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What Do You Do In Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

25 Things To Do Every Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons | My Daily Routine

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hulkhogan13 hours agoThink it will be like one per cliff, or they need to be a certain amount of space away from each other? Hopefully those will be the only limitations and it won’t be like bridges/ramps where we can only place a set amount or else it will feel kinda disappointing. Also how do you think cliffside vines will factor into all of this knowing that we can climb up them like a ladder?Hulkhogan1 is #AllElite brother!

Stack Tanks On Top Of Each Other

In the olden days, those villagers who wanted to display their fish or bugs had to settle for one tank per spot. It makes sense to some degree especially for the earlier entries on the Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo DS but just as technology calls for advancement, so does the need for quality of life features.

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With the power of the Switch, villagers can now display all their critters and creepy crawlies to their hearts delight. Stack tanks on top of each other until theres nothing left to stack. The terrarium and aquarium potential at play within New Horizons is the best of any of the Animal Crossing games.

Store Items In Your Home

This isnt actually something New Horizons lets players make use of right away, unfortunately, so dont get your hopes up. That said, gaining access to in-home storage is as simple as upgrading your tent into a proper home. Once Nook has been paid his initial 5000 Nook Miles, villagers can then take out a 98,000 Bell loan to upgrade their house.

Wait the traditional day and your brand new house will be built. Once inside, pressing right on the D-Pad will access the in-home storage. Frankly, its incredibly generous and makes it very easy to horde. Not just that, storage has practical purposes like actually storing away materials you may want to use for crafting down the road.

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How To Use Bell Vouchers In Animal Crossing:

It can be confusing not knowing who to give the bell vouchers to, but like most anything you redeem for bells in the game your next stop should be to Nooks Cranny. There, you can sell the vouchers to Timmy and Tommy, who will give you 3,000 bells for each ticket in your possession. Not too shabby!

There are at least eight bell vouchers you can retrieve in the May Day Maze challenge, and they, along with the prize Rover gives you at the end of the maze, are your reward for making it through the maze. Both the vouchers and the prize a suitcase will be in your mail when you return home and have the contents of your pockets returned to you.

Also, as the user below and I both learned the hard way, you will end up having to leave several of those vouchers behind if you dont end the maze with three fruit in your pocket. Otherwise, you wont have the strength to break through three rocks standing between you and the vouchers. Consume fruit wisely!

Fyi if youre doing the may day maze make sure to keep at least three fruit on you at the end of the maze rip to those 4 extra bell vouchers

Collect Everything You See

Animal Crossing: 10 Things You Should Do Every Day You Log ...

At the start of the game you will lack almost everything. You will lack backpack space, resources, furniture – you won’t even have a house but a tent instead. What’s worse, for a while you will have to use worse tools that break very quickly. And to create better ones, you will need resources.

So collect everything you find. As soon as you build a house with a large storage, you will be able to stock all resources there.

After some time, you will collect a large supply of branches – and then you can stop collecting them. The same will happen with other raw materials, but remember that some decorative items may require, for example, 90 pieces of stone, so it’s worth to store lots of those.

It is a good idea to stock even 10 or 20 pieces of fruits as you might need them for crafting – and it might happen they will grow the next day or after two days .

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What Are Shooting Stars In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Much like in real life, shooting stars are meteors – pieces of asteroids or comets that have broken up and burn as they enter the atmosphere. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, these meteor showers last for several hours, nine hours to be precise. From 7 PM until 4 AM, hundreds of shooting stars will cross the skies on your island, but only on especially clear nights. Fortunately, if you’re talking with your villagers daily, they will let you know when a meteor shower is going to happen. Then, just follow these easy steps:

  • Pick a nice spot with a clear view of the horizon.
  • Tilt the right joystick up to look up at the sky with empty hands.
  • Wait for a shooting star.
  • Press A to make a wish.
  • Repeat.
  • And just like that, you’ve lit up the stars shooting across the sky. You can keep doing this until 4 AM when the shower will end. Don’t get discouraged if it seems like the shooting stars have stopped sooner than that. They tend to come in waves, with lulls in between.

