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What Is A Bell Voucher On Animal Crossing

How To Grind Nook Miles

How to Get & Use Bell Vouchers – Animal Crossing New Horizons

Upgrading Resident Services is the first step to getting these items en masse. Once that happens, you will see Tom Nook start trading various new goods, with Bell Vouchers being one of them. Each Vouchers costs 500 of the Nook Miles Tickets. If you bring the Bell Voucher to Nooks Cranny, you can trade it in for Bells, which have a value of 3,000 Bells when traded in.

Also, you even get some of the Nook Miles for free. When you get access to the Nook Miles app on your NookPhone, open it up. You can get 500 miles for free when you first open the app. Use these to get an easy 3,000 Bells. The Nook Miles app is also one of the primary sources for the Tickets. As you use your phone, various alerts will pop up on it, claim these alerts in the phone to gain 300 Tickets each time.

As you play through the game, interacting with the DIY Recipes can be useful too. Any time you create new tools, look in the DIY Recipes section and you will earn Stamps. Bundles of 300 Tickets are earned by earning Stamps, as well as doing things like breaking your tools.

And it can also be very useful to clean out and explore your island. You can sell bundles of weeds and fruit to Timmy for a few Bells, around 300 per bundle of 20 fruit for example.

If you have questions about finding something in ACNH, check out our guides below.

How To Redeem Bell Vouchers

Once you’ve gotten your ticket from the Resident Services center, you’re going to want to mosey on over to Nook’s Cranny, which should have also been upgraded. Sell them to the Nook brothers, Tommy and Timmy, and you’re gucci and ready to make it rain. That being said, don’t waste all of your Nook Miles! Nook Miles are a great way to get a chance to get off of the island to travel as well as buying specific island furnishings through this particular brand of currency as well. But, if you’re not using them, you might as well cash ’em in and make some moolah.;

How To Use Them

For those who don’t want them, the Nook Twins will gladly take them off a player’s hands for the hefty price of 5,000 bells. Just visit Nook’s Cranny and sell the tickets to Timmy and Tommy to make a decent amount of money.

Fans are speculating that this tickets may have other uses such as trading them for certain sleep themed items but for now, it appears that gaining a bit of profit on them is their main use.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons;is currently available on the Nintendo Switch.

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Redeem For 500 Nook Miles

The Bell Voucher can be redeemed for 500 Nook Miles at the Nook Stop terminal in Resident Services. Make sure to have enough Nook Miles to be able to redeem this item.

Requires Resident Services Upgrade

The Bell Voucher will only appear at the Nook Stop terminal after you’ve upgraded your Resident Services facility from a tent into a building. This happens when you’ve recruited 3 more villagers into your island.

How To Redeem Your Bell Voucher In Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Now comes the fun part! Choosing how to spend your bells after the voucher redemption.

You will need to cash them in first by speaking to Timmy and Tommy at Nooks Cranny.

Here, they will ask you if you will want to sell anything.

Select your bell voucher from your pocket. They will inform you that they can buy it from you for a total of 3000 bells. By selecting yes, your bell total will be updated by 3000 bells.;

Unfortunately, you are not able to convert Bells back into Nook miles.

Although by completing the daily Nook miles tasks you will be awarded at least 500 miles for your daily efforts so this is an easy way to quickly earn 3000 bells for when you get into the big bucks needed to pay off your home loan extension, or get that grand piano that you have had your eye on!

Dont forget, Nook miles are valuable in their own right.

They are your only means of transport to visit a mystery island and for certain goods that can only be purchased from the Nook Stop terminal to help build your island into a more lived in landscape.

So dont get too bell happy and cash in all your Nook miles just yet!;

Good luck cashing in your Nook miles for bell vouchers folks. Have fun on your island adventures!

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How To Get Bell Vouchers In Animal Crossing

You will need to have upgraded the residential services building from the tent.

Once you have done this, you are able to access the Nook stop terminal in the residential services building, this looks like an ATM machine and also serves as one, where you are able to deposit and withdraw your hard earned bells.

First, navigate to redeem Nook Miles and select bell voucher from the top.

500 Nook miles will be deducted from your total and you will be instructed to take the printed ticket from the machine when you have finished making your selection.

This will then go into your pocket where you will need to cash it in at Nooks Cranny.

How Do You Get Bell Vouchers

Bell Vouchers are a special item found in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You can acquire them from the Nook Stop Terminal in most cases, where youll be able to purchase them using Nook Miles. Of course, you can always be rewarded Bell Vouchers for completing special events like the May Day Tour maze.

