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What Is Bell Voucher Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How to Get & Use Bell Vouchers – Animal Crossing New Horizons

Bell Vouchers are an awesome resource when looking to make a quick buck with all of those hard-earned Nook Miles you’ve been earning while working hard on that island but some players have mentioned that they don’t know what these vouchers do or why they are so valuable. And trust us, they are valuable.

For those interested in making a quick buck, there are a few things you need to know first! The first step to unlocking these Bell Voucher options is to upgrade your Resident Services building. Most players have done so already but there are still new players jumping in! In order to upgrade that particular service, check out our guide here for step-by-step instructions!

Once the Resident Services building is successfully upgraded, you’ll be able to go to the ATM in the corner of the shop to purchase a Bell Voucher for 500 Nook Miles. You can get Nook Miles for completing certain tasks in-game while completing a daily rotating set of items on a to-do list for easy earnings. You can buy as many Bell Vouchers as you want since they stack in your inventory, though they do print out individually so if you’re wanting to rack up, make sure you have some time to spare.

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Much like in real life, money is the fuel that keeps the world of Animal Crossing chugging. Bells are the main form of currency in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch, and there are a variety of ways to earn them. Once you have enough Bells in your wallet, you’ll be able to buy clothes and decorations for your villager, but the more practical use for your Bells are payments towards your home.

Selling Items In Animal Crossing

There is plenty to buy from Timmy and Tommy Nook in the Nook’s Cranny general store, but you can sell nearly anything you own to these two for Bells. To maximize this, ask Timmy or Tommy what the Hot Item of the day is. Whatever item it is, it will certainly be something you can craft. These items will sell for more Bells than they usually do, so craft as many of these items as you can and sell them before the store closes at the end of the day.

You will likely catch a variety of fish and bugs on your island some of these creatures are of high value at Nook’s Cranny no matter what the day is, such as Tarantulas, Emperor Butterflies, or big fish such as Sturgeons. You will also dig up fossils around your island, and you can sell fossils that Blathers has assessed in your museum to Nook’s Cranny for a hefty price.

A number of visitors and non-playable characters on your island will take certain items as well. For instance, plant and flower vendor Leif will take your weeds and sell them for a higher price than Nook’s Cranny. Likewise, C.J. will do the same for fish and Flick for bugs, both buying their respective kinds of items for 50% more than the price that Nook’s Cranny offers.

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How To Redeem Your Bell Voucher In Animal Crossing

Now comes the fun part! Choosing how to spend your bells after the voucher redemption.

You will need to cash them in first by speaking to Timmy and Tommy at Nooks Cranny.

Here, they will ask you if you will want to sell anything.

Select your bell voucher from your pocket. They will inform you that they can buy it from you for a total of 3000 bells. By selecting yes, your bell total will be updated by 3000 bells.

Unfortunately, you are not able to convert Bells back into Nook miles.

Although by completing the daily Nook miles tasks you will be awarded at least 500 miles for your daily efforts so this is an easy way to quickly earn 3000 bells for when you get into the big bucks needed to pay off your home loan extension, or get that grand piano that you have had your eye on!

Dont forget, Nook miles are valuable in their own right.

They are your only means of transport to visit a mystery island and for certain goods that can only be purchased from the Nook Stop terminal to help build your island into a more lived in landscape.

So dont get too bell happy and cash in all your Nook miles just yet!

Good luck cashing in your Nook miles for bell vouchers folks. Have fun on your island adventures!

How To Redeem Bell Voucher

How to Use Bell Vouchers  Animal Crossing: New Horizons ...

you can redeem 3000 bells from one bell voucher.

  • Go to the Nook Shop terminal and select Redeem Nook Miles.
  • Select Bell Voucher which costs 500 miles to purchase.
  • Select Redeem.
  • Sell the Bell voucher to Timmy or Tommy at Nooks Cranny.
  • You will get 3000 Bells once you sell the Bell voucher.

Bell voucher is a special ticket that can be purchased from the Nook Stop.

Yes, they can be redeemed.

It can be bought from the Nook stop.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Use The Bell Voucher

The Bell Voucher is a helpful item in Animal Crossing New Horizons. This guide will help players locate them and explain how they work.

