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What Is The Newest Animal Crossing

Is Animal Crossing: New Horizons Worth Coming Back To In 2021

What Is Animal Crossing: New Horizons? A Guide for the Uninitiated

Like most people in the gaming community, I played a lot of Animal Crossing: New Horizons when it launched in March 2020. The game’s relaxed pace, gorgeous visuals, soothing soundtrack, and peaceful vibes provided a welcome contrast to the onslaught of harrowing news in the real world, and I took full advantage of that escapism. For months, I spent an hour or two each day tidying up my island, upgrading and decorating my house, getting rich off the Stalk Market, going on island tours, and hanging out with my island’s villagers.

Eventually I started to play less and less as I felt the pull of other new releases, and by August 2020, I stopped playing completely, content with the state of my island and my overall experience thus far. Recently, though, I decided to return to my virtual slice of paradise to check in on the state of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and see if the game is worth coming back to. And after spending a few weeks back on my island, I’m ultimately left with mixed feelings.

Nintendo has also updated Animal Crossing: New Horizons with lots of new stuff to collect and use over the last year, and I’ve had fun getting my hands on as much of it as I can during my recent return. More options for outfits and decorations are always good, and I appreciate that Nintendo has continued to add them well into 2021.

Playing On The Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Lite owners rejoice! You can take part in the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, too. The game is compatible with the handheld-only device, and what’s more, players can still engage in multiplayer fun. Players still need a Nintendo Switch Online membership for online play. Also, if you plan to play locally with your friends, it’s necessary to connect some Joy-Cons or Pro Controllers for the other players as well. It works the same as the Nintendo Switch; so, keep in mind that you can’t move it to another once you create an island on one system.

Everything New In Animal Crossing October 2021

Every day, one Villager will be crafting an October DIY recipe. Speak with them to learn the recipe from them, and they’ll give candy if that recipe has already been earned. Build up as much candy as possible before Jack comes to Animal Crossing: New Horizons;on Oct. 31. Give candy to Jack in exchange for additional DIY recipes.

These are all of the events, DIY recipes, and critters coming to;Animal Crossing: New Horizons;in October 2021:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons;is currently available on Nintendo Switch.

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Were Getting A Latte Of New Content In November

Looks like the beloved barista Brewster is finally coming to;Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as was teased during todays Nintendo Direct. Unfortunately we didnt get much new information, other than seeing a sign in the museum hinting about this new addition.

However, were getting another Direct in October thats entirely focused on Animal Crossing,;so we dont have to wait long to get the lowdown. What we do know is that the Brewster addition is coming in November, and that it will be a free add-on to the game.

One of the biggest complaints about;New Horizons since it came out is that it doesnt have enough content, so were glad to see that Nintendo is finally including this series staple. We cant wait to see what Brewster has in store for us!

After many incremental updates, its time for a more substantial, longer-lasting expansion to this hugely popular game. For reference, it has sold nearly 34 million copies.

Beyond the planned November update, for Animal Crossing fans who are in way too deep, Nintendo also announced that the Animal Crossing Series 5 amiibo cards are coming soon. Just like the vague Brewster news, more details will follow at a later time.

Other Twists On The New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Release Date, Gameplay ...

While the game has a very familiar look, there are so many new details that are exciting about New Horizons. Who knows what could have been added? A lot, apparently.

In addition to crafting, the NookPhone, and multiplayer, some new gameplay elements are being introduced. From the trailer and gameplay demos, we can tell there’s going to be customization options galore. Items no longer have to be placed inside the home; you can set up a nice bonfire and hammock right outside your house.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons also features northern and southern hemispheres, so no matter where you are, your island experiences similar seasons and weather. While seasons are nothing new to Animal Crossing, players can do new activities and things as the weather changes. What’s more exciting about this update is the variety it brings: weeds, plants, and growth changes. There are hidden Easter eggs in spring and mushrooms in fall. Plus, players need to be more aware of when night falls since there’s no telling what they will see under cover of darkness, including some dangerous bugs or scary ghosts.

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Rarest: Gigas Giant Clam

Spotting a large shadow when out swimming in the ocean is often a good sign, as most larger sea creatures bring in a respectable sum of bells, and one of the most desirable large sea creatures of all would have to be the Gigas Giant Clam.

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Available at all times of day from May to September and in the Northern Hemisphere and November to March in the Southern Hemisphere, the Gigas Giant Clam is fairly accessible in terms of times during which it can be found. However, dredging one up is more or less down to luck, and fortunate finders will be able to pawn it off to Nook’s Cranny for a cool 15,000 bells.

Most Common: Sea Anemone

Perhaps most remembered for the adorable mispronunciation in Pixar’s Finding Nemo movie, the sea anemone’s charms lessen each and every time we dredge it up from the depth of the ocean.

