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What Do Turnips Do In Animal Crossing

Does Gulliver Count As A Visitor

How to Make Bells With Turnips in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Weve rounded up all the visitors in the game so far, how to unlock them, when and where you should look out for them, and what they offer when they visit. The first wave of the summer update added Gullivarrr, a pirate version of Gulliver, and Pascal, whos actually not quite a special visitor in the traditional sense.

How To Play The Stalk Market Effectively And The Best Way To Get A Good Price For Turnips

A key thing to know about the Stalk Market is every player’s Turnip prices – from the rate Daisy Mae sells to the buying price at Nook’s Cranny – will be different.

This means with multiplayer, you can visit another player’s island and get a better deal than what’s being advertised on your island. Checking in on other players is key to ensuring your Turnips won’t sold at a loss – and increases your chances of selling at a profit.

Our recommendation is using social media, WhatsApp or similar group messaging service, or visiting the dedicated subreddit – anywhere you can communicate with others about the best Turnip prices.

You’ll want to do this throughout the entire process, starting on Sunday morning for when Daisy Mae arrives then announcing to peers when your island is selling them at a decent price .

As mentioned, either way you want to sell them by Saturday afternoon whether you’re making a profit or not, as after that your Turnips will rot.

But the more opportunities you have through other players to sell on at a profit throughout the week, the less likely you’ll need to do this.

How To Sell Turnips On A Friends Island

If you get near the end of the week and havent found a reasonable sale price on your island, you can visit another players island to sell your turnips. The easiest way to do this is to check with your friends and see if they have better prices. For example, if Nooks Cranny offers 50 bells per turnip on your island and 500 bells on your friends, you should travel to their island and maximize your profits!

To travel to a friends island:

  • Have your friend generate a Dodo Code so you can visit their island.

  • Grab your turnips and head to Dodo Airlines at the bottom of the map.

  • Talk to Orville and select I wanna fly.

  • Select I wanna visit someone.

  • Select Via Online Play.

  • Select Search via Dodo Code and enter your friend’s 5-digit Dodo Code.

    Alternatively, your friend can choose to open their gate to any online friends. If their gate is open, you wont need to enter a Dodo Code.

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    Is Time Traveling Bad In Animal Crossing

    Time traveling a few days or so wont cause any problems, but if you ever skip ahead more than that, your island will likely become infested by weeds. This is because a couple of weeds grow each day in the game, and when you skip a large amount of time, the weeds spread like wildfire without you there to pull them.

    Efficient Selling Between Two Players

    Animal Crossing: When does the Ally Bank 1000 bells turnip ...
    Recommended Prices
    • An Island with a turnip price of 500 Bells in Nooks Cranny
    • An Island with a turnip price of 90 Bells from Daisy Mae

    This method requires Time Travelling, but is an efficient way of earning bells through Turnip Trading.

    One player time travels to a day when Turnip prices are high, while the other time travels to Sunday when Turnip prices are low.

    Both players will alternate visiting each others islands to maximize the profits from selling Turnips!

    The other islands clock doesnt affect your Turnips

    Even if the in-game clock is different on the Switch of the island you visit, it wont cause your Turnips to rot.

    The state of your Turnips is based on your own islands clock, so even if you or the other player have Time Traveled before, you can travel to any players island without fear.

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    Turnips Where To Find & Sell In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    Animal Crossing New Horizons turnips are possibly the most valuable resource in the game, and figuring out where to find turnips and how to sell them can earn you a ton of Bells relatively quickly. However, that is easier said than done. The game doesnt give you access to the turnips early on; you have to work for them. And even then, you have to figure out how to work the system properly in order to get lots of Bells. Thats exactly what well be showing you in our Turnips Where to Find & Sell in Animal Crossing New Horizons guide.

    Where To Buy Animal Crossing: New Horizons Turnips

    You can buy turnips from a brand new NPC in Animal Crossing: New Horizons called Daisy Mae. She’s taken over the job from her grandmother Joan, and is now in charge of Sow Joan’s Stalk Market. Yes, you see what they did there right?

    Daisy Mae will arrive on your island every Sunday morning between 5AM – 12PM .

    You can buy turnips in bunches of 10. Always note down or remember how much you bought your turnips from, as this will be key to the profit you’ll be able to make during the week.;

    If you don’t sell your turnips by the next sunday, they will rot and become worthless. Although it’s worth noting that rotten turnips will attract flies and ants, which you’ll then be able to tick off your Animal Crossing: New Horizons bugs list.

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    Selling Turnips: When Should You Sell

    Starting each Monday, Timmy and Tommy will start buying turnips from you; the only day they don’t buy turnips is Sunday. Generally, anything above 200 bells per turnip is a decent price, but in a good week you can see prices in the 300s and 400s and in rare cases even up to the 600s. Conversely, in a bad week you might have to sell your turnips for only slightly more than you paid for them or even at a loss.