Animal Crossing New Horizons provides players with a Bell Voucher which they can claim for a useful item. This guide will explain how Bell Vouchers works and where to find them. Animal Crossing New Horizons is a game that contains hundreds of different types of items, some to use as tools to help craft their perfect island experience, others to customize their own homes and living conditions. The game is built around the idea of creating a brand new life on a tropical island. Players will be thrown into a barren peninsula with a few other characters and must come together to turn this wasteland into a livable habitat. They begin within tiny tents and after paying off their debt from Tom Nook, a reoccurring veteran character of the Animal Crossing series, new options begin to open up and the island will expand. Nook Miles is a new currency introduced in this title, a form of payment that can be accumulated by completing certain tasks on the island like speaking with other neighbors or by capturing a certain amount of bugs. Nook Miles go hand-in-hand with Bell Vouchers and are required to pick them up. This guide will help players understand the importance of Bell Vouchers in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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Bell Voucher Animal Crossing New Horizons

Home » Animal Crossing New Horizons » Bell Voucher Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons Bell Voucher is an item that you can get in the game and exchange it for Bells. The problem there is that you have to spend Nook Miles to get the Bell Voucher in ACNH. That kinda calls the purpose of the Bell Voucher into question. With that said, in our Bell Voucher Animal Crossing New Horizons guide, were going to show you how to get and use ACNH Bell Vouchers, as well as whether theyre worth bothering with in the first place.

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How To Scan Qr Codes For Custom Clothing In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Explained

If you want to scan a QR code for a piece of custom clothing into Animal Crossing: New Horizons, then you need to put down your Nintendo Switch and pick up your phone. No, not your Nook Phone, youre real one.

First make sure you have the Nintendo Switch Online app downloaded onto your phone. If you dont you can download it at any app store, including Google Play and Apple App Store.

Once its downloaded, open the app and sign into your Nintendo Account.

Next youll want to select Animal Crossing: New Horizons from the Game-Specific Services section.

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This will send you to the various NookLink options on the Nintendo Switch Online app. The one you need to select for QR code scanning is the one labelled, Designs.

Selecting this option will open up the QR code scanner and all thats left to do is scan your chosen QR code.

Once the code is scanned, select the option to Save and it will be transmitted to your copy of New Horizons.

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How To Redeem Bell Vouchers

What is a Bell Voucher in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Once you’ve gotten your ticket from the Resident Services center, you’re going to want to mosey on over to Nook’s Cranny, which should have also been upgraded. Sell them to the Nook brothers, Tommy and Timmy, and you’re gucci and ready to make it rain. That being said, don’t waste all of your Nook Miles! Nook Miles are a great way to get a chance to get off of the island to travel as well as buying specific island furnishings through this particular brand of currency as well. But, if you’re not using them, you might as well cash ’em in and make some moolah.

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How To Get Bell Vouchers In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

You can purchase Bell Vouchers after youve upgraded the Resident Services building. Once the building has been completed, all you need to do is head inside and access the Nook Stop. From the options it offers, choose Redeem Nook Miles. You should see the Bell Voucher near the top for a price of 500 Miles. You can buy as many as you want, making it a great option to boost your balance if youre close to paying off your debt or suddenly need an extra splash of cash.

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How To Use Bell Vouchers In Animal Crossing New Horizons

To use Bell Vouchers, go to Nooks Cranny and speak to Timmy or Tommy. Select the I Want to Sell option and choose the Bell Vouchers. As noted above, the raccoons will buy them for 3,000 Bells each.

Thats all you need to know on how to get Bell Vouchers in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Head over to our wiki, search for Twinfinite, or check out more coverage below.

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How To Earn Animal Crossing Bell Voucher In May Day Event

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

During the May Day event, you can get 9 Bell vouchers by using as few fruits to complete the maze.

May Day is an event in New Horizons. In this event, players can use special a May Day Ticket at the airport to participate in the exclusive Island trip arranged by Nook Inc. to thank for hard workers. This May Day tour is only available once per character in a week.