Though it’s technically a sea creature and not a fish, we couldn’t resist adding this annoying bit of marine biology to the list, as we pull a few of these things up each and every time we go exploring away from shore. They’re available all year round all day long, and they only fetch 500 bells, so bringing one back to dry land is hardly worth it.

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Nintendo Promises More Animal Crossing New Horizons Content Is In Development

Nintendo released New Horizons first update in three months this week, adding weekly fireworks shows and new seasonal items.

The three-month wait for the new update has led to concerns from some players that support for the game was slowing down, but Nintendos message appears to be an attempt to assuage these concerns.

In Wild World And City Folk

25 Things To Do Every Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons | My Daily Routine

City Folk

In Animal Crossing: Wild World, the fireworks once again occur every Saturday in at 7 PM. In Animal Crossing: City Folk, it instead takes place every Sunday night in August, a change that was kept in later games. For the first time the fireworks can be seen in the sky, as the games use a different perspective from the previous titles in the series.

Tortimer will be situated outside the Town Hall, and will give the player either a Sparkler or a Roman Candle which can be equipped to shoot out sparks. Tortimer will usually only allow the player to receive two of each item a night, but if they pester him long enough, he might give out more. Tortimer may also give the player a fortune for the night in the form of mail that goes directly into their mail inventory.

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Also Throughout April : New Horizons Turnips Bring The Internet Together

Like past Animal Crossing games, New Horizons has a stalk market, allowing you to buy turnips at one price Sunday morning to try and sell them at a higher price during the week. People across the internet banded together in the hunt for an elusive island with a high selling price, with dedicated Slack channels , Reddit forums, and Discord servers.

What Is Animal Crossing

Zipper T. Bunny, who just finished hosting the annual Bunny Day event on Easter Sunday,;is but one of many talking animals you’ll find in this wildly popular life simulation game;series.

Players assume the role of a person whose neighbors are assorted animals. There’s no real structure to the game, which allows individual players to choose their own experience by engaging in activities that range from catching bugs and fishing to planting things and interacting with the animals.;

As gaming website Kotaku summed up the series’ appeal in 2011, “Animal Crossing;has never been much of a traditional video game. There aren’t enemies to fight or many directed quests to go on. It’s more of a play space and a realm of collecting and self-expression.”

That nontraditional approach has clearly resonated with gamers. The nonlinear series, which makes;extensive use of the;video game console’s clock and calendar to simulate real time as trees grow and flowers bloom, has sold more than 30 million units worldwide.

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Phone A Friend: Call An Islander And New Horizons Multiplayer

Playing with your friends has always been a staple feature of Animal Crossing games, and New Horizons looks no different. At the end of the trailer, there are a total of eight villagers seen together, gathering at some rocks next to the water.

It’s confirmed that up to eight islanders can be living together on the same island. Up to four of them can play together at the same time using two pairs of Joy-Cons.

During each multiplayer session, a leader can be designated for the group. The leader can use the app to bring in additional islanders. The leader has a yellow flag marker shown above their head, so it’s easy to distinguish who is currently leading the group. If you want to switch the leader so they can share in the ‘material’ wealth, you can easily move the flag around from player to player. Plus, each player can emote, which is a fun little detail.

Most Common: Black Bass

Animal Crossing New Horizons Launches In 5 Days!

Commonly known as the most metal of all fish, the Black Bass is one of the most common species of fish found in the rivers of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Worth 400 bells apiece over at Nook’s Cranny, hunting these creatures down may be worth it for new players.

However, after pulling your nineteen-billionth Black Bass out of the river, the appeal wears off. Another fish found 24/7 all year round, the frequency at which this catch is found will have players shying away from fishing in the river.

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Most Common: Sea Bass

One of the most common creatures to be found floating near your island’s coastline, Sea Bass are the bane of anglers hoping to get their hands on a much more valuable red snapper. Like most incredibly common fish species, Sea Bass are available at all hours of the day, every month of the year.

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Though they’re worth 400 bellsa relatively decent asking price for such a common fishpulling up Sea Bass after Sea Bass from the seas gets old pretty quickly. In older games, villagers would literally quip “not again!” when catching one.

Here’s A Timeline Of Animal Crossing Games Over The Years

Live your best virtual life

Tomorrow, Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be transporting Nintendo Switch users to a bright, tropical destination to live their best virtual lives. Aside from living alongside a colorful cast of critters, you also get to design your perfect island getaway, collect resources to craft tools and items, decorate your vacation home and more.

With New Horizons joining the roster of the Animal Crossing series of games, lets take a look back on the franchise and how this cutesy, open-ended life simulator achieved worldwide success.

