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What To Do In Animal Crossing

Build All Four Player Houses

25 Things To Do Every Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons | My Daily Routine

One thing that many players seem to miss out on is the fact that they can have four different houses to decorate. Each house can represent a different style or act as a unique location. One home can be a bed and breakfast, while you dress the other up like a concert hall.

The ideas with houses are limitless and can really help add on to your overall playtime. Simply open the game and create a file from a separate profile on your Nintendo Switch. Each profile on the console shares the main island, so the additional houses will appear on your island. You can then use them however you’d like!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons The Best Activities To Do With Friends

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a great online multiplayer. Multiplayer opens the door for friends to have an awesome time in-game together. However, there are some activities that we think rise above others. Here’s our list of the best things you can do with your friends in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Dress For The Weather

Everybody who has asked a friend what the weather is like on their island before heading to the airport, raise your hand. Right. Were all together at least. Whether youre donning the shortest shorts for sunning yourself in summer, or wrapped up in cosy ski gear and festive knitwear – hello, Southern hemisphere – dressing for the weather in Animal Crossing is one of the most satisfying daily activities. Sure, its not as essential as fossil digging or checking your trees for furniture but you know your villager is at exactly the right temperature and thats what matters. ;

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Immediately Buy Upgrades Available In The Nook Stop

Resident Services has a Nook Stop ATM where you can spend Nook Miles, buy new items or DIY recipes. Remember to buy out all backpack upgrades that you can find there, because it’s a lot more fun to play.

You will also find some recipes of improved tools, because these basic ones break down terribly fast and you can waste a lot of time on their continuous crafting. You’ll also get more recipes from other characters as you make progress in the main story. Also, you can buy them in the store of Nook Brothers .

Make A Fortune In The Stalk Market

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Best Things to Do at Night

At the very start of the game, some players may find it difficult to earn Bells. However, it is actually pretty easy to amass a huge fortune in Animal Crossing: New Horizons especially if the player knows how to invest in the Stalk Market.;Every Sunday, NPC Daisy Mae will visit the player’s island to sell her precious turnips. It is worth noting that Daisy Mae’s price would vary every week, and it is important that the player remembers how much they paid for the turnips.

After purchasing the turnips, players can then check Nook’s Cranny the next day to see how much;they can sell the turnips to Timmy and Tommy Nook. The buying price of turnips would change twice a day, so players should check Nook’s Cranny often and only sell turnips when it will yield the most profit. Players should remember that turnips will wilt the next Sunday, so they should be able to dispose of all of their products before Daisy Mae returns to their island. Another good tip for those trying out the Stalk Market is to join online communities where players from all over the world share their Turnip prices.

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When Youve Completed All Of Tom Nooks Tasks

Ever since its launch on March 20, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has become one of the hottest games in the past few weeks, breaking sales records for Nintendo. Being a video game that allows room for creativity in areas such as home decor and outfit customization, theres a lot more to explore on your island than you think.

For those who are ironically bored inside the game, weve put together a list of activities you can do after completing all of Tom Nooks tasks. The list ranges from crossbreeding flowers to creating the perfect garden, to composing new tunes for your island and changing up your look from head to toe. If youre looking to make some more Bells, you can take advantage of the Stalk Market by searching up islands with good turnip deals for the day, or plant some cash to grow a Bell tree.

Scroll down below for all the things you can do on Animal Crossing when youre bored. For more on gaming, read our latest interview with PRIX founder Esther Ng on what its like to start playing video games as a woman.

Compare Shop Stocks And Prices

If you and your friend don’t have anything you want to trade, why not explore what your shops have? Both Nook’s Cranny and the Able Sisters have daily rotating stocks, and even if shops on your island may not have anything you’re interested in purchasing, your friend’s shops might. Therefore, communicating with your friends and visiting each other to check out what’s on shelves can be an awesome way to benefit mutually.

Something else you should do is regularly check Turnips prices, as the prices vary for each player. If your friend’s shop is buying Turnips for a significantly higher price than your own, you can make some serious money! Having two available islands to sell to also helps you reduce the chance of losing money on your investment.

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Stack Tanks On Top Of Each Other

In the olden days, those villagers who wanted to display their fish or bugs had to settle for one tank per spot. It makes sense to some degree especially for the earlier entries on the Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo DS;but just as technology calls for advancement, so does the need for quality of life features.;

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With the power of the Switch, villagers can now display all their critters and creepy crawlies to their hearts delight. Stack tanks on top of each other until theres nothing left to stack. The terrarium and aquarium potential at play within New Horizons is the best of any of the Animal Crossing games.;

Holidays Furniture And More

25 Things To Do EVERY DAY In Animal Crossing New Horizons! BEST Daily Tasks Guide!

The holiday events are some of the best memories Ive had in Animal Crossing. You can craft unique goods, talk to themed characters, and attend special events .