    Timmy and Tommy change their prices twice daily, once when Nook’s Cranny opens in the morning and again at noon. This is where things get a little complicated: There are a few general patterns their prices will follow throughout the week, so it’s important to ask them for their prices twice every day to get a sense of what pattern you have. You can look at the main patterns to watch out for below.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Most Frustrating Task Is Buying Turnips

    Animal Crossing New Horizons | Turnip Guide, Stalk Market & How to Get the Best Prices

    Although buying and selling turnips can help players turn a profit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the game doesn’t make it very accessible.

    Buying and selling turnips in Animal Crossing: New Horizonsis meant to be a challenging, yet rewarding, activity that mimics the real-life stock market. But New Horizons;doesnt seem to want to make it easy for players to participate.

    Essentially, players can buy turnips from Daisy Mae every Sunday for a set price, and then they have a week, until the following Sunday, in order to sell them. The adorable NPC replaced her grandmother, Joan, in Animal Crossing:;New Horizons, who was in charge of turnip selling in previous generations of the Animal Crossing franchise.

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    The goal is to sell the turnips at a higher price in order to turn a profit, but since Animal Crossing: New Horizons’;turnip;prices fluctuate at a moments notice, it adds a challenging layer. But if players know how to play their cards ahem, turnips right, then the gamble can be well worth the reward.

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    Time Travel And Revisiting Gulliver

    This Time Travel Revisiting Gulliver Cheat lets you quickly get Gullivers entire collection of souvenirs and can help you farm rusted parts. Cheat credit to;Doug Chin;for contacting us about this exploit. Heres how to do it.

  • Gulliver appears randomly so Time Travel one day at a time until you find him. Check your beaches for his location.
  • Once you find him, give him his communicator parts so you can get your reward .
  • Save and exit the game. Move the clock forward one day. Start the game, get the present Gulliver sent, then save and exit.
  • Change the clock back to the day Gulliver appeared and youll be set!
  • Rinse and repeat.
  • Remember: You can use this trick to farm rusted parts or to quickly get his entire collection .
  • Advanced Gulliver trick: He will give you a gift you havent received before, so if you want multiple of that item, just dont take the gift from his letter the next day. You can use this method to get as many Pagodas as you want.
  • And you can learn more tricks like this by checking out our Cheats and Secrets page.

    How To Sell Turnips In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Selling turnips can be done on every day of the week bar Sunday at the Nook’s Cranny, aka the Animal Crossing: New Horizons shop. Just go over and speak to Tommy and ask him ‘Turnip prices?’ to see what today’s prices will be.

    Yes, you read that right. Prices. The Nook twins will offer you two separate turnip prices a day. One before 12pm midday, and one after midday. Each day, the shop will offer a different two different prices for your turnips. The game is to take a gamble on what you think will be the highest price each week and where you can make the most profit.;In total, you’ll have 12 different prices throughout the week, so it’s a complicated game to play.;

    It’s worth checking with your friends about their turnip prices too, as they may have better rates to make a visit extra worthwhile. Heck, you can even check the turnip exchange site to ensure you’re getting the best profit on your ‘nips each week. ;

    And remember, if you don’t sell them by the next Sunday, they’ll be worthless. Better to make a little profit than none at all.

    According to the official Animal Crossing guide book, the fluctuations in turnips prices each week follows one of four patterns:

    According to that same guidebook, the statistics for each week occuring looks like this:

    Current Pattern

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    How Long Do Turnips Last In Animal Crossing

    Turnips in Animal Crossing operate on a weekly cycle. Each Sunday after you’ve unlocked Nook’s Cranny, an adorable boar named Daisy Mae will visit your town and sell turnips from 5 AM to 12 PM. She sells them in bundles of 10 for a varying price each weeksomewhere between 90 and 110 bells per turnip.

    An Alternative Option: Try Discord

    Animal Crossing: 10 Things Most Players Don

    Reddit is by far my top choice for reducing the stress of turnip selling. If you want to make some extra cash, but you dont want to spend hours queuing for islands every week, Reddit should give you a much simpler experience.

    You might even find a few friendly people who will allow you to leave the island and come back with more turnips. This is rare, but its a possibility.

    If you have more than one inventory full of turnips, youre better off using Discord.

    Check out some of the Discord servers that support turnip selling here.

    Unlike Reddit channels and the Turnip Exchange, where you only see a handful of islands, youll find literally hundreds of people posting their turnip prices on Discord. Usually, you can DM a few people, get your codes, and sell anywhere up to 5 lots of turnips within a couple of hours.

    Bonus tip: If you find someone on Saturday whos willing to accept multiple trips, and you dont have that many turnips, consider checking the boards again. Some people from overseas might already have Daisy Mae on their islands. That means you can buy more turnips, then go back to your selling island for a bigger bonus.

