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What Do You Do In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Other Twists On The New Horizons

4 Hidden Things You Can Do In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

While the game has a very familiar look, there are so many new details that are exciting about New Horizons. Who knows what could have been added? A lot, apparently.

In addition to crafting, the NookPhone, and multiplayer, some new gameplay elements are being introduced. From the trailer and gameplay demos, we can tell there’s going to be customization options galore. Items no longer have to be placed inside the home you can set up a nice bonfire and hammock right outside your house.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons also features northern and southern hemispheres, so no matter where you are, your island experiences similar seasons and weather. While seasons are nothing new to Animal Crossing, players can do new activities and things as the weather changes. What’s more exciting about this update is the variety it brings: weeds, plants, and growth changes. There are hidden Easter eggs in spring and mushrooms in fall. Plus, players need to be more aware of when night falls since there’s no telling what they will see under cover of darkness, including some dangerous bugs or scary ghosts.

Stack Tanks On Top Of Each Other

In the olden days, those villagers who wanted to display their fish or bugs had to settle for one tank per spot. It makes sense to some degree especially for the earlier entries on the Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo DS but just as technology calls for advancement, so does the need for quality of life features.

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With the power of the Switch, villagers can now display all their critters and creepy crawlies to their hearts delight. Stack tanks on top of each other until theres nothing left to stack. The terrarium and aquarium potential at play within New Horizons is the best of any of the Animal Crossing games.

How To Upgrade The Resident Services Building

At its start, the Resident Services Tent offers limited features – a place to craft DIY Items, a terminal to access the Nook Shop and Nook Miles Rewards, and a Recycling Bin .

In order to upgrade the tent into a proper town hall building, you must take on several tasks for Tom Nook. This starts with paying off your initial deserted island getaway package bill in exchange for 5,000 Nook Miles, and continues once youve upgraded to a house.

After helping Timmy and Tommy to build Nooks Cranny on the island, you can assist Tom Nook in finding new housing for three incoming villagers. After building a bridge to cross the river, place the three housing plots down wherever you like, and check the sign on the lot to see which three interior items need to be submitted, and which three exterior items must be placed around the central plot.

Youll need to spend time crafting the DIY Recipes you were given by Tom Nook and complete all three housing plots, after which the new villagers will move in . Once all three villagers are officially on the island, Tom Nook will announce that the Resident Services will be undergoing an upgrade – which will take a full day, during which you will not be able to access the Recycling Bin or Terminal.

Isabelle will allow you to change the towns tune and flag, and if an issue arises with a villagers clothing or catchphrase, you can reset it with her. Eventually, you will also be able to ask about island evaluations to improve your towns rating.

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Don’t Sell Your Fossils Right Away

Once you get Blathers on your island, you will earn the ability to appraise fossils. Like in previous Animal Crossinggames, fossils can quickly earn you a large sum of bells when sold to the shop. However, selling your new fossil right away is a bad idea.

Selling a fossil before it’s donated can make finding it later on a pain. You should donate your fossils first and wait to sell the duplicates. This will help you get your museum stocked much faster without you having sellers guilt later on.

Don’t Buy Art Too Quickly

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Best Things to Do at Night

One of the newer and major additions after the game’s release was definitely the reappearance of Redd, the sly fox who sells art and docks his trawler on the hidden, secret beach at the back of the player’s island. Along with him comes the museum expansion, which introduces a new area that showcases all the art the player has collected.

Redd does sell genuine pieces of art, but it’s important not to splurge on paintings and sculptures that are actually fake. This is especially vital since Redd only allows the player to buy one piece of art per visit. So, make sure to check the real version of the piece online before buying a fake piece, because Blathers won’t accept it otherwise!

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Travel Back In Time Before You Move Forward

Time travel is a major topic of conversation in the Animal Crossing community, and it’s a controversial one. Since the game takes place in real time, you actually have to wait a realday for buildings to get built and plants to grow. And Animal Crossing: New Horizons starts slow. So if you suspect you’ll want a quicker start, consider setting your Nintendo Switch’s clock back 7 to 10 days. That way, as you play, you can bump it up a day every few hours to cover some of the early, slower-developing portions of the game more quickly.

Holidays Furniture And More

The holiday events are some of the best memories Ive had in Animal Crossing. You can craft unique goods, talk to themed characters, and attend special events .