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What Do You Do With Bell Vouchers

You sell them! Just head on over to Nooks Cranny when its open. Timmy and Tommy will gladly accept them. Just remember that the store is only open from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. If you go to your May Day island during the night, youll have to wait until morning. That is, of course, assuming you already have Nooks Cranny. If you dont, just head to the Resident Services tent and sell them there at any time of day.

What Is The Bell Voucher

What is a Bell Voucher in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Shortly after you upgrade Resident Services youll be able to find the Bell Voucher in the Nook Stop kiosk inside of the new building. To buy one just head inside, activate the terminal, select Redeem Nook Miles. It will be at or near the top. Buy one for 500 miles, or buy a few. The game doesnt fully explain what to do with this thing once you have it though. The answer is that you have to sell it. The voucher itself has no real purpose other than allowing you to take miles and convert them into Bells. So now onto the more important questions.

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How To Use Bell Vouchers In ‘animal Crossing’:

It can be confusing not knowing who to give the bell vouchers to, but like most anything you redeem for bells in the game your next stop should be to Nook’s Cranny. There, you can sell the vouchers to Timmy and Tommy, who will give you 3,000 bells for each ticket in your possession. Not too shabby!

There are at least eight bell vouchers you can retrieve in the May Day Maze challenge, and they, along with the prize Rover gives you at the end of the maze, are your reward for making it through the maze. Both the vouchers and the prize a suitcase will be in your mail when you return home and have the contents of your pockets returned to you.;

Also, as the user below and I both learned the hard way, you will end up having to leave several of those vouchers behind if you don’t end the maze with three fruit in your pocket. Otherwise, you won’t have the strength to break through three rocks standing between you and the vouchers. Consume fruit wisely!

Fyi if youre doing the may day maze make sure to keep at least three fruit on you at the end of the maze ;-; rip to those 4 extra bell vouchers

How To Use And Redeem Bell Vouchers

Once you’ve got your Bell Voucher, head over to Nook’s Cranny. There, you can sell your single or stack of Bell Vouchers to Timmy or Tommy immediately.

And that’s all! If you notice you’re not using your Nook Miles, this is a great way to make a few thousand extra Bells with little effort.

If you’re struggling to earn Nook Miles, be sure to check out the Nook Miles guide to see Nook Miles – How to Get Miles, List of Challenges and Rewards. Don’t forget to do your Nook Miles+ challenges too!

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Can You Buy Multiple Bell Vouchers At Once

How to Get Bell Vouchers. In order to buy Bell Vouchers, you ll need to have upgraded Resident Services to a full building. You can purchase a Bell Voucher for 500 Nook Miles. You can buy multiple, and they stack in your inventory, but since they print individually, it might take a while.

How To Use Bell Vouchers

How to Use Bell Vouchers  Animal Crossing: New Horizons ...

Buying Bell vouchers is easy, but how do you redeem them to get some extra money? Thankfully, that too is simple. To use Bell Vouchers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, head on over to Nooks Cranny, the shop run by Timmy and Tommy. You can also take them to the General Store, if youve already upgraded it. Speak to Timmy or Tommy and choose to sell them the Bell Voucher. Theyll offer up 3,000 Bells in return, nice!

So should you use Bell Vouchers or not? It really depends on how many you want to use. Theres no way to convert Bells back into Nook Miles, which arguably makes the latter a rarer resource. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has many ways to make a lot of Bells quickly, while Nook Mile challenges are limited except for the daily challenges. Given you can make 500 Nook Miles easily each day completing the recurring challenges, theres no harm in buying a few Bell Vouchers, but we dont recommend dropping all your Miles on them.

So there you have it, you now know how to get Bell Vouchers, how to use them and what they do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We hope that helped, but you can also visit our hub for the game by clicking here to discover even more useful tips and tricks.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Use The Bell Voucher

The Bell Voucher is a helpful item in Animal Crossing New Horizons. This guide will help players locate them and explain how they work.