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    How Do I Host My Own Island On The Exchange

    If you’re a brave, charitable soul and wish to host your own island on the Turnip Exchange, you can do so by:

  • Creating a current Dodo Code at your airport
  • Visiting the Host page and entering your Dodo Code
  • Entering the requested information about your island, including: fruit type, current turnip price, hemisphere, and current date & time on your island
  • You can also include a short description – this space is mainly used to make requests or set down rules for visitors to your island
  • From here, you will be asked to provide a “Visitor Limit” and “Queue Limit”, and you can also decide whether you wish to keep your island private, or would like it searchable on the Exchange
  • After filling out this information, you will be provided with a Turnip Code – from here, you can wait for others to find your island and join the queue , or share your Turnip Code with others – including via the Discord server, and #turnipcode on Twitter
  • Image: Austin Voigt

    When Should I Sell Turnips

    There are spikes in the market as well, though the most dramatic spike that benefits players is Wednesday. Wednesdays prices are always going to be higher but they generally double on Wednesday nights. So sell those turnips before 8 PM and thn after go star gazing or something equally profitable at night.

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    How Turnips Work In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Every Sunday, most players’ minds will turn to Animal Crossing: New Horizons turnips, thanks to the arrival of an NPC called Daisy-Mae. These vegetables aren’t for growing though, as they’re actually the game’s version of a stock market of sorts – aka the stalk market.;

    On Sundays, you buy turnips for one price, and then you aim to sell them before the next Sunday rolls around – hopefully for a higher price than you paid for them. Each day, the Nook nephews will buy turnips from you at a different price. It’s then a gamble as to when you sell them – and what size profit you make.;

    Can You Use Time Travel To Buy And Sell Turnips In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    Animal Crossing New Horizons: Make MILLIONS in 10 minutes with Turnip trick!

    You can use time travel to quickly buy and sell turnips in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

    Time travel can be used to proceed to the Sunday in which to buy the turnips, and you could then skip hours and days to get higher and lower offers from the Nooks.

    However, although we dont consider the Back To The Future method to be cheating, we wouldnt recommend time travelling solely for turnips as its not fun.

    • NEW HORIZONS: What happens if you time travel backwards in Animal Crossing?

    Yes, there are guides elsewhere for how to exploit time travelling with turnips to make millions of bells, but we wouldnt recommend the grinding as it eliminates a lot of enjoyment from the game.


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    When To Sell Turnips

    Like in Animal Crossings before, these turnips go bad after a week, so after you invest, you have a whole week to sell them. Timmy and Tommy wont buy them on Sunday, so you must sell turnips before the following Sunday on any other day

    When you decide to sell is entirely up to you, but keep an eye out for higher rates. Timmy and Tommy will sometimes offer fewer Bells than you paid for your turnips. Try to avoid this at all costs.

    Turnip prices fluctuate in the morning and again in the afternoon. If you don’t like the morning price, check in the afternoon. You’re more likely to see turnips going for 100+ Bells, but if you’re lucky, they’ll go for well over 500 and even into 600 Bells territory. Those high prices seem to be rare, so consider working with friends or an online community to find the best turnip selling price.

    People have traditionally seen good turnip prices on Tuesdays, but it’s best to check regularly.

    Here are some stalk market and turnip tips to keep in mind:

    You Cant Put Turnips In Storage

    Turnips dont have to stay in your pockets but they cannot be put into your house storage. Youll need to store them on the floor inside your house or outside.

    They wont spoil just from being outside but anything outside your house can be picked up by visitors to your island so youll need to be aware of this. Surround them with a fence and keep them out of sight at the minimum.

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    Tips & Tricks To To Lower Risk & Always Profit From Turnips

    While its impossible to guarantee yourself a profit and avoid all possible losses when playing the Stalk Market in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there are a few extra tricks to increase your chances of success.

    Work Together With Friends

    The number one way to always beat the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Stalk Market and avoid finding yourself in trouble is work together with some friends, and the more the merrier! While your own islands Turnip sell prices may be poor during the week, each and every individual island has its own price.

    So if you check in with your friends all week long to see what their prices are, your chances of at least someone you know including yourself having a profitable sell price increases dramatically!

    Selling turnips at a friends island couldnt be simpler either just head over to the Airport, visit their island, and head over to their Nooks Cranny to begin selling. Of course, youll need to stuff your inventory full of all your Turnips and this may require multiple trips if you purchased a lot.

    And remember, if you do make a massive profit at another players island, its considered polite to leave a small tip of Bells if you can for their time. We usually try and tip about 5% of our total profits if possible!

    Sell Only Some of Your Turnips Early

    Another way to minimize potential losses in the Stalk Market is to be smart and hedge your bets by selling a partial amount of your Turnips earlier on during the week.


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