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What Amiibos Can You Use In Animal Crossing New Leaf

Connect The Amiibo Card

All You Need to Know about Animal Crossing: New Leaf â Welcome amiibo

Have your amiibo card ready in your hand and choose the Invite Camper option at the kiosk in Resident Services. Read through the prompts and select Continue when you are ready.

When prompted, hold the amiibo card slightly above your right joy-con controller. This takes only a matter of seconds to register with the Nintendo Switch.

The kiosk will then verify the amiibo card villagers name and ask you once again if youd like to invite the villager to your islands campsite. Select Yes! to continue. Your screen will flash white, and the amiibo card character will appear on your screen. This is where you can choose to invite them to your campsite.

Once theyve accepted their invitation, the amiibo character will immediately appear at your islands campsite, unless theres already a visitor present. If a random visitor is already present at the campsite, then the amiibo character will appear at your campsite the next day.

What Is Acnh Amiibo Cards

With each of the Amiibo in the Animal Crossing series, you unlock something new, ensuring more life on your island, among other things.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons supports three different types of Amiibo: Animal Crossing Amiibo figures, Animal Crossing Amiibo series, and Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival.

Your Animal Crossing Amiibos Will Finally Do Something In New Leaf

You’ll be able to summon a villager to your Animal Crossing town with Amiibos soon.

If you’ve been wanting to use your Animal Crossing Amiibos for a core game in the series, you’ll be able to do so this fall. Nintendo announced on that it’s bringing an update to Animal Crossing: New Leaf that enables support for the character figurines.

The free update will allow players to tap compatible Amiibo figures and cards to their 3DS, which will then bring that specific villager to your town. You can check out some screenshots and every compatible Amiibo in the gallery below.

Nintendo says, “They may even move in,” though some of the listed compatible characters have roles in the town that would prevent them from behaving like one of your neighbors. It’s not yet known if K.K. Slider will actually be able to move to your town, but if I could be neighbors with Kapp’n, I wouldn’t complain–after all, he is the best Animal Crossing character.

Additionally, two of the screenshots show characters, furniture, and clothing based on Splatoon‘s Callie and Marie. The two characters have their own Amiibo figures, but they aren’t listed as compatible with New Leaf. More details are coming soon, but we’ve contacted Nintendo for clarification.

Animal Crossing Amiibo figures were originally made to be compatible with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival.

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf Amiibo Features

Expand your Animal Crossing horizons with a free update, available now! Once installed, all Animal Crossing amiibo figures and cards will be compatible with the game.

  • Tap an Animal Crossing amiibo card or figure to invite the pictured character to your campsite.
  • Tap select non-Animal-Crossing amiibo figures to access new furniture unique to those characters.

Check for more details on compatibility

Compatible amiibo figures:

So There Are Both Amiibo Figures And Cards For Animal Crossing


That’s correct. For Animal Crossing, there are two types of amiibo collectibles available: the standard plastic toy figures, and two different series of collectible cards.

For the amiibo figures, the following characters are available at the moment:

  • Blathers
  • Timmy & Tommy
  • Tom Nook

For the amiibo cards, there are two different series: Welcome and Series 1-4. The Welcome set has 50 total cards, while the regular Series collection has 100 cards in each of the four sets, creating a pool of 400 cards total. Some exclusive villagers can only be obtained with their cards.

Again, the amiibo figures would just summon that specific villager to visit your town, but the cards allow them to actually move in if you have space. Otherwise, the characters appear in their own RV and will have special items that you can purchase.

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Inviting Visitors To Your Island Campsite Via Amiibo

How do you invite amiibo characters to your island? Ah, the Golden Trout of amiibo questions. And just like catching a Golden Trout, this one takes some patience.

In order to invite your favourite characters directly to your island in full interactive glory, you must first build a campsite. Once you’ve got a functioning campsite, you must wait for one random camper to visit . We recommend going through the motions to have them move onto your island – not only does this help move the game forward, but we’re fairly certain it’s required in order to access amiibo functionality for your campsite.

After going through this process, Tom Nook should mention to you that amiibo functionality has been added to the Nook Stop kiosk. The next time your campsite is empty, head to Nook Stop and scan in one of your favorite villagers – immediately after which, they should appear at your campsite. It should be noted that only one villager can visit your campsite per day.

