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What Are Bell Vouchers In Animal Crossing

Request Ticket And Calling Card

How to Get & Use Bell Vouchers – Animal Crossing New Horizons

Both Request Ticket and help the player in leveling up the Friendship levels with campers in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The Request Ticket can be used on an animal, who has had all three request already completed. After using it, the animal will make three more requests and another talk will be available. The ticket itself gives the animal 3 Friendship Points.

Using a Calling Card will call an animal to the players current location rel=nofollow> Campsite or Cabin). The animal will stay at the location for 3 hours, like regularly camping animal. They will also have three requests and a talk as usual. The usage of the Calling Card itself will give the animal 1 Friendship Point.

Both items can be obtained as a log-in bonus and animals will give them as a reward for fullfiling their Special Request. The Request Ticket is also a level-up reward every five levels.

Main article:Happy Homeroom

In Pocket Camp, HH Voucher allows the player to attend a Happy Homeroom class. The player gets three HH vouchers every day. If all the vouchers are used, they can be replenished by purchasing the Golden HH Voucher for 30 Leaf Tickets. Golden HH Vouchers can be also obtained as a souvenir from Gulliver from special islands Glimmery Golden Isle, Glittery Golden Isle and Shimmery Golden Isle or as a reward during limited-time events.

How To Earn Animal Crossing Bell Voucher In May Day Event

During the May Day event, you can get 9 Bell vouchers by using as few fruits to complete the maze.

May Day is an event in New Horizons. In this event, players can use special a May Day Ticket at the airport to participate in the exclusive Island trip arranged by Nook Inc. to thank for hard workers. This May Day tour is only available once per character in a week.

After talking about the event with Tom Nook at the Resident Services, players can go to the airport to redeem their May Day Ticket, which Orville has prepared for them. Throughout the tour, Orville will take and store all items in the playerâs inventory and transport the player to a unique island with a carefully crafted hedge maze. The maze is designed in such a way that players have to make some tools, pull out plants or smash rocks to navigate. Errors can cause players to be forced to call Rescue Services, which resets the island and forces players to restart.

Here Is How You Can Solve The New Maze

First up, use your shovel to dig a shrub to find one fruit. Consume the fruit, as it will allow you to remove the tree that is blocking the road. Pick everything you find, and head towards the left region. Dig the shrub, and jump over the water pit to find a workbench that you cant use just yet.

Use the fruit to break trees and any rock in the area to collect softwood, fruit, and other vital items. Go back to the center area from where you entered the maze and dig up rocks on the right side. Use the fruit to dig up the tree to find more wood and fruit, and head back to the water pit and use the fruit to decimate the tree that blocks your path.

In the new area, you have to farm out the trees and also uncover rocks. Players have to ensure that they pick up 4 types of wood from each section to craft a ladder on the crafting bench you saw earlier. Ensure you farm out every shrub and rocks that will offer you resources.

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How To Use And Redeem Bell Vouchers

Once you’ve got your Bell Voucher, head over to Nook’s Cranny. There, you can sell your single or stack of Bell Vouchers to Timmy or Tommy immediately.

And that’s all! If you notice you’re not using your Nook Miles, this is a great way to make a few thousand extra Bells with little effort.

If you’re struggling to earn Nook Miles, be sure to check out the Nook Miles guide to see Nook Miles – How to Get Miles, List of Challenges and Rewards. Don’t forget to do your Nook Miles+ challenges too!

How To Redeem Bell Voucher

How to Use Bell Vouchers  Animal Crossing: New Horizons ...

you can redeem 3000 bells from one bell voucher.

  • Go to the Nook Shop terminal and select Redeem Nook Miles.
  • Select Bell Voucher which costs 500 miles to purchase.
  • Select Redeem.
  • Sell the Bell voucher to Timmy or Tommy at Nooks Cranny.
  • You will get 3000 Bells once you sell the Bell voucher.

Bell voucher is a special ticket that can be purchased from the Nook Stop.

Yes, they can be redeemed.

It can be bought from the Nook stop.

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How To Redeem Your Bell Voucher In Animal Crossing

Now comes the fun part! Choosing how to spend your bells after the voucher redemption.

You will need to cash them in first by speaking to Timmy and Tommy at Nooks Cranny.

Here, they will ask you if you will want to sell anything.

Select your bell voucher from your pocket. They will inform you that they can buy it from you for a total of 3000 bells. By selecting yes, your bell total will be updated by 3000 bells.

Unfortunately, you are not able to convert Bells back into Nook miles.