Try and collect all of the furniture items in your favorite set! If youre stumped on that one bed set, ask around in your Animal Crossing circle to see if someone has it in their catalog or DIY recipes.

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Animal Crossing is a game built on slower gameplay. Take this slow burn and bask in it. Donate all of the fossils, fish, and bugs, or display some of the coolest ones in your home. Theres no wrong way to play AC.

With the right mindset, you might find yourself playing New Horizons daily for years to come.

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Get Prepared Before Hitting Rocks

Stones can drop up to eight different raw materials – stones, iron, gold and even bells.

Unfortunately, if you hit a stone with a shovel, your character moves back. So you need to correct the position of your character which takes valuable time. Why is it valuable? Because in order to be successful and gain eight resources, you have to do it in a short period of time. By improving hero’s position we waste valuable seconds and as a result we gain less raw materials.

It’s best to simply prepare yourself by digging two holes – we present this method in the picture above. This way you don’t have to worry about getting pushed back – you take a proper position once and then press the “A” button a dozen times.

How Animal Crossing: New Horizons Turnips Storage Works

There’s a bit of a weird issue with Animal Crossing: New Horizons turnips storage, in that you can’t, in fact, really store them anywhere. You’re not able to whack them in your home storage whatsoever, but you can just drop them on the floor in your home – or around your home / rest of the island.;

We assume that this is to prevent you from forgetting the turnips you bought just days previously, but doesn’t become a bit of an inconvenience – especially if you don’t want to waste a precious pocket slot for turnips.

And if you’re wondering whether you can plant turnips in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, that’s also a negative. You cheeky things you.

It’s worth noting that turnips place around your island will be seen by Isabelle – and therefore the island rating system – as trash, so you will be unable to achieve / maintain a 5-star rating with turnips lying around.

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Early Game Story Walkthrough

Register at the Check-in Counter, create your character, and finish orientation
2 After orientation, go to sleep in your tent. When you wake up, talk to Tom Nook to get access to the DIY Workshop. You’ll now be able to get a Fishing Rod
3 Collect branches and build yourself a Bug-Catching Net
4 Once you’ve got those two items, start catching Bugs and Fish. Bring whatever you catch back to Tom Nook. You’ll get: Ax Recipe A Red-Windflower Bag Watering Can Recipe
5 After bringing 5 bugs or fish to Tom Nook, you’ll be able to invite Blathers to the island. He will arrive the following day.
6 Save up 5000 Nook Miles and speak to Tom Nook to repay your moving fee loan. After you’ve paid your first loan off, you’ll be able to build a house! A new “Nook Miles+” mission will also be added
7 After, you can: Save up Miles and spend them at the Mile Redemption Service to buy various goods Farm Bells and expand your house Build Nook’s Cranny

The airport is available after the 2nd day. For step 5 and onward, we recommend saving up Miles and buying the Pretty Good Tools Recipe, as it will improve the durability of your items, letting you gather materials more efficiently.

What Are Shooting Stars In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

An Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide to Things to Do ...

Much like in real life, shooting stars are meteors – pieces of asteroids or comets that have broken up and burn as they enter the atmosphere. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, these meteor showers last for several hours, nine hours to be precise. From 7 PM until 4 AM, hundreds of shooting stars will cross the skies on your island, but only on especially clear nights. Fortunately, if you’re talking with your villagers daily, they will let you know when a meteor shower is going to happen. Then, just follow these easy steps:

  • Pick a nice spot with a clear view of the horizon.
  • Tilt the right joystick up to look up at the sky with empty hands.
  • Wait for a shooting star.
  • Press A to make a wish.
  • Repeat.
  • And just like that, you’ve lit up the stars shooting across the sky. You can keep doing this until 4 AM when the shower will end. Don’t get discouraged if it seems like the shooting stars have stopped sooner than that. They tend to come in waves, with lulls in between.

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    Use A Stone Ax Not An Iron One

    If we’ve learned anything over the past few millennia, it’s that iron cuts down trees better than stone does, right? Well, in Animal Crossing, you might not actually want to cut down your trees; you might just want wood, soft wood or hard wood for crafting. Luckily, the stone ax extracts those types of wood without chopping down the tree.

