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What Do I Do With Turnips In Animal Crossing

Identifying Trends: How To Sell Turnips For The Best Price

How to Buy and Sell TURNIPS for Profit on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Selling turnips is more science than art. Theres an element of luck in play, but the advent of internet communications has made it incredibly easy for players to band together to make sense of the seemingly random amounts of green the Nooklings offer for these volatile white vegetables, which change twice a day, before and after noon.

Online apps like Turnip Prophet offer a convenient way to track your turnip trends, so you know exactly when to round up your veggies and cash in, practically eliminating the risk of making a loss on your weeks investment.

Based on past data, its possible to predict the trend your weeks turnip prices will follow. The four known patterns turnip prices adhere to are as follows:

  • Small Spike
  • Random

These are the currently understood patterns, and theyre about as self-explanatory as they come. Small spikes see prices jump to around the 200 Bell mark at some point in the week, whereas a large spike can peak anywhere up to 660 Bells. Decreasing will see the Nooklings offer less and less than the base price as the week goes on, while random is just that random. Youll never make more than 140% profit on a random trend, so its best to sell whenever the Nooklings offer you higher than your purchase price.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Turnip Guide: How To Buy Sell And Find The Best Price

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

They dont tell you this at the ticket counter, but it all comes back to Turnips. There are many other sectors of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons economy, from butterflies to fish, fruits and fossils, but they all pale in comparison to Turnips. If you want to get rich in this island paradise, build the house of your dreams and drive your neighbors wild with envy, there is but one path: buy turnips, sell turnips, repeat. The stalk market rules all. Ive written a fair amount about this fascinating piece of the Animal Crossing economy, but wanted to synthesize everything into one simple guide.

So, if you were wondering what was up with Turnips, read on.

The Basics: Turnips are a special item in the Animal Crossing series. They can only be purchased on Sundays, and they will rot if you do not sell them within one week. They fluctuate in price, like the stock market, and so you can either lose money or make money depending on when you sell them.

How do I buy them? Every Sunday, from 4:00 AM to 12:00 PM, a character named Daisy Mae will wander around your island. Shes easy to recognize: there are turnips on her head.

During this time, Daisy Mae will sell you turnips at a pre-determined price ranging from 90-110 bells. A lower price is better. You can buy them in stacks of 10, as many as you can carry, and you can make multiple trips. You can easily put all of your fortune into Turnips, and many do.

Rotten Turnips Animal Crossing New Horizons: What You Need To Know

| May 31, 2020

Rotten Turnips in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be a rude awakening for some players on Sunday morning.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players are able to purchase white turnips from special Sunday-exclusive vendor, Daisy Mae, for anywhere between 90-120 bells. There is no limit to how many turnip stalks they can purchaseâbesides their own budget, of course. Throughout the week, they are then obligated to sell their stalks in accordance with the trends given by Timmy and Tommy Nook. There’s always a significant opportunity for revenue with turnips.

Although, what happens if you don’t sell your stalks in time?

Where does the time go? It’s nearly June! That means it’s wedding season…which is our friend Harvey’s busiest time of year for photography, no doubt. I have a hunch that he wouldn’t mind a little help behind the lens this month. I do hope you’ll consider checking in on him, hm?

â Tom Nook May 29, 2020

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In Animal Crossing: New Horizons The Buying And Selling Of Turnips Is The Games Answer To The Stock Market

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a placid and cutesy simulation of island life, perfectly timed to act as a foil to lockdown anxieties and quarantine uncertainty.

As you tend to your once deserted island in Nintendos new game, let your cares float away; in Animal Crossing, theres nothing to worry about.

Well, thats not strictly true. There is the small matter of the money you own to the entrepreneurial Tom Nook, a loan in good faith for setting up the island experience in the first place.

Read more:

Once thats paid off, youll want to expand your house. Thatll cost you too. Then youll have to furnish it, and make all sorts of expenditures to upgrade your island and attract new residents

Despite Animal Crossings cutesy trapping, players are still slaves to a capitalist monetary system; the games poison of choice in exchange for good and services? Bells.

The currency can be earned quickly through a number of savvy means. One of those methods involves the buying and selling of turnips, essentially the games answer to the stock market.

Like investing in stocks, the turnip system can be a little hard to get your head around. So let us be your guide; youll be a bellionaire in no time!

How Do I Sell Turnips At A Profit

Donate Spoiled Turnips to Charity in Animal Crossing: New ...

Once you have your stalk stock, the idea is to try and sell them on at a profit.