Although by completing the daily Nook miles tasks you will be awarded at least 500 miles for your daily efforts so this is an easy way to quickly earn 3000 bells for when you get into the big bucks needed to pay off your home loan extension, or get that grand piano that you have had your eye on!

Dont forget, Nook miles are valuable in their own right.

They are your only means of transport to visit a mystery island and for certain goods that can only be purchased from the Nook Stop terminal to help build your island into a more lived in landscape.

So dont get too bell happy and cash in all your Nook miles just yet!

Good luck cashing in your Nook miles for bell vouchers folks. Have fun on your island adventures!

Heres The Fastest Way To Make Bells Early On

You wont have all that many opportunities to make Bells early on in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Consider the method below when youre just starting out.

  • Stock up on Tree Branches
  • Craft a fishing rod
  • Fish until your inventory is full
  • Sell the fish to Timmy
  • Repeat until your fishing rod breaks then swap to another
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    How To Get And Use Bell Vouchers

    There are two types of Bell Vouchers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons : Normal Bell Vouchers and the Dream Bell Vouchers. To learn how to get and redeem both types, look no further, heres our guide!

    List of Contents

    Dream Bell Voucher5,000 Bells

    Bell Vouchers are unique items introduced in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There are two types of Bell Vouchers:

    Bell Vouchers can be redeemed with Nook Miles. Its a voucher you can sell in the shop for 3,000 Bells and will be given immediately upon purchase.

    The Dream Bell Vouchers can be received as a gift from Luna. Players who have uploaded a Dream will receive a letter the next day. These vouchers sell for 5,000 Bells.

    How Much Do Nmt Sell For

    How Many Bells are 400 BELL VOUCHERS worth in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

    On Nookazon, NMT are currently being listed for around 100k-200k Bells per ticket. So even at their current lowest price, an inventory full of NMT would equate to 40m Bells, ten times the amount an inventory full of Bells would get you something thats pretty useful for traders.

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    How Many Bells Are Nook Miles Worth

    Bells have always been a part of the AC franchise, acting as the series main form of currency. But with Animal Crossing: New Horizons there is a second currency players can use to get new items, upgrades, etc. Nook Miles are in many ways even more important than Bells, but what is the conversion rate? Early in the game there isnt really a way to jump between them, or determine how many Bells Nook Miles are worth. But later on there is a new voucher that makes it clear. Lets break it all down by explaining what is the Bell Voucher and how much is it worth in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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    Selling Items In Animal Crossing

    There is plenty to buy from Timmy and Tommy Nook in the Nooks Cranny general store, but you can sell nearly anything you own to these two for Bells. To maximize this, ask Timmy or Tommy what the Hot Item of the day is. Whatever item it is, it will certainly be something you can craft. These items will sell for more Bells than they usually do, so craft as many of these items as you can and sell them before the store closes at the end of the day.

    You will likely catch a variety of fish and bugs on your island some of these creatures are of high value at Nooks Cranny no matter what the day is, such as Tarantulas, Emperor Butterflies, or big fish such as Sturgeons. You will also dig up fossils around your island, and you can sell fossils that Blathers has assessed in your museum to Nooks Cranny for a hefty price.

    A number of visitors and non-playable characters on your island will take certain items as well. For instance, plant and flower vendor Leif will take your weeds and sell them for a higher price than Nooks Cranny. Likewise, C.J. will do the same for fish and Flick for bugs, both buying their respective kinds of items for 50% more than the price that Nooks Cranny offers.

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    How Do You Get Bell Vouchers

    Bell Vouchers are a special item found in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You can acquire them from the Nook Stop Terminal in most cases, where youll be able to purchase them using Nook Miles. Of course, you can always be rewarded Bell Vouchers for completing special events like the May Day Tour maze.

    Making Money With Bell Vouchers

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    If youre looking to convert your Nook Miles into bells, the bell vouchers are one of the better options available. With bell vouchers, each Nook Mile earns you six bells and you dont have to interact with another player. Nook Miles Tickets on the other hand cost 2,000 Nook Miles and are worth 100,000-150,000 Bells if youre selling them to another human player. However, not everyone bothers with the Animal Crossing trading communities, so its important to consider their in-game value as well, which is quite a lot less. This makes them worth about five bells for every Nook Mile. Its slightly less efficient, though unlike with the bell vouchers, you can simply increase your asking price.

    The reason folks pay slightly less likely has to do with the fact that players typically use Nook Miles Tickets for their intended purpose: traveling to mystery islands. And theres no way to convert those bells back into Nook Miles.