Try and collect all of the furniture items in your favorite set! If youre stumped on that one bed set, ask around in your Animal Crossing circle to see if someone has it in their catalog or DIY recipes.

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Animal Crossing is a game built on slower gameplay. Take this slow burn and bask in it. Donate all of the fossils, fish, and bugs, or display some of the coolest ones in your home. Theres no wrong way to play AC.

With the right mindset, you might find yourself playing New Horizons daily for years to come.

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How To Sell Turnips In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Selling turnips can be done on every day of the week bar Sunday at the Nook’s Cranny, aka the Animal Crossing: New Horizons shop. Just go over and speak to Tommy and ask him ‘Turnip prices?’ to see what today’s prices will be.

Yes, you read that right. Prices. The Nook twins will offer you two separate turnip prices a day. One before 12pm midday, and one after midday. Each day, the shop will offer a different two different prices for your turnips. The game is to take a gamble on what you think will be the highest price each week and where you can make the most profit. In total, you’ll have 12 different prices throughout the week, so it’s a complicated game to play.

It’s worth checking with your friends about their turnip prices too, as they may have better rates to make a visit extra worthwhile. Heck, you can even check the turnip exchange site to ensure you’re getting the best profit on your ‘nips each week.

And remember, if you don’t sell them by the next Sunday, they’ll be worthless. Better to make a little profit than none at all.

According to the official Animal Crossing guide book, the fluctuations in turnips prices each week follows one of four patterns:

According to that same guidebook, the statistics for each week occuring looks like this:

Current Pattern

Trees Are Your Friends

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to Unlock Everything

If you squint, theres a weird and potentially unsettling element of colonialism in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. After all, the game is about exploiting the resources of uncharted natural lands to help your consumer society thrive and expand. A great way to relieve your guilt, and help your economy, is to plant trees instead of chopping them down. Eventually space needs to be cleared to make room for new buildings. However, trees left standing provide valuable wood, tree branches, and fruit every day if you hit them with a stone ax, not a blade. That fruit gets especially valuable if you import new crops from foreign islands. Whoops, accidentally need another colonialism.

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Want Cool Nintendo Kitsch Buy Fortune Cookies With Play Coins

If you need some added incentive to take your Nintendo 3DS out for a walk, keep in mind that the Nooklings sell fortune cookies for two Play Coins each. Most of the fortunes inside these treats can be exchanged for Nintendo-related clothes and items. Occasionally, your ticket wont be a winner, but dont despair: Tommy or Timmy will give you a consolation prize. Who needs a Master Sword when you can have an ironing board?

Single-player, multiplayer

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a 2012 life simulationvideo game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DSconsole. In the game, the human character takes on the role of mayor in a town populated with anthropomorphic animals. As the fourth main title in the Animal Crossing series, it was released in Japan in November 2012, and in North America, Europe and Australia in June 2013.

While retaining gameplay from older titles, Animal Crossing: New Leaf marks a change in the series, as the player now becomes the mayor of the town. With the help of the townsfolk and a secretary it is now the players job to make the town a better place to live.

How To Get A Vaulting Pole

The Vaulting Pole is an unbreakable tool that allows you to cross large rivers with ease.

To get the Vaulting Pole, youll need to entice the museum curator Blathers to join your island. You can do this shortly after learning how to make Fishing Rods and Nets from Tom Nook, as hell ask to see anything you catch. Give him unique 5 bugs and/or fish, and Blathers will call – prompting you to place a spot down for his tent. Speak to Blathers the next day to get a recipe for the Vaulting Pole.

Since the pole cannot break, it does not need to be updated.

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Don’t Put Off Paying Your Debts

Tom Nook, the wealthy business-raccoon funding your adventure and constantly pressuring you to spend more money than you have, puts you in what feels like deep debt on your first day. It takes a little time to build up Nook Miles — an achievement-based currency — early in the game, but work to earn them quickly and pay off that first debt ASAP. The faster you pay back your first loan, the faster Tom will build you a home and, most crucially, give you the extra storage you need for everything you’re about to start collecting.