Animal Crossing New Horizons;provides players with a Bell Voucher which they can claim for a useful item. This guide will explain how Bell Vouchers works and where to find them.;Animal Crossing New Horizons is a game that contains hundreds of different types of items, some to use as tools to help craft their perfect island experience, others to customize their own homes and living conditions. The game is built around the idea of creating a brand new life on a tropical island. Players will be thrown into a barren peninsula with a few other characters and must come together to turn this wasteland into a livable habitat. They begin within tiny tents and after paying off their debt from Tom Nook, a reoccurring veteran character of the;Animal Crossing;series, new options begin to open up and the island will expand. Nook Miles is a new currency introduced in this title, a form of payment that can be accumulated by completing certain tasks on the island like speaking with other neighbors or by capturing a certain amount of bugs. Nook Miles go hand-in-hand with Bell Vouchers and are required to pick them up. This guide will help players understand the importance of Bell Vouchers in;Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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Buying And Using Bell Vouchers

Bell Vouchers can be purchased on the upgraded Nook Stop terminal for 500 Nook Miles each. After progressing to this part of the game, accruing Nook Miles should have become a habit, but for those lacking Nook Miles, they’re rewarded for completing all sorts of mundane tasks that can be viewed in the Nook Miles app.

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Each Bell Voucher can then be sold to Timmy and Tommy at Nook’s Cranny for 3,000 Bells. That’s their whole functionconverting Nook Miles into cash. This equates to an exchange rate of one Nook Mile being worth;six Bells.

That said, also available following the same Nook Stop terminal upgrade are a kaiju statue and a DIY plan for a giant mech, among other things, so converting Nook Miles into Bells may be far from your first priority once they become available. A year;or years into the game, however, and these conversions very well may become second nature.

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How Many Bells Are Nook Miles Worth

Bells have always been a part of the AC franchise, acting as the series main form of currency. But with Animal Crossing: New Horizons there is a second currency players can use to get new items, upgrades, etc. Nook Miles are in many ways even more important than Bells, but what is the conversion rate? Early in the game there isnt really a way to jump between them, or determine how many Bells Nook Miles are worth. But later on there is a new voucher that makes it clear. Lets break it all down by explaining what is the Bell Voucher and how much is it worth in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Bell Voucher Conversion Chart

How Many Bells are 400 BELL VOUCHERS worth in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

You can use bells to make purchases from Nooks Cranny and the Able sisters tailors on your island, as well as on friends islands.

This is ideal at any point in the game, especially early on as you are most likely trying to pay off your first home loan so you will want to keep your bank balance topped up to pay your debts.

As you progress in the game you will want to establish your island by adding more infrastructure, which all come at a cost. Tom Nook will want his bells!

Nook miles are possibly easier to get your hands in the earlier stages.

This is because the Nook Miles app highlights 5 daily tasks that you can fulfil to quickly build up your Nook miles.;

They are refreshed everyday and are collectively worth over 500 Nook miles. If you hit your target every day, you will be well on your way to cashing in these miles for bells!

These daily tasks are all easy to complete and change according to the seasons.

You will always be able to fulfil these challenges, as they dont require anything other than what you are able to do. For example; talking to 3 villagers, catching fish or selling fruit etc.;

There are also other challenges to complete that will award you with Nook Miles a sort of air miles rewards programme. These are found in your Nook Miles app and you are notified whenever you have been awarded new miles.

Essentially, you are rewarded for getting involved in island life and carrying out duties, making your island an environment that people want to be!;

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How To Use Bell Vouchers Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Learn how to use Bell Vouchers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Bells are everything to players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and can be earned in several different ways. One way is through the use of Bell Vouchers. This guide will show you how to use Bell Vouchers to quickly gain Bells.

Making Money With Bell Vouchers

If youre looking to convert your Nook Miles into bells, the bell vouchers are one of the better options available. With bell vouchers, each Nook Mile earns you six bells and you dont have to interact with another player. Nook Miles Tickets on the other hand cost 2,000 Nook Miles and are worth 100,000-150,000 Bells if youre selling them to another human player. However, not everyone bothers with the Animal Crossing trading communities, so its important to consider their in-game value as well, which is quite a lot less. This makes them worth about five bells for every Nook Mile. Its slightly less efficient, though unlike with the bell vouchers, you can simply increase your asking price.

The reason folks pay slightly less likely has to do with the fact that players typically use Nook Miles Tickets for their intended purpose: traveling to mystery islands. And theres no way to convert those bells back into Nook Miles.

Long story, short, if you just want bells, youre entirely justified to convert your Nook Miles into bell vouchers and sell those to Timmy and Tommy.

And thats it! The next Animal Crossing: New Horizons event begins on May 18, just a week and a half away. This time around well be celebrating International Museum Day. Blathers will ask you to run around the museum and check in at stamp stands around the building. Completing stamp pages will provide you with in-game rewards. What are you hoping to get out of it?

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