Which amiibo can be invited to the campsite? Again, not all amiibo can be invited to camp on your island. Most of the general and “Welcome Amiibo” cards can be invited. Below are the amiibo which cannot be invited:

  • Non-Animal Crossing-specific amiibo
  • Villager from Smash
  • Sanrio “Welcome Amiibo” cards
  • Special character figures and cards

Worse: No Post Office

Sending and receiving letters with your animal neighbors has always been a fun little mechanic within the series, and it still features in;New Horizons. However, without a dedicated post office, the letters seem to have been shoved to the side and hidden in a corner.

Without a post office,;New Horizons;is also missing;NPCs like Pelly the pelican, and her older sister Phyllis who runs the night shift. Phyllis may have been a little coarse at times, but the Pelican sisters were an adorable part of the series that have so far seen their last appearance in;New Leaf.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Use Amiibo And Amiibo Cards

We take you through New Horizons’ amiibo support and what they do in the game.

Guideby Joel Franey, Guides Writer

One of the many ways you can customize your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons is to use real-world amiibo to enhance your experience and unlock new in-game rewards. Here we’ll cover all compatible amiibo in New Horizons and how to use them.

On this page:

What Amiibo Unlock In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Explained

How to use Amiibos in Animal Crossing New Horizon

Currently, were aware of two features that involve amiibo in Animal Crossing: New Horizons:

  • Invite villagers to your island

Inviting villagers to your island

One of the main functions of the amiibo cards in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is to invite villagers to visit your island.

To do this you need to construct the campground on this island. Once you have this location, youll be able to use the Animal Crossing amiibo cards to invite that specific villager to your island.

This villager will then appear in the tent on the campground where youll be able to interact with them.

The Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct also highly suggests that youll be able to encourage these visiting villagers to stay on your island and, possibly, become permanent residents.

Once unlocked, you can dress these models in a variety of clothing, assign them emotions to express, decorate the scene with props and pick out the camera direction before taking your photo.

Since you wont be able to use every single amiibo card, such as DJ KK, in New Horizons straight away, we cant say for sure if there are more special features that will be unlocked by using any form of Animal Crossing amiibo.

Its possible that you could unlock special items, like in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, or special guests, like DJ KK, by using specific amiibos. Well just have to wait and see what lies in store for New Horizons and its continued amiibo support.

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How To Use Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards

  • With your cards ready, in New Horizons, head to the Nook Stop terminal in the Town Hall.
  • From the menu, choose the option that says, Invite a Camper.
  • Next, youll see a prompt asking you to prepare an Amiibo that you want to invite to your campsite.
  • Hold your Amiibo card to the NFC touchpoint when it prompts you. If you dont know where that is, youll just hold your card up to the right thumbstick on your controller.
  • After it scans, the game will ask you if you want to add the selected character to your campsite. To confirm, select Yes. If youve scanned a card you dont want to use, you can also choose Never mind.
  • You should find the character at your campsite after completing the steps.
  • If you happen to have a card that features other in-game items, youll get to collect those rewards as well.

    You can also use your Amiibo Cards to take fun photos when visiting Harvs Island. This wont add the characters to your campsite but will let you pose with them for photos. To do that, go to Harvs Island and head to the photo room. When youre in edit mode, tap the Amiibo Card of your choice on the right thumbstick, and the character will appear in the frame. Once they do, you can pose them how youd like before snapping pictures.

    Once you know how to use Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards, youll have no problem adding in characters as you collect more Amiibos.

    Here’s What Amiibo Unlock In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    As of now there are two rewards for scanning your amiibo collection in New Horizons. The most exciting reason to take advantage of the feature is that it allows you to bring new villagers to your island. You’ll first have to build a campground, then go through the process of scanning the amiibo at Resident Services. This will send the associated character to your newly built campground.


    Of course, that doesnt mean they will stay on your island, but you can at least bring up the proposition. If they like what you’ve done with the place, they might be inclined to make it their home.

    Amiibo can also be used with Photopia a unique feature that lets you take staged photos with different villagers. By scanning in your collection, these characters will be available for use with Photopia. You can give them different props to hold, tell them how to act, and even give them costumes to wear.

    It’s possible that amiibo outside of the Animal Crossing world will work with this feature, but nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo. If you’ve built up an extensive amiibo collection over the years be sure to test them all out you never know what you’ll find.

