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What To Do With Heart Crystals Animal Crossing

Wondering What To Do With Your Heart Crystals Here’s A List Of All The Items That You Can Purchase With Them Including A Pipe Organ

ð MAXIMIZE HEART CRYSTALS for ALL Wedding Items | Animal Crossing New Horizons Wedding Guide

by Andrew Smith

If youve booted up Animal Crossing: New Horizons recently, you may have noticed that there is a new form of currency in the game, Heart Crystals. As you might have figured out, these are tied to the wedding event that is taking place during the month of June. So, what exactly are Heart Crystals and what do you do with them?

The Acnh Heart Crystals Are Rewards For The Wedding Event

Caution: Spoilers for the upcoming Animal Crossing Wedding Event incoming! The heart crystals are rewards for participating in the Wedding Event that will be taking place in the game between June 1, 2020 and June 31, 2020. In order to participate in the event, youll have to travel to Harveys island and take wedding photos around a specific theme the first theme is a chapel ceremony, for instance. Depending on how well you do on each days challenge, youll receive between 5 and 11 heart crystals.

At this time, we dont know exactly what the heart crystals are used for, but they appear to be a crafting item. As part of the Wedding Event, youll also unlock specific furniture, such as the Wedding Bench, Wedding Table, and Wedding Flower Stand. While you might unlock the furniture itself, theres also a chance that youll unlock recipes instead, and need the heart crystals to actually build the furniture.

Regardless of the role heart crystals play in the game, theres no denying that theyre super lovely. We totally understand why people would want them now we do, too! Alas, it seems like the best thing to do is probably just wait until the Wedding Event starts, assuming you want to stick to doing things above board. If your moral compass allows for hacking, though, nows the time to get yourself some heart crystals and maybe even turn a profit by taking advantage of other impatient people!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Heart Crystal Items

  • Blue Wedding Rug
  • Wedding Bench
  • Wedding Decoration
  • White Wedding Floor
  • White Wedding Wall
  • Wedding Chair
  • Wedding Table
  • Wedding-Party Wall
  • Wedding Candle Set
  • Wedding Flower Stand
  • Wedding Cake
  • Wedding Head Table
  • Wedding Pipe Organ
  • Wedding Arch
  • Wedding Welcome Board
  • Bridal Veil
  • Brown Wedding Flooring
  • Brown Wedding Wall
  • Cake Dress
  • Green Wedding Flooring
  • Green Wedding Wall
  • Red Wedding Rug
  • Wedding Pumps
  • Wedding Shoes
  • Wedding Tuxedo
  • White Wedding Rug

For players that are curious, it costs a total of 261 Heart Crystals in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to buy one of every item listed above. However, 11 of these items can be customized in ACNH, and fans that want to have every variation of the Wedding Season items will need to earn 303 Heart Crystals. This will quite clearly require players to complete a significant number of photo shoots throughout June, and they will also need to be getting high scores to maximize the Heart Crystals that they are earn.

With respect to how to get high scores on photo shoots, it is very important that players strictly adhere to Reese’s color requests. Additionally, fans should use a lot of items when they are decorating, and players that want to be sure that they get maximum Heart Crystals in ACNH are advised to simply place one item repeatedly until the room is filled. While this is perhaps not the most fun approach, it will help players get the Wedding Season items that they desire.

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How To Get Wedding Season Furniture & Items

You can get event exclusive Wedding Season items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons during June by exchanging Heart Crystals to Cyrus and completing enough Photo Shoots.

Additionally, new items have been introduced for 2021 that can be purchased directly from Nook Shopping and Able Sisters see a full list of them later in this section.

Exchange Heart Crystals For Wedding Items From Cyrus

The main way to get new Wedding Season items during the event is to spend Heart Crystals by talking to Cyrus in the Wedding Photo Studio! He sells 26 different Wedding themed items including furniture, flooring, wallpaper, rugs, and clothing for various prices.

However, its worth noting that the selection available at Cyrus shop starts off rather small with only 5 items for sale. Hell expand his selection of purchasable items with Heart Crystals as you complete more Photo Shoots for him and Reese.

When you trade your Heart Crystals in for items from Cyrus, theyll be delivered to you in your mailbox later, so dont expect to find them in your inventory. Additionally, there is an order limit of 8 items at a time before Cyrus will stop taking orders.

The table below covers all of the different wedding themed items you can purchase and exchange from Cyrus during the limited-time Wedding Season event! You can easily filter the table using the Search field, or sort by Heart Crystal Cost and Photo Shoots Unlock.

Able Sisters

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Heart Crystals in Animal Crossing

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QFKA1 year ago#1Hi! I’ve been looking for the crystal heart material but I have no idea where you can get this material from.Anyone have any idea where I should look? The material looks like this:, I’m looking for a stack of large star fragments and regular star fragments. If you’d like, I can offer up to 50 NMT for either, just name your price 🙂 thanks!FC: SW-6940-8815-6203

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DeepsPraw1 year ago#2It’s from the upcoming June wedding event. Any you see being traded online are hacked, since that event isn’t live yetpepsi for tv-game

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Videogamer2341 year ago#3I believe it’s a wedding season item you get from Reese. No legitimate way to get it yet .

User Info:

QFKA 1 year ago#4Ah I see…. I see a few people selling it for ridiculous amounts so I wanted to invest xD I guess I can’t get it without hacking… thanks for the info everyone! :)FC: SW-6940-8815-6203

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How To Get Heart Crystals In Animal Crossing New Horizons

To get heart crystals, you will need to visit Harv Island. When you first connect in June, Isabelle will announce the start of the wedding season and Harv will call you to ask for your help. He is doing a photoshoot for a happy couple and needs your help to get everything set up.

Go visit Harvs Island, talk to Cyrus and Reese, then set up the photo according to what they like. When you take the photo and they’re happy, you get free furniture and heart crystals.

To maximize heart crystals for all wedding items, be sure to check in daily with Cyrus and Reese to gain more heart crystals and gain access to more furniture. Right now, it looks like you will be able to work on a new photo every day with the happy couple and that you will get heart crystals every time you finish helping them. This will then allow you to get more furniture for the event.

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How To Play Wedding Season Event

When the Wedding Season event begins on your island, there will be a morning announcement from Isabelle sharing how she can feel love in the air marking the beginning of wedding season! According to her, anyone who is married in June will be blessed with a lifetime of happiness.

After the morning announcements, youll receive a phone call from Harvey on your NookPhone when leaving your house! Hell fill you in on the Wedding Season activities happening on his Photopia island where Reese and Cyrus can be found.

To visit Harveys island with Reese & Cyrus, head to your Airport in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and speak to Orville at the counter. Just tell him that you want to fly and select the Visit Harvs Island option.

When you arrive on the island, youll meet Harvey conversing with the special guests of Wedding Season Reese and Cyrus! Theyre celebrating their wedding anniversary in June and need your help decorating for their photos.

After you meet them for the first time, Harvey will take you into his Wedding Picture Studio, which is unfortunately rather empty. Thats where you come in to help decorate it for the lovebirds using a brand new set of Wedding Season furniture!

When youre visiting Harveys Island on subsequent days during June, make sure to talk to him outside the studio each day to enter the Wedding Picture Studio. If you just walk straight in, youll end up in the regