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What To Do In Animal Crossing Gamecube

Instantly Jump To Redeemable Nook Miles

How to get the Golden Axe in Animal Crossing Gamecube

At first glance, Nook Miles seem to replace Bells as the de facto currency as far as New Horizons is concerned. While this does not end up being the case, with Bells more or less adopting their typical role within a few short hours, this doesnt mean the Nook Miles system doesnt see a lot of play.

Australian And European Release

Animal Crossing was released on October 17, 2003 and September 24, 2004 in Australia and Europe, respectively. Both versions feature minor bug fixes from the North American release, and the European release features localizations in French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

editing this articletalk pageFurther Details: Needs info about the Japanese DnM+ development + research into release date in South American countries is needed. Starting point: Research South American distribution by Latamel Inc.editing this articletalk pageFurther Details: Needs info about the Japanese DnM+ development + research into release date in South American countries is needed. Starting point: Research South American distribution by Latamel Inc.

Japan To North America

In addition to being an upgraded re-release to the original Doubutsu no Mori, there are also many differences between the Japanese Doubutsu no Mori+ and international Animal Crossing.


  • The dial typing system, featured in Doubutsu no Mori, is retained in the Japanese version of Animal Crossing game, although it is replaced with a virtual QWERTY keyboard in the international versions.
  • The color of the Nintendo logo differs between versions. In the Japanese version, it is white, while in the international version it is red.
  • The “Press START!” text on the title screen reads “Press Start Button!” in the Japanese version.



Altered character designs


  • Many of the events found in the Japanese version are changed for or removed from the international version.
  • Seven Spring Herbs Day, Coming of Age Day, Bean Throwing Festival, White Day, Festival of the Weaver, Summer Day, and Winter Day are exclusive to the Japanese version.
  • Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, , Founder’s Day, Explorer’s Day, the Harvest Festival, and Sale Day are all exclusive to the international version.
  • In the Japanese version, villagers will wear the Summer Robe and Bamboo Robe during the Fireworks Show and Mushrooming Season. They will also wear the Plum Kimono and Somber Robe during certain other events. In Animal Crossing, all of these clothing items are not used or legitimately obtainable, though they still exist in data.
  • Items

    Data Moving Service


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    Starting Or Continuing A Game

    Animal Crossing is a game that encourages short play periods every day. A player’s first journey into town requires more time and effort than subsequent visits. This is because the specifics of the game such as the main character and the town will be established during this time.

    Items Required to Play

    • 59 free Blocks of Memory Card data.*
    • Animal Crossing Game disc **

    *The original Animal Crossing package includes a free Memory Card 59 with a 1-block letter data.**The game disc may be ejected after the player enters their town due to the game’s small ROM size. Because Animal Crossing is merely a slightly modified port of a Nintendo 64 title, the game in its entirety will be recorded into the GameCube’s RAM following startup the RAM will be cleared if the GameCube is powered off or reset.

    Optional Items

    Setting up Animal Crossing

  • Connect the Nintendo GameCube or Wii to the television as described in their respective manuals.
  • Insert Animal Crossing Game disc into the GameCube disc drive, the Memory Card into Slot A , and the GameCube Controller into the Player 1 slot
  • Turn on the television, Nintendo GameCube, and any optional device used to connect the two devices.
  • Optional: Hold the A Button at the GameCube title screen to configure the GameCube Clock and Memory Card data.
  • Follow on-screen instructions for beginning and configuring a new game through the required conversations with K.K. Slider, Rover, and Tom Nook.
  • Returning to Play and Options

    How Time Travel Worked

    Animal Crossing ISO

    It is super easy to change the time on the GameCube version. Almost too easy and this power could be used to an advantage. A player could change the season or time of day easily. If players got a bunch of fruit that needs to be sold but Nooks shop was closed, no sweat, simply reset the time forward until it opens. Want to collect resources only available during spring but its the middle of winter? No problem! Simply jump forward.

    But beware. If the town goes too far into the future, it will be overrun by weeds and roaches. Also, moving backwards in time is tricky and can cause a plethora of glitches so it isnt suggested.

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    They Dont Gather In Particular Places For Events

    The idea of participating in special events is key to the Animal Crossing experience. From the controversial Bunny Day to Toy Day and New Years Eve, the series echoes real-world events. These are great opportunities for the player to acquire some exclusive time-limited loot like special furniture sets, while the villagers participate in their own way.

    Interestingly, the first Animal Crossing was very specific in the way that residents celebrated these events. As the Animal Crossing Wiki explains, they all gathered in particular spots in the town, such as at the pond for New Years. This behavior is emulated in New Horizons when the town gathers to celebrate the opening of a new building, but, otherwise, villagers now celebrate events while going about their business as usual.

    One Town Per Purchase

    The original Animal Crossing blew the hats off of young gamers when it made its North American debut in 2002.

    Not only could a player have up to four people in their town Mom, Pops, Sister, Brother but if they had another memory card, they could have FOUR MORE! Thats right, invite your Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, and Uncle.