    Tips For Successful Living In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    If you want to get the most out of your chill island experience in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch, follow our advice for building your residence and community.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch is a relaxing, free-form game that doesnt put much pressure on you to get anything done at any speed. The game’s early moments can feel a bit limiting, but there’s a lot to unlock in leisurely fashion. Still, you should perform some tasks quicker than others to open up your new island. Here are some tips for making the most out of your time in the game.

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    Is Animal Crossing Just For Kids

    People of all ages are enjoying the escapism this game provides. My 5-year-old, who doesnt fully comprehend the current global health crisis were facing, is happy to talk to a cute raccoon when he cant talk to his kindergarten classmates. And my 36-year-old partner, who definitely comprehends the crisis were enduring, is happy to farm a patch of pixelated land after a 10-hour shift at an Amazon warehouse.

    The simplicity of the game itself, coupled with the normalcy it provides via the simplest of actions like collecting different species of fish or decorating a virtual living room has certainly aided in this installments popularity it broke sales records in the U.K. and was the fastest selling Nintendo Switch game in Japan.

    Cycle Through Tools With The D

    11 Things You Should Do Everyday In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    As the latest entry in the Animal Crossing franchise, New Horizons brings with it a host of tools. It only makes sense given how full on customizable the island is in comparison to more traditional villages of past games, but this also means potentially needing to go in and out of the menu quite a bit.

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    Thankfully, the D-Pad makes scrolling through tools not easy, but possible. By pressing left and right on the D-Pad, the villager will cycle through any tools they have in their pockets. This can only be done outdoors, and is at its most useful when carrying just a handful of tools at a time.

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    Take Part In Seasonal Events

    New Horizons likes to celebrate plenty of holidays throughout the calendar year, whether they’re based on big holidays like Christmas with the island hosting “Toy Day” instead or smaller holidays that celebrate the changing of the season. With so much going on month in and month out, there’s always something new for players to try out and do.

    Taking part in seasonal events is a great way to keep island life interesting, as well as adding to your collection of DIY recipes and furnishings since most events incorporate new crafting recipes or items as rewards.

    What Can You Do At Harvey’s Island Villager Photopia

    If you’ve played Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you might recall a hippy dog named Harvey as one of the particular villagers. After a few days of playing in New Horizons, this dog will randomly appear on your island. Make sure you talk to him, and he’ll invite you to visit his island home. The awesome thing is that the airport allows you to fly to him for free. No Nook Miles Tickets required.

    Instead of foraging for materials, bugs, and fish, Harvey’s island only lets you walk into Harvey’s house. Once inside, you’ll be able to set up a scene in one of his rooms and take pictures with your favorite villagers. That is, as long as you have that villager on your island or have a corresponding amiibo to invite them with. You can place different furniture, change the lighting in the room, and position your favorite Animal Crossing villagers in various locations before taking pictures with them. You can have up to 10 animal villagers in one room at a time.

    However, it should be noted that not every amiibo works with New Horizons. So far, the game has warned me that Digby and Resetti can’t be invited to Photopia. This had also been the case for Reese, Cyrus, and Rover up until another update arrived. I’m guessing that any amiibo figures that currently don’t work with New Horizons will be usable once future updates are released.

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    Harvest Tarantulas On A Nook Miles Island

    If you dont suffer from arachnophobia, harvesting tarantulas is reportedly a fantastic way to build cast quantities of Bells. It involves visiting random islands using your Nook Miles and either landing randomly on the Tarantula Island template, or gaming the system and transforming any old Mystery Island to cause tarantulas to spawn in vast quantities.

    Despite Nintendo changing bug spawn rates, you can head to a Nook Miles island at night and, with a little elbow grease, create a horde of the furry arachnids by ridding the island of virtually everything except a few flowers. This works thanks to the way the game generates the ecosystems of the smaller islands. Having tried ourselves we can confirm it works just fine, and after half an hours work we had an island of Tarantulas to ourselves.

    Playing On The Nintendo Switch Lite

    Day 1 Do

    Nintendo Switch Lite owners rejoice! You can take part in the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, too. The game is compatible with the handheld-only device, and what’s more, players can still engage in multiplayer fun. Players still need a Nintendo Switch Online membership for online play. Also, if you plan to play locally with your friends, it’s necessary to connect some Joy-Cons or Pro Controllers for the other players as well. It works the same as the Nintendo Switch so, keep in mind that you can’t move it to another once you create an island on one system.