You can sell your turnips at the Nooks Cranny shop from Monday through to Saturday .

But its not quite as simple as that. The buying prices of turnips fluctuate throughout the week, and youll want to keep your eyes out for the highest prices if you want to turn the biggest profit.

Prices per turnip can range anyway from a measly 15 Bells, to an eye-watering 800 Bells. Typically though, theyll be in the range of 50 200 Bells.

There will be two different prices per day with the change occurring at noon so youll want to check back with Timmy and Tommy regularly to grab the best prices.

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Turnips In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Explained

As we mentioned above, Turnips power the Animal Crossing version of the stock market, called the stalk market . Like the stock market, the price of Turnips fluctuates greatly day-to-day – one day they might be up, one day they might be down massively.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Turnip merchant Daisy Mae will visit your island once a week after you’ve built Nook’s Cranny. She visits on Sundays, but unlike most other daily visitors she only hangs around until 12p.m. so be sure to check in with her in the morning.

Once you’ve located Daisy Mae , she’ll give you the opportunity to buy Turnips. Daisy Mae’s Turnip prices are different every week, with around 90 Bells being the minimum you can expect to pay per Turnip, and around 110 Bells being the usual maximum. Turnips are individually priced, but sold in bundles of ten ten being the smallest functional unit of Turnips in the game. So, for example, if this week’s Turnip price is 90 Bells, you’ll actually need to fork out a minimum of 900 Bells to buy any at all; and will need to sell them a minimum of ten at a time as well.

And of course, there’s a further caveat: Turnips spoil in seven days, so you’ll have to sell them at Nook’s Cranny and make your profit before the following Sunday. In practice, this means that the following Saturday at 10pm is your last chance to sell them, as the Nooklings have a firm policy not to buy Turnips on Sundays. If you miss the window, the Turnips spoil, and are monetarily worthless.

Making The Most Of It All: Finding Friends In High Places

Because of how trends can be tracked and virtually follow you into the next week, maximizing your profits means relying on a network of friends, family, or the kindness of strangers online. If you know a few others playing the game, you can help each other make it big by communicating turnip prices and trends and selling your wares on whoevers island is likely to pay out the most.

When trading online with strangers, things get a little more complicated. Networks like the countlessAnimal Crossing Discord channels out there are incredibly busy right now. People are at each others throats when it comes to trading turnips. Youll have a far easier time tracking down someones large spike here, but a very tough time climbing over the crowd to get in and out before the host shuts their gates. Even if youre able to get onto an island to sell, you might find yourself paying a hefty commission fee for the privilege, since players arent in it just for the fun of the game anymore.

In a best-case scenario, you can buy a bag full of turnips for 360,000 Bells on Sunday and sell them at 660 Bells a few days later for 2,460,000, earning yourself a taste profit of around 2 million for doing next to nothing. You can buy a full inventory every week and then upsell it like that for as long as youre able to stock the goods.

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Turnips Spoil After 1 Week

Be careful not to hold your turnips too long since they rot 1 week after from purchase them. Make sure you sell them before 10pm on Saturday, since Nook’s Cranny closes at that time! Once they’re rotten, the price of 100 turnips will automatically drop to 100 bells .

Turnips Spoil If You Move Time Backward

If you change the time backwards even by 1 minute using the Nintendo Switch System Settings, your Turnips will rot.

Turnips Where To Find & Sell In Animal Crossing New Horizons

How to make a TURNIP Garden! – Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons turnips are possibly the most valuable resource in the game, and figuring out where to find turnips and how to sell them can earn you a ton of Bells relatively quickly. However, that is easier said than done. The game doesnt give you access to the turnips early on; you have to work for them. And even then, you have to figure out how to work the system properly in order to get lots of Bells. Thats exactly what well be showing you in our Turnips Where to Find & Sell in Animal Crossing New Horizons guide.

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How Do I Host My Own Island On The Exchange

If youre a brave, charitable soul and wish to host your own island on the Turnip Exchange, you can do so by:

  • Creating a current Dodo Code at your airport
  • Visiting the Host page and entering your Dodo Code
  • Entering the requested information about your island, including: fruit type, current turnip price, hemisphere, and current date & time on your island
  • You can also include a short description this space is mainly used to make requests or set down rules for visitors to your island
  • From here, you will be asked to provide a Visitor Limit and Queue Limit, and you can also decide whether you wish to keep your island private, or would like it searchable on the Exchange
  • After filling out this information, you will be provided with a Turnip Code from here, you can wait for others to find your island and join the queue , or share your Turnip Code with others including via the Discord server, and #turnipcode on Twitter
  • Image: Austin Voigt

    Be Polite And Say Thanks

    When requesting access to a players island, one should be polite and to the point. There might be a line of other players also trying to access the island, so it is a good idea to get in, sell all your turnips, leave a tip if you want, and head out. A quick thanks to their character or in a Twitter DM is all that is needed afterward.