    Creating another localized town also made the second player feel like they had their space to play around in they werent locked into another persons world.

    If I wanted to name my town Rice Cake because I didnt want to live in my brothers town of My Ass I could do it without buying a new game. Additionally, the other player got their own Nook store, fruit trees, and a different cast of villagers to interact with.

    The fact that Nintendo didnt allow for the creation of a second island baffles me, especially because New Horizons relies heavily on unique island customization.

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    As Many Jingle Items As You Can Hold Without The Trouble Of Repeatedly Finding Him

    On Christmas Eve, when Jingle comes around there is a way to get as many presents from him as you have room for. 1) Get quite a few shirts and have letters ready to put items in. 2) Find Jingle 5 times so he gives you an item, then, change your shirt and search town again. 3) When you find Jingle, talk to him, and then push him as close to the edge of the acre as he will go. 4) Then, walk into the acre you just pushed Jingle close to, but stay right on the edge of the acre. 5) Now, walk back into the acre with Jingle and if you were quick enough, he will still be right there, so you won’t have to go through the trouble of finding him again! 6) Now, push Jingle back towards the edge of the acre if needed and run back out to the adjacent acre. 7) While in the adjacent acre, stay close to the edge again. 8) Now, quickly pause the game and change your shirt to something totally different. 9) Now, run back to the acre with Jingle and talk again. Repeat steps 3 through 9 until you receive the desired item.

    How To Make A Garden In Animal Crossing

    Visiting Animal Crossing 19 YEARS LATER! (Nintendo GameCube)

    10 Gorgeous Animal Crossing Garden Ideas for Your Island. 1 1. CottageCore Garden. The cottagecore aesthetic is one of the most popular trends among the Animal Crossing community. Turn a nook of your island 2 2. Fairy Ring Garden. 3 3. Zen Sand Garden. 4 4. Animal Crossing Garden & Greenhouse. 5 5. Rock Garden.

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    How Do I Change My Animal Crossing Characters Hair

    Both hairstyles and hair colours are purchasable from the Nook Miles shop found on the Nook Stop in Residential Services. All you have to do is earn the right amount of Nook Miles and then redeem them for the collection of hairstyles or colour you require. After that, head to your nearest mirror to change your look.

    Other Hints And Secrets

    Get NES Games:There are a few other ways to obtain NES games, but here are a few:

  • When youre done running errands for Nook, youll receive a welcome package with three items. Two of them are NES games.
  • Talk to the neighbors and eventually one of them will ask you when your birthday is, especially if you choose the 2nd talk option once in a while. Tell them and, on your birthday, one of the neighbors will visit with a present for you, a NES!
  • When you go to the Island , give the villager a shovel and he might dig out a NES game. You can then try to bribe him with fruit.
  • On Christmas Eve, youll get a NES game on the mail. Yeay!
  • Pick a Song from TotakekeFill your pockets so you cant carry any more items. Go to the concert and hear the song. Totakeke will realize you dont have room to store his music track. Keep coming back with your pockets full and listen to the different songs. When you hear one you like, come back with space in your pockets, request the song, and when hes done singing youll get the copy you wanted.

    Talk to the NeighborsTalk to the neighbors you come across a few times. They might get angry, but youll also find out more about them and they might play games with you or ask you to do errands for them so you can get objects as a reward.

    Make your Neighbors AngryWalk into the neighbors and push them around or hit them with the shovel or bug net. Theyll become mad and steam will come out of their heads.

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    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Didn’t Feel Complete Until I Reunited With My Original Villager Friend

    09 June 2020

    I set out on a quest to find my old GameCube buddy in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    One childhood memory I can recall with crystal clear clarity was the moment I got Animal Crossing on the GameCube. I was only 12, and outside of Pokemon, The Sims, and my obsession with Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, my young self quickly fell completely in love with Animal Crossing’s adorable virtual world. So, you can just imagine how excited I was to jump right into Animal Crossing: New Horizons when it released earlier this year. But, ever since I started my island adventure, I couldn’t help but feel something or more appropriately someone was missing.

    A huge part of what charmed me when I played the original game was the bond I developed with one villager in particular: Punchy the cat. The lazy villager with his humorous name and penchant for snacks and fishing brought me so much comfort and joy. As silly as it might sound, I’ve always counted this virtual feline among my childhood friends, and I know I’m not alone in this. After all, when it comes down to it, the true magic of Animal Crossing lies in the way it makes you care for the fuzzy, endearing animals that live alongside you.

    Nooks Cheats Codes And Hints

    Animal Crossing player earns a billion bells for the Post ...

    Nooks Store UpgradesNook will make his store bigger and better the more you shop at it.

    Home UpgradesExpand your house by paying off your mortgage. When youre done paying what you owe, go talk to Nook and hell ask you if you want the upgrade. Say yes and wait until the next day to see your expanded headquarters.

    Restock Nooks StoreIf the store is getting empty and you want more items to shop today, just save the game and then change the date before you restart it. Nooks store will be full of merchandise all over again.

