal Crossing‘s universe, it’s Tom Nook who conveniently shows up with a home in exchange for working at his store. If you manage to get out from under your mortgage, Tom Nook ensures you’re never really free by expanding said home without your permission.

And think about what you’ll be doing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Tom Nook is offering you a vacation package to a deserted island, where you and your animal friends will camp at first, but eventually build a functioning town with modern amenities. That new town will be built on the backs of those who are supposed to be on vacation. And Tom Nook? Tom Nook will reap most of the benefits. Tom Nook will be making money on his vacation package, and by selling you everything you need to transform your new home into something more habitable.

And you? You’ll be working hard to make it all possible, none the wiser that Tom Nook has duped you for probably the sixth or seventh time.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Before You Buy

After a particularly tough day in the land of self isolation, I opened the gamefor the first time. The stress immediately melted away from my chest as I was greeted by Tom Nook’s twin nephews, the big eyed Timmy and Tommy, perched behind a travel counter. They were there to help me jet off to a new life on Nook’s dime, and part of my goal on top of paying my debt was to develop a deserted island into a thriving community.

After I landed on the island, I was happily kept busy by all the small, simple tasks the Nooks assigned me: Finding the perfect spot for everybody’s tents, gathering twigs and rocks to make a fishing rod, net, and axe, and harvesting fruit for an island-warming bonfire party.

As I hunted for materials, there were soothing sounds coming from all around. I heard the sand crunching under my feet on the beach, shifting to a pattering sound as I stepped onto the grass. The sound of the wind and the waves going back and forth were constantly present, and every action made a satisfying bloop, click, or whistle. Whimsical jazz music played in the background, with a lot of soft piano and acoustic guitar.

I’ve spoken to friends that I haven’t heard from in years because they wanted to visit my island and when you’re cooped up in your apartment, hanging out on an island and taking pictures together wearing funny outfits is a relief.

Pop Culture

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There Are Plenty Of Reasons To Be Afraid Of Kapp’n

It’s no secret that travel is a big part of;Animal Crossing, and, as luck would have it, there exists a character whose main purpose is to shuttle you to and fro. Whether it’s by boat or by taxi, you can count on Kapp’n to get you where you need to go. Unfortunately, you can also count on Kapp’n to be extra creepy while he’s doing it ;especially if your character is a woman.

If you make the mistake of taking a ride with Kapp’n, you can expect inappropriate questions like, “So … are ye romantically involved with anyone?” and “Yar I’m just curious, could a lass like yerself fall for a turtle like me?” These inquiries come flying your way even though Kapp’n is; and has a;kid. Holy smokes.

And it gets worse, because Kapp’n isn’t a turtle at all, despite saying he is. As some Reddit users discovered, Kapp’n is actually based on a Japanese monster called the Kappa. That’s right, kids “kappa” isn’t just a meme used by people in Twitch chats; it’s a creature from Japanese folklore that abducts and eats children. Think about that the next time Kapp’n offers you a ride.

Animal Crossing Tips: Our Guide To Getting Started In New Horizons

The things to think – and not think about – as you settle into island;life.


After what feels like an eternity – okay, it’s only been eight years but we’ve been counting every day – a new Animal Crossing is upon us. And as our review explains, it’s a pretty good one too.

Those first few days in Animal Crossing can be a bit bewildering – especially if you’re new to this most eccentric of series – so here’s a few handy Animal Crossing New Horizons tips to help you make the most of your first few days as an islander.

And, once you’re fully settled on the island, check out our list of other guides at the end of this page – which includes various money making opportunities and material sources – and will be expanded upon in the days and weeks after release.

Don’t fret too much about those first big decisions

New Horizons offers a much more flexible take on the Animal Crossing, and many elements are there to be crafted – and re-crafted – by you. So when you’re picking out your first pitch for your home, don’t worry if it’s not perfect – soon enough you’ll be able to relocate .

The same goes with big facilities, which can be relocated by simply talking to Tom Nook at Resident Services. Oh, and you don’t even need to worry about your appearance – you can now change your features, or indeed your gender, at any point after you acquire or build a mirror.

Double down on that inventory

Tool up!

Start planing a fruit farm

Talk to other islanders!