    By leaning into the social media community of New Horizons, players can guarantee themselves a massive profit each week in the Stalk Market, and soon they will have more Bells than they know what to do with!

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    Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Sell Turnips On The Turnip Exchange

    Earn tons of Bells by using this handy website.

    In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a character named Daisy Mae visits players islands each Sunday, where shell sell fresh turnips. These turnips are an incredibly valuable commodity, but they dont have one set price. Instead, you can think of turnips as financial stocks, or in this case, stalks.

    Daisy Mae will sell turnips for different prices each week, and each player may be presented with a different purchase price. For instance, one player may be able to purchase turnips for 92 Bells each, while;another has a price of 95 Bells each. You’re allowed to buy turnips when visiting another player’s island if they have access to a better price than you do.

    One you purchase turnips, you can sell them to Timmy and Tommy beginning on Monday . Timmy and Tommy will buy turnips for different prices throughout the week, and its possible that when you check the current turnip price, they may be buying turnips for less than what you paid .

    Since turnips will spoil if theyre not sold before the end of the week , players need to;keep an eye on the games current turnip price so they can make a profit on the games stalk market.

    There are lots of ways to make a profit on the stalk market. For example, Turnip price calculators are designed to help players determine when they should sell their turnips on their own island, and players are also free to visit friends and strangers who post their prices online .

    You Cant Put Turnips In Storage

    How to buy and sell Turnips

    Turnips dont have to stay in your pockets but they cannot be put into your house storage. Youll need to store them on the floor inside your house or outside.

    They wont spoil just from being outside but anything outside your house can be picked up by visitors to your island so youll need to be aware of this. Surround them with a fence and keep them out of sight at the minimum.

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    Stalk Market And Turnip Prices

    You invest in the turnips like stocks so it’s called the Stalk Market!

    Like in Animal Crossings before, these turnips go bad after a week, so after you invest, you have a whole week to sell them. Timmy and Tommy wont buy them on Sunday, so you must sell turnips before the following Sunday on any other day

    When you decide to sell is entirely up to you, but keep an eye out for higher rates. Timmy and Tommy will sometimes offer fewer Bells than you paid for your turnips. Try to avoid this at all costs.

    Turnip prices fluctuate in the morning and again in the afternoon, from anywhere between 50 and over 500 Bells in either direction. If you don’t like the morning price, check in the afternoon.

    Turnip rates are usually at their highest on Tuesday, so try at least check then! Theyre not guaranteed to sell highest then, though. We once saw turnips going for 445 Bells on a Wednesday afternoon.

    How To Store Turnips

    After you buy some Turnips from Daisy Mae on Sunday, the next question youll be wondering is what to do with them in the meantime until its selling time. Heres a quick rundown on your options for storing turnips, and what options wont work.

    No Turnips in House Storage

    Unfortunately, Animal Crossing: New Horizons does not allow you to store Turnips inside of your house storage menu where almost every other item can be stored. This is a pretty big pain, so youll have to find another place to store your Turnips while you wait to see them

    Place Turnips Inside House on Tables or Floor

    Since you cant place turnips inside your house storage menu, the only way to store them in your home is to simply place them on the floor in a spare room or attempt to fit some on top of tables. Placing items like Turnips directly on the floor in your room can reduce your Happy Room Academy rating unfortunately.

    Place Turnips Outdoors on Tables or Ground

    If completely destroying the aesthetic of your interior rooms with Turnips doesnt seem appealing, its worth remembering that Animal Crossing: New Horizons brand new feature allowing you to place furniture outside can be very helpful!

    Those truly dedicated to turnips might find it worthwhile setting up a section of their island designed to store turnips on a variety of tables. If youre going to litter turnips everywhere, you can at least try and make it look slightly stylish with some nice furniture at the same time!

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    How To Recover From Bad Prices

    If you got a bad pattern or didn’t sell at the right time, you’re not completely screwed: You can sell your turnips on other people’s islands! If you have friends who are also playing the stalk market, it’s a good idea to talk to them about your prices throughout the week and see if you might get a better deal elsewhere. Making lots of friends and communicating each week is key for making this easy.


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