    Restock an Item at NooksIf you want an item you just bought to become available at Nooks again, save your game, change the clock to an earlier or later date, save, and then return to the original date. The item will be at Nooks again.

    Unlock New Stuff:Enter the following codes when talking to Nook Select Other Things and then Say Code. Also, go to the Item Lists page for codes to unlock the different Gyroids.


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    They Have Different Hobbies And Interests

    When the series began, villagers were very NPC-like. There was a sense that they were there simply to fill up some space and give the illusion of community, but their dialogue became rather repetitive and they were a little by-the-numbers.

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    In an effort to keep villagers with the same personalities distincttheres only so many times we can take Jocks complimenting their own biceps like Arnold SchwarzeneggerNew Horizons switched up Wild World‘s hobby system. Now, instead of basic activities like fishing and gardening, which villagers do still enjoy, they have a wider range of pastimes. Villagers you see reading or investigating elements of the town with a magnifying glass, for instance, have the Education hobby, while those you find singing have the Music hobby.

    The Number Of Possible Town/island Residents Has Changed

    The player has a lot of control over almost every element of their town/island, from designing the town flag to creating the town tune. While its also possible to choose your villagers to a certain extent now, their numbers are set.

    In the first game, six starting villagers would already live in the town when the player started the game, and up to fifteen could live there at once. These numbers have changed in every subsequent title, with Wild World, New Leaf, and New Horizons having less starting villagers, with three, five, and two respectively, while Animal Crossing: City Folk had six, and the total has also changed. New Horizons players can have a maximum of 10 villagers.

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    Not One But Two Sports Fairs

    Have you ever wanted to witness your villagers battle it out in some sports? Probably not, but Animal Crossing on GameCube did feature a day called Sports Fair that took place twice a year. Villagers will compete in games of aerobics, foot race, ball toss, and tug-o-war at specific times throughout the day on September 23rd and 24th, and March 20th and 21st. Despite there being four activities to participate in, players could only actually enter into three of the contests everything except for the ball toss which most villagers are ironically confused about. There are no actual rewards for participating or winning in the events, but players can view some unique dialogue and emotions from their villagers throughout the day. For speaking with Tortimer anytime during the event, the player can receive a special medal replica item for their home.

    How Do You Get Wisp In Animal Crossing Gamecube

    What Happens At The END OF TIME in Animal Crossing? (Nintendo GameCube)

    How do I find him in AnimalCrossing?Wisp will be in your town on any randomnight from 8:00pmuntil 4:00am. He will appear in a random acre inyour town. Once youfind him, he will say that he knows youare in a hurry, buthe needs some urgent help.

    Consequently, how do you get wisp in Animal Crossing City Folk?

    The player can find him randomly between the timesof12:00 AM to 4:00 AM. They must catch spirits with their net orfindhis lamp. As a reward he gets rid of all weeds in town, paintstheplayer’s roof, gives out an item, or in later versions of thegame,kills all the roaches in the player’s house.

    what is the empty lamp for in Animal Crossing? The Empty Lamp is an item that randomly appearinthe player’s town in City Folk. On a weekday at about 9:00 P.M,onthe southern part of the player’s town, a spirit named Wispwillappear and say something like “come closerplease”.

    Also, how do you get the magic lamp in Animal Crossing?

    In Animal Crossing: City Folk, on certainnightsthe player can find an Empty lamp somewhere inthetown. After the player finds the lamp and returns ittoWisp, the genie will ask the player to rubthelamp in their attic, where he will offer to grant themonewish.

    How do you get Meow coupons?

    These coupons are obtained by completingtowninitiatives or certain achievements in Puzzle League and canberetrieved from the CAT Machine. Additionally, fivecouponsare earned by scanning any Animal Crossing relatedamiibofigurine.

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    In Animal Crossing And Animal Forest

    Wendell has a wallpaper selling role in Animal Crossing. He will show up in the player’stown on Saturday or Sunday, but has been known to show up on other days too. He appears at a random time of day. He will tell the player he is hungry upon talking to him, and will ask for food. He will eat anything, such as fruit, fish, and turnips. He will give some wallpaper to the player for free as a reward during the weekend and will sell it to the player during weekdays. He disappears after a while.

    The Special Character Farley

    If there is any special character in the entire Animal Crossing franchise who is a complete outlier from the rest, there is no doubt that Farley would take the top of the pedestal for that category. Likely coming from troll or gnome origin as he dons a fantasy appearance, Farley is speculated to be the voice of the Wishing Well itself players can interact with at any time. Making only one appearance to grant the player with a golden axe upon achieving a perfect town, Farley has never returned to the franchise in any form. Unlike characters such as Tortimer and Joan who have gone missing in action but occasionally make a public appearance, this unidentified species of a character has never been referenced in any celebratory artwork, in-game items, or even dialogue. To make things stranger for this oddball, not only is he the only character to have hair that hits the floor and share a birthday with Audie the wolf, Farley exclusively appears in the North American version of the GameCube game. At the very least, he did receive an e-reader card. And speaking of

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