Don’t rush things

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Don’t Sell All Of Your Wood Right Away

Another huge mistake players have been making is placing profit over wood. Wood comes in three different varieties that will be randomly given to you when hitting trees with an ax. It is also an important part of crafting items and building up the infrastructure of your island.

Selling your wood off can have you scrambling for supplies later on, and unless you have Nook Miles build-up, you could be in trouble. There are even players offering larger sums of bells to gather wood from others.

What Are Shooting Stars In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Should I Get Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Much like in real life, shooting stars are meteors – pieces of asteroids or comets that have broken up and burn as they enter the atmosphere. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, these meteor showers last for several hours, nine hours to be precise. From 7 PM until 4 AM, hundreds of shooting stars will cross the skies on your island, but only on especially clear nights. Fortunately, if you’re talking with your villagers daily, they will let you know when a meteor shower is going to happen. Then, just follow these easy steps:

  • Pick a nice spot with a clear view of the horizon.
  • Tilt the right joystick up to look up at the sky with empty hands.
  • Wait for a shooting star.
  • Press A to make a wish.
  • Repeat.
  • And just like that, you’ve lit up the stars shooting across the sky. You can keep doing this until 4 AM when the shower will end. Don’t get discouraged if it seems like the shooting stars have stopped sooner than that. They tend to come in waves, with lulls in between.

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    Should I Get Animal Crossing Or Ring Fit Adventure

    • Xper 47 mo I don’t really understand animal crossing, and I think entertainment with activity comes out on top over just entertainment 0|0
    • clampfan101;;|;;259 opinions shared on Technology & Internet topic.Master7 mo RFA looks interesting and effective, but ACNH is more my style. Have you played other Animal Crossing games before? 0|0
    • Asker6 mo

      No I never have. I was kinda interested in getting this one for the first time but RFA looks fun too so I don’t know which one to get lol

    • clampfan1016 mo

      I guess Ill suggest Ring Fit Adventure. Finding fun exercise isnt easy. Id get it myself, but am too busy buying Zelda games. lol

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    So First Off What Is Animal Crossing

    The Animal Crossing series started back in 2001 for Nintendo 64 in Japan before it was later enhanced and brought to the U.S. for Gamecube the following year.

    The game is a social simulation series created by Katsuya Eguchi where you get to live in your own simulated world. You can create a character, build a home and interact with other animal villagers. You can also go fishing, plant flowers, collect fruit, and help out your fellow villagers to receive rewards.

    There is even a multiplayer option in the latest instalment where you can invite your *real life* friends to your village or island to exchange resources. You can also unlock things as you go along, making the experience more fun.

    Better yet? You cant die in this game. Its just a fun village and you can go around doing basically whatever you like.

    Everyone has different playing styles,Animal Crossing player Gal Aharon says.

    He explains that you can play with goals, for example paying off your loans or getting a 5-star ranking for your island, but neither are necessary for gameplay.

    To top it all off, the characters are adorable and have their own personalities and quirks. So for example, the owl that runs the museum is terrified of bugs.

    Watch a little explainer about the game below:

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    Given How Explosive It Was Last Year More Plans Probably Would Have Been A Smart Move

    Lets take a stroll over to Nintendos best-selling Switch software chart. OK, so we have; in first place.Smash Ultimate in a distant third compared to the first two. And oh yeah!;Animal Crossing New Horizons, a game thats only a little over a year old, is sitting right near the top with 32.63 million units sold. So wheres the;Animal Crossing support? Maybe on the way?

    Ive seen many Destructoid users voice their disappointment for a lack of;New Horizons support, and I have to admit, its a bit baffling. Nintendo ostensibly has a live service game here, with loads of potential for future content for keeping people interested and engaged with the Switch with its massive baked-in install base. But New Horizons even gets quality of life upgrades at a glacial pace, much less bonafide content drops.

    As a reader has pointed out,;Animal Crossing support has dwindled in recent months, with no new major updates in roughly two months. The fan demand is as clear as day with every passing pageantry tweet from the;Animal Crossing, which once gave meaningful updates for the future of the game.

    Speaking for myself, I didnt last too long with;New Horizons, having most of my fill within a month. Coming back and participating in updates lasted me a few days for each event, but its becoming harder and harder to log in at all in the past six months or so. Proper Animal Crossing support would have fixed that.


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