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    Find Every Type Of Fruit

    The first fruit you find on your island — I found pears — sells for 100 bells a piece. But as you get more “foreign fruit,” you can sell it for as much as 500 bells each. The problem is, finding those pesky fruit trees can be a challenge, even if you spend all your Nook Miles traveling to other islands in pursuit.

    Since every player starts with different fruit on their island, though, one of the easiest ways to get all six types of trees growing at home is by sharing. If you have friends playing the game, you can travel to their island. If not, you can always look on Reddit for strangers sharing public codes so you can get a few new fruits to grow. And remember, if you don’t have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, you can always get a 7-day free trial to find what you need, then cancel before you get charged.

    Dont Put Off The Quests

    Above: And dont forget to talk to Tom Nook about celebrations.

    Image Credit: GamesBeat

    In the first few weeks of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Tom Nook will guide you through some light quests. These include paying off your moving fees, crafting furniture for new villagers, and improving your town. These are easy to ignore, but you shouldnt.

    While you might want to spend all your time decorating your house or designing clothing, youll miss out on some features if you dont go through the quests. These are important, game-changing features like the ability to create paths and roads.

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    Save Time By Checking 2 Days At Once

    If you set your game time to 4:57am on the previous day, you will be able to check two days worth of visitors very quickly! This will save you a lot of time and is worth trying out.

    If You Get It Before 5 Am, Turn Back Time!

    During the first announcement before 5am, if you happen to get a villager, make sure to immediately turn back time! If you pass 5am, the day will change and that villager will leave the campsite.

    Find Special Bugs On Stumps

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Everything You NEED To Do On The First Day

    A cut tree trunk around the island can look off-putting to nitpicky players, but the stump can actually provide certain bugs that only appear on the round surface. For aesthetics, players can place the stumps on the hills.

    As for bug collectors, players can complete their collection by having a few stumps around the island. Acquiring these bugs is the same as catching all other insects by using a net. Different bugs can appear at various times per day, so gamers should check out the tree trunks several times a day.

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    How To Unlock The Campsite

    The campsite allows random villagers to appear on your island, which gives you the option of inviting them to live their as pemanent residents. If you have amiibo cards, you can use them to ask specific villagers to your campsite. To be more precise, the character depicted on the card gets invited to your island.

    Note: You can only use Animal Crossing amiibo cards here. None of the characters that have been turned into amiibo figurines can be invited to the campsite.

    Can You Buy Multiple Bell Vouchers At Once

    In order to buy Bell Vouchers, youll need to have upgraded Resident Services to a full building. You can purchase a Bell Voucher for 500 Nook Miles. You can buy multiple, and they stack in your inventory, but since they print individually, it might take a while. Each Bell Voucher is worth 3,000 Bells.

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    Go On Island Tours: Which Nook Islands To Look Out For

    Nook Miles can buy you everything from furniture to bell vouchers, but trust us: Save your Miles for buying plenty of Nook Miles Tickets. Each Nook Miles Ticket island tour dumps you on a preset island chosen at random, but odds are decent that youll find rare resources like bamboo and non-native fruit, rainy weather for coelacanth hunting, extra fossils, and/or more wood and ore from trees and rocks.

    Once you visit enough islands, youll start to get a thrill once you spot particular layouts, such as the massive circular moat with rocks at its center that signals Money Rock Island. As the name implies, each of the six rocks is guaranteed to contain bells, meaning if you follow our rock-tapping guide youll get a whopping 90,000 bells not a bad payout for just 2,000 miles.

    Or, take a midnight flight and you may find scorpion island or tarantula island, depending on your season and hemisphere. On these auspicious nights, youll find the island only spawns these creepy 8,000-bell bugs, and if one attacks you youll wake up next to the pilot, so you can keep pursuing them until your inventorys full.

    What To Do On Your First Days

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Welcome to IGNs Guide to getting started in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This page will help you acclimate to your new deserted island, and walk you through the ins and outs of how to best spend your first few days, unlock new facilities, learn new crafting recipes, and much more.

    Note that the following sections are divided up into “days” spent on the island – but this is more of a general guideline, and you are free to spend as much time in getting to your next objective in building up your island town.

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