After talking about the event with Tom Nook at the Resident Services, players can go to the airport to redeem their May Day Ticket, which Orville has prepared for them. Throughout the tour, Orville will take and store all items in the playerâs inventory and transport the player to a unique island with a carefully crafted hedge maze. The maze is designed in such a way that players have to make some tools, pull out plants or smash rocks to navigate. Errors can cause players to be forced to call Rescue Services, which resets the island and forces players to restart.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Bell Voucher: What Does It Do

You can redeem the Nook Miles that you have accumulated to receive a Bell Voucher in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

This valuable coupon can be printed by the mechanical wizardry of the Nook Stop multimedia terminal in Resident Services and should become available after you have built Nooks Cranny.

The Bell Voucher essentially acts as a quick way to trade the Nook Miles you have earned for Bells.

After redeeming 500 Nook Miles to receive a Bell Voucher, you will simply need to visit Nooks Cranny where you can sell it to Timmy or Tommy for 3,000 Bells.

You can redeem your Nook Miles for a Bell Voucher as many times as you like, so, if theres nothing else that you need early on this can be a quick way to build up your Bank of Nook account on the ABD.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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Buying And Using Bell Vouchers

Bell Vouchers can be purchased on the upgraded Nook Stop terminal for 500 Nook Miles each. After progressing to this part of the game, accruing Nook Miles should have become a habit, but for those lacking Nook Miles, they’re rewarded for completing all sorts of mundane tasks that can be viewed in the Nook Miles app.

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Each Bell Voucher can then be sold to Timmy and Tommy at Nook’s Cranny for 3,000 Bells. That’s their whole functionconverting Nook Miles into cash. This equates to an exchange rate of one Nook Mile being worth six Bells.

That said, also available following the same Nook Stop terminal upgrade are a kaiju statue and a DIY plan for a giant mech, among other things, so converting Nook Miles into Bells may be far from your first priority once they become available. A year or years into the game, however, and these conversions very well may become second nature.

Where To Find Xur In Destiny 2

How Many Bells are 400 BELL VOUCHERS worth in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Scope out Xur’s location and learn about the Exotics he has available for purchase this week in Destiny 2.

Can you Bell-ieve it? Animal Crossing: New Horizons has many, many ways to improve your bank balance. Once you get to upgrading your town, youll open up the option to purchase Bell Vouchers as a way to quickly make a large amount of cash. Sounds good, right? But they come at a cost. In this guide well explain what a Bell Voucher is in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and how to get one, a few, or several!

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Setting Up The Nintendo Switch Online App

Head over to your local App Store and search for Nintendo Switch Online. Download the app, sign in with your Nintendo Account, and then head back into your game. Once youve set up the account in Animal Crossing, a tile will appear on your phone that will turn the app into your NookPhone. Well get to that in a second, though.

How To Find And Use Bell Vouchers In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

First of all, you might be wondering what Bell Vouchers even are in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. These are vouchers that you can purchase from the Nook Stop by spending Nook Miles.

Once you have a Bell Voucher, you can redeem it for bells. There is one little problem, however. Before you can even start picking these Bell Vouchers up, you need to reach a certain point in the development of your town.

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Using Bell Vouchers In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Bell Vouchers can be purchased at the Nook Resident Tent. When players enter, turning to the right and interacting with the ATM machine will bring up where Nook Miles can be claimed. Bell Vouchers can be purchased for 500 Nook Miles. Nook Miles are collected pretty frequently in the game, as completing the simplest of tasks can make the player acquire a few hundred Nook Miles. There are also tasks that are meant to be completed over long periods of time like collecting every bug and fish in the game, those will net the player thousands of Nook Miles. After collecting the Bell Voucher, the player can head over the Nooks Cranny and speak with Timmy or Tommy. The player can trade in the Bell Voucher for 3000 Bells each.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

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Bell Voucher Animal Crossing: New Horizons

What is a Bell Voucher in Animal Crossing: New Horizons ...

The Bell voucher is a new redeemable item in New Horizons. They cost 500 Nook Miles and are sold for 3,000 Bells. They can be redeemed from the Nook Stop in the Resident Services Tent or Building. They help to convert Nook Miles into Bells. Bell vouchers are very efficient in converting miles to Bells, as Nook Miles tickets are sold for 10,000 Bells each however, because both tickets stack to a maximum of 10, a stack of Nook Miles tickets would be worth more than a stack of Bell vouchers.

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