How To Unlock Every Tool

Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Break Rocks

When you first arrive on your deserted island in New Horizons, youll have nothing to your name, and there wont be any stores to acquire important tools like shovels and nets. Instead, youll have to learn how to make these items, and then craft them yourself using a Workbench. Luckily, after youve learned how to make the basic version of each tool, Timmy and Tommy will start selling them – either out of Resident Services or at Nooks Cranny once its available.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Pumpkin Guide: How To Grow Them And All The Pumpkin Recipes

Animal Crossing: New Horizons pumpkins are here for the entire month of October, along with a great selection of spooky DIY recipes. As part of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons fall update we’re getting a whole bunch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Halloween goodies, including this entirely new growable item to the game. In honour of the spooky season, you can now buy pumpkin seeds, and grow pumpkins in your very own patch. Something the Animal Crossing community has been hacking since practically day one. Here’s everything you need to know about Animal Crossing: New Horizons pumpkins, including the pumpkin DIY recipes.

Meet Your Two Neighbors

In previous Animal Crossing games, youd find yourself moving into a bustling, albeit growing community. Youd have a fair few villagers walking around, doing their day-to-day chores, visiting shops, and generally going about life.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, things are a little different. As previously mentioned, this is more or less a deserted island and its down to you to seemingly stimulate the stagnant economy and get Tom Nook to pull his finger out and get to work.

Until then it only takes a few days youll be pleased to know youll only have a couple of neighbors to talk to. So you should get to know them. Figure out what kind of things they like, write them a letter, see if there are any chores you can help with. Just be a good neighbor!

Your animal neighbors are a huge part of the Animal Crossing experience, so speaking to them should be a key part of your daily AC routine.

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Beginner’s Guide And Tips

Welcome to IGNs Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide! Whether its your first Animal Crossing game or youre a longtime fan of the series, this guide will list what you should know when getting started in ACNH, including things you cant change after you make your island, how to reroll your island and villagers and things to do each day.

If youre looking for more advanced guides, we suggest you check out our How to Make Bells Fast page, Ultimate Unlocks guide, and our Time Travel guide.

How To Get A Slingshot

11 Things You Should Do Everyday In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Slingshot is a tool that can be used to fire upward at passing presents tied to balloons, and can be held down before firing.

To get the Slingshot, you can only find the recipe by purchasing it from Timmy, who sells it for 300 Bells . While it cannot be upgraded, it will eventually break after many uses.

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Is Peta Against Animal Crossing: New Horizons

PETA hopes the game will encourage people to feel closer to the animals we share our planet with and inspire them to work to #EndSpeciesismthe misguided belief that humans are superior to all other animal species and that its OK for us to exploit some species in horrible ways for our own trivial purposes.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is fantastical in many ways, but when you look a little closer, you realize that there are even more ways in which its realistic. While other animals dont speak the same language we do, they really do have their own means of communication and individual personalities. By populating your island with animals such as sheep, deer, and rabbits who have strong personalities, Nintendo is reinforcing the important fact that animals are individuals.

Agnes, one of the starting villagers, is a sweet pig and a lovely neighbor. In real life, pigs are just as sweet, gentle, and kind. Mother pigs even sing to their young! But because of speciesism, humans slaughter pigs and eat their flesh, instead of recognizing them as sentient beings who deserve respect.

Another starting villager, Axel, is an elephant who loves to move and work out. Elephants in real life love to roam big open spaces with their familiesbut because of speciesism, humans capture, confine, and abuse them for entertainment. These magnificent animals are forced into a lifetime of misery for cruel rides and circus shows.

How To Unlock The Museum In Animal Crossing New Horizons

To build the museum for your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons you’ll need to speak to Tom Nook. Here’s the steps that you should follow:

  • Donate 5 fish and/or bugs to Tom Nook
  • Set up a space for the museum
  • Wait for the next day for it to be built
  • Donate 15 more fish, bugs and/or fossils to Blathers
  • Wait for the museum to be built
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    Talking To Mr Nook Can Unlock New Features

    Most Animal Crossing players know of Tom Nooks reputation. His love for money knows no bounds, and its perfectly understandable that some players would like to avoid him as much as possible. Plus, his house loans are too expensive, although, players can prolong their dues.

    But talking to the owner of Nook Inc. can have various benefits, such as unlocking new features and discovering new recipes — which is rather important for island development. Mr. Nook may seem greedy, but he is not too bad.

    Catalog Items From Each Other

    Animal Crossing New Horizons: What to Do with Lost Items ...

    To “catalog items” means that you can pick up an item to put in your pocket, and it’ll be added to your catalog.

    This is beneficial since the item will be available to purchase through Nook Shopping.

    Keep in mind that you can’t place items when playing online, but you can drop items for other players to pick up.

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