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2001: Animal Crossing

The first Animal Crossing came out on the GameCube console and featured the player as a young girl or boy whos ready to start a new life in a small village.;

After discovering your lack of accommodations, shopkeeper Tom Nook offers you a house and allows you to work for him to pay off your debt. Once the debt is paid, you take on odd jobs and errands for the villagers, including picking fruits and catching fish and insects.

What gives this game its charm is its atmosphere, with days, nights and seasons closely following real-life, interactions with quirky and unique villagers and shopkeepers, even celebrating similar holidays through certain activities.;

2005: Animal Crossing: Wild World

2008: Animal Crossing: City Folk

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Most Common: Crucian Carp

Likely one of the first species of fish new villagers encountered after stepping foot on their new islands, the Crucian Carp is a painfully common creature which most veteran Animal Crossing players are all too familiar with. They’re available 24/7, all year long. Be it the dead of winter or the dog days of summer, anglers fishing in a river are likely to pull up at least a few of these things.

Not only are they aggressively plain-looking fish, but they’re also basically worthless. In fact, with an asking price of 160 bells, they’re actually the second-cheapest fish in the game.

Holidays & Seasonal Activities

Animal Crossing New Horizons: The Best Fish to Catch for Money

Animal Crossing: New Horizons regularly receives updates that correspond with the seasons or holidays from that time of year. So, for instance, when April rolls around, Zipper T Bunny appears on your island for the Bunny Day event and gives you the task of locating special eggs.

Going along with this seasonal tie-in, the characters, stores, and facilities on your island do different things depending on the time of day or time of the year. You need to pay attention to store hours, or you might find that a store has locked up for the night. Additionally, Flick hosts the Bug Off on specific days of the year while C.J. runs a Fishing Tourney four times a year.

With the fall update, leaves change colors on your island, and players meet Jack the pumpkin-headed specter around Halloween. The following month, players get to celebrate the harvest in November by gathering ingredients for Franklin the Turkey Chef on Thanksgiving.

Lastly, the winter update brings a chill to your island, followed by a blanket of snow. . Players meet Jingle, the Black-nosed reindeer, who asks for help distributing Santa’s toys to your villagers. If you help him out, you’ll be rewarded with festive goodies.

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Animal Crossing 2021 Updates: What Could Come Next

Nintendo of America’s president promised that “new and fun activities” are coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but will they arrive?

After a launch year which saw;Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ become a worldwide phenomenon, 2021 has been;disappointingly slow. Nintendo’s E3 presentation, while delivering major trailers for;Breath of the Wild 2,;Metroid Dread, and WarioWare,;did not mention Animal Crossing;at all. Just a year ago,;ACNH was the Switch’s most popular game, so the radio silence on updates is confounding. It either means Nintendo is phasing out;ACNH, which is very unlikely, or that it’s waiting to announce something – hopefully, a major update or DLC.

ANCH‘s updates have been lackluster since Festivale in January and the eruption of Mario items in February.;A March;update focused on New Horizons‘ anniversary;and gave new customizable variety goods, like a photo stand,;to the Custom Design app; an April update added minimal tweaks to last year’s spring and summer holidays. Essentially, players have been reliving the same annual content without sufficiently new spice – if they’ve visited their islands at all.

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Key Animal Crossing Features Are Still Missing In New Horizons

New Horizons;greatly expanded upon the possibilities of previous;Animal Crossing games, so it’s strange that certain series mainstays are still absent. The most obvious omission;is gyroids, pieces of furniture which are typically dug up from the ground. They’ve been in the series since the first game, and their main purpose is;to look strangely charming and;wiggle. By now, most long-term players have dug up every fossil, so something new to hunt for would be a great feature.

Brewster and The Roost in;Animal Crossing;are another;aspect;fans are awaiting in;New Horizons. Brewster is a very dapper pigeon with a mustache, and he owns a café where he serves excellent coffee. In previous games, the player could even work at the Roost. The café has also served as place to store gyroids, which could be an indication that;New Horizons is;hoping to bundle those two features. Other New Horizons;locations could use a boost, too, and previous games allowed players to expand Nook’s Cranny into a full multi-level department store. Adding expansion incentives;to Nook’s Cranny and other buildings, like the Town Hall and the Able Sisters,;would add a new goalpost;to ACNH‘s gameplay, which it sorely needs to attract its players again.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 1110 Patch Notes

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Image: Nintendo

Nintendo has now released the latest free update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It includes new seasonal items and weekly fireworks shows.

The patch notes have also been made available on Nintendo’s official support page. Apart from the seasonal events, there’s also a brief mention of minor adjustments and corrections that have been made to improve the overall experience. Here they are in full:


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