    Long story, short, if you just want bells, youre entirely justified to convert your Nook Miles into bell vouchers and sell those to Timmy and Tommy.

    And thats it! The next Animal Crossing: New Horizons event begins on May 18, just a week and a half away. This time around well be celebrating International Museum Day. Blathers will ask you to run around the museum and check in at stamp stands around the building. Completing stamp pages will provide you with in-game rewards. What are you hoping to get out of it?

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    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bell Vouchers Explained

    Of all of the different mechanics in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, all the junk surrounding Tom Nook and Nook Miles is kind of poorly explained. Tom Nook is really important to the growth and prosperity of your island, so it kind of sucks that many of the uses of the items he sells are so poorly explained. One of the more common areas of confusion with the Nook Miles is just what the heck Bell Vouchers do, and how to reliably get them.

    Saving up for Nook Miles Tickets is a big part of this game. Animal Crossing: New Horizon will hand the player tons of tasks to complete and resources to gather. These Nook Miles Tickets can be traded for new DIY Recipes, as well as personal upgrades like increased Pocket space, and more. Sure, it might all seem very obvious, but its nice to have things explained regardless.

    How To Use Bell Vouchers On Animal Crossing: New

    May 01, 2020 · How to use bell vouchers in Animal Crossing: It can be confusing not knowing who to give the bell vouchers to, but like most anything you redeem for bells in the game your next stop should be to Nooks Cranny. There, you can sell the vouchers to Timmy and Tommy, who will give you 3,000 bells for each ticket in your possession.

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    Exchange A Bell Voucher For 3000 Bells

    At a certain point in the game youll be able to redeem Bell Vouchers from the Nook Stop inside Resident Services by using Nook Miles. Bell Vouchers cost 500 Nook Miles and can be exchanged at Nooks Cranny for 3,000 Bells.

    Theres no limit to the amount of Bell Vouchers you can purchase in one day and youll receive the ticket immediately. This is a great option for later in the game when you need a quick lump sum of cash.

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    Farm Bell Vouchers In The New Maze Of Animal Crossing New Horizons

    May Day maze solution – all bell vouchers – Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Jump down on the left side to find a shrub that you need to dig. This will lead you to four bell vouchers that you can easily pick up. Run along the top section of the maze and find yet another rock that blocking your path. Dig it out with a fruit and collect two more.

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    Now run along the beach to the southern section to find three more rocks blocking your path to five Voucher tokens. Use your remaining fruit to dig out the rocks and shrub and pick up the vouchers, and hop over the water pit to once again find yourself at the start.

    These vouchers cannot be used directly, as you need to speak with Wilbur, and he will promise you to mail these vouchers. Wilbur will empty out your inventory along with vouchers as you exit the event.

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    Wait for a couple of days and these vouchers will arrive in your inbox, that you can use to exchange for bells.

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    What Is A Bell Voucher In Animal Crossing

    Hi Animal Crossing Explorers!

    We are looking into Bell vouchers in our post today and will be covering, what a bell voucher is, how to get one and most importantly how to use them.

    Now all civilisations need a way to exchange goods for money. As you build your island up from a deserted space to a thriving metropolis, you will need a means to buy and sell items.

    There are a number of ways to make money within the game, including growing money trees and hitting a money rocks with a shovel and they say money doesnt grow on trees!

    Check out our article on ways to make money on Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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    How To Grind Nook Miles

    Upgrading Resident Services is the first step to getting these items en masse. Once that happens, you will see Tom Nook start trading various new goods, with Bell Vouchers being one of them. Each Vouchers costs 500 of the Nook Miles Tickets. If you bring the Bell Voucher to Nooks Cranny, you can trade it in for Bells, which have a value of 3,000 Bells when traded in.

    Also, you even get some of the Nook Miles for free. When you get access to the Nook Miles app on your NookPhone, open it up. You can get 500 miles for free when you first open the app. Use these to get an easy 3,000 Bells. The Nook Miles app is also one of the primary sources for the Tickets. As you use your phone, various alerts will pop up on it, claim these alerts in the phone to gain 300 Tickets each time.

    As you play through the game, interacting with the DIY Recipes can be useful too. Any time you create new tools, look in the DIY Recipes section and you will earn Stamps. Bundles of 300 Tickets are earned by earning Stamps, as well as doing things like breaking your tools.

    And it can also be very useful to clean out and explore your island. You can sell bundles of weeds and fruit to Timmy for a few Bells, around 300 per bundle of 20 fruit for example.

    If you have questions about finding something in ACNH, check out our guides below.


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