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    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Compatible Amiibo Cards

    As stated above, the official Animal Crossing website has not been updated to list which Amiibo cards are compatible with Animal Crossing: New Horizons. However, the recent Direct for the game stated that the game supports Amiibo figures and Amiibo cards from the Animal Crossing series. They havent confirmed that all 400 Amiibo cards will work, but the video does show the following cards:

    • Mint
    • Bunny

    Wed like to hope that all the Amiibo figures and Amiibo cards are supported so all your friends from previous titles can say hello! Well let you know as soon as Nintendo confirms exactly how it works.

    Take Photos At Harvs Island

    Autumn Animal Crossing: New Leaf Update To Bring amiibo ...

    Early in;New Horizons, players will encounter the dog Harv wandering their island. He tells them about his artist collective island, which then becomes a destination in the airport menu after he leaves. Players can visit Harvs Island and have photoshoots with their fellow residents , their current villagers and any NPC whose Amiibo figure or card they possess. Unlike when inviting campers, this does include non-recruitable characters, which means players can have photoshoots with the Nooks, Isabelle, Kicks, or K.K. Slider, just to name a few.

    Players have access to their entire catalog including color and pattern variants and wardrobe at Harvs Island. They can place themselves and their models wherever they want, including sat on furniture or laying in beds. Players can also have anyone in the studio use the reactions they have learned so far, which makes for some very cute photo opportunities with;Animal Crossing characters.

    Each time a player invites a new model to Harvs Island, theyll unlock a poster of that character in their Nook Shopping menu. Each poster can be purchased for 1,000 Bells and hung in a players home, gifted to friends or dropped for freebie piles and trades. Unfortunately, players who have not unlocked these posters themselves will not be able to re-order from their catalog, much like craftable items are unavailable for purchase.

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    Invite The Character To Give You An Item Or Move To Your Town

    In short: Any non-SP card from Animal Crossing Card Series 1, 2, 3, 4, and Promos. These characters don’t have RVs that can visit your campsite.

    Source: Mon Amiibo

    amiibo life is a fan site that allows amiibo enthusiasts to track their collections and wish lists and, if desired, share them with others.All products and characters depicted are copyrighted property of their respective owners, not amiibo life or its developer.Data on this site comes from a variety of sources, including the Hex Data Sheet by N3evin and CheatFreak and /u/MacGuffen’s sheet.Mario Sports Superstars card images provided by libamiibo. Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel Saikyo Battle Royale card images provided by RvsBTucker.This site is a spare-time creation of John Pray . Problem or suggestion?

    What Parents Need To Know

    Parents need to know that Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome amiibo is a;town simulation/role-playing game that’s an updated, expanded version of the original Animal Crossing: New Leaf game for the Nintendo 3DS. The new version is available as a standalone retail product, digital download, or as a free downloadable update for those who own the original release. There’s no inappropriate content. While players have the option to hit characters on the head with items such as a net or a shovel, this causes no damage and isn’t necessary to play. There are no language concerns, although inviting other players into a gamer’s town could expose them to inappropriate content. This updated version adds support for Nintendo’s line of amiibo figures and cards, which players buy separately and use to unlock additional content in the game. It can also be linked to the Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer game to unlock more exclusive content.

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    Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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    Yes, you need to find the magic lamp.While walking around town, you sooner or later get a text box, asking you to come to the source of the voice. After a few hijinks, you can get the lamp.Take it home and summon the ghost of the lamp.Once you interact, the ghost will ask you to use an Amiibo. That is all.There was a rumour that the lamp will only spawn at night.This is not correct. I got it at 10:30 am.

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    Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Have Fun with Animal Crossing amiibo!

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons can summon campers and take photos with their favorite NPCs using Nintendo Amiibo. Heres how it works.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons ups the ante on Nintendo Amiibo functionality. Originally introduced for;Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival;on;Wii-U;in 2015,;Animal Crossing Amiibo figures and cards can now be used to invite desired villagers;to live on a players deserted island in New Horizons, as well as to summon various NPCs to Harvs Island for photoshoots.

    Previously,;Animal Crossing Amiibo figures and cards could be used to invite visitors to a players town in;New Leaf, whereupon the player could attempt to encourage that character to move permanently. In addition to the added functionality in;New Horizons where players can decide who lives on their island and who doesnt, Amiibo can be used to guarantee that a villager moves in though its a slow process.

    Heres a complete guide to using Nintendo Amiibo in;Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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