    Putting On Pyjamas And Getting Into Bed To Save

    First off, its almost an existential question; can you truly trust someone who doesnt get into bed before they hit save at night in Animal Crossing? Further still, has that person switched from their daytime clothes to some more suitable nightwear and an eye mask? And here we were thinking that psychopath tests were more in-depth. This behaviour is actually one that most of us have inherited from Stardew Valley where your day only saves once youve crawled into bed covered in mud and sweat from the farm. Regardless, getting into your pit after a quick wand outfit switch feels like a perfect recipe for sweet dreams. Aaand light off. Gnight.;

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    Choose Your Island Layout & Hemisphere

    One of the first things youre going to have to do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is choose the layout of your island.

    Timmy and Tommy will give you four different layouts to choose from. Things like the river and building positions will vary between each of the four. Theres no right or wrong choice here, though, so just pick whichever one youre happiest with.

    After that, youll need to select what hemisphere your island is in. The north hemisphere will mean your island has more traditional seasons, so sunny hot summers and cold winters. Choosing the southern hemisphere will switch that so youll be having a toasty Christmas on the beach, just like Australia.

    Again, this is a personal preference, but as someone who lives in the north hemisphere, I cant imagine having a Christmas without snow!

    Wearing The Correct Socks

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons – 14 Things To Do Daily

    No-one likes blisters. Which means when you don boots in Animal Crossing, you probably also think about the sock situation going on inside those shoes. Anything leather is going to mean very sad bare feet and with a whole selection at the Able Sisters, theres really no excuse to exchange Bells for comfort. But you know that, which is why not only are you wearing suitable socks that no one can see, youve probably also colour matched them to your entire outfit. Just in case, right? ;;

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    Don’t Know What To Do Talk To Nook

    If you don’t know how to push the story forward – and you need it, for example, to gain useful tool or build a house, ask Tom Nook for help. He is sitting in Resident Services. Ask him this philosophical question:

  • What should I do?
  • Once you do it, Tom should explain to you, what is the next step in your islander career.

    Buy Seasonal Items Via Nook Shopping

    Aside from the many seasonal items that are available through DIY, players can access even more limited-time goods by looking at the special items section of;Nook Shopping, available either via the app on a player’s NookPhone or accessed via the kiosk in Resident Services.

    Throughout the month of September, a cute grape harvest basket is available to purchase in celebration of the Grape Harvest Festival, and, with other season-specific items appearing now and then, it’s always worth keeping an eye on;Nook Shopping.

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    Upgrading The Museum And Paying Off Your Tent

    • Goals for the Day:
    • Claim Nook Miles to pay off your Itemized Bill
    • Upgrade your Tent to a House

    By the second day, be sure to check your mailbox for a letter from Mom! Shell send you a random gift that can be anything from a random piece of furniture, clothing, Bells, or even rare fruit that doesnt grow on your island!

    Tom Nook will also come out to announce that the airport will also be open for business, allowing you to travel to a friends island, or open your gates to allow people to visit you. This will begin the routine of daily announcements each day you first start up the game, starting at 5AM each day

    If youve given at least 5 creatures to Tom Nook, youll now find Blathers operating his museum out of a small tent the next day. He wont be able to fully furnish a museum until you get him 15 more specimens, but hell also accept fossils into the mix.

    Even if youre in no rush to explore a giant museum, its still worth talking to Blathers, as hell give you tools to find fossils that will also let you explore a lot more of the island, namely: recipes for a Flimsy Shovel and a Vaulting Pole.

    Now you can use the Vaulting Pole to cross rivers and explore other parts of the low elevation on the island, which include many spots where fossils are hiding in the earth.

    If youre looking to get 5,000 Miles fast, consider taking on the following tasks:

    Totally Unnecessary Things We All Do In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Animal Crossing: 10 Things You Should Do Every Day You Log ...

    Its important to admit that after hundreds of hours of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, we all have some very specific new behaviours. Perhaps your IRL morning now has a 20 minute play session before getting down to the reality of the day, or maybe your in-game villager has to talk to every island resident by lunch time. But it turns out that were all doing some very specific and, by game standards, entirely unnecessary things.;

    Thats not to say theyre bad. In fact, they enrich our Animal Crossing lives and are the little things that, while leaving no discernible difference on our islands, give us that extra little burst of serotonin. The devil is in the details, after all, and hes already made plenty of work for our previously idle thumbs. So from unnecessary snorkel wear to invisible sock knowledge, here are 11 silly things we all do in Animal Crossing with absolutely zero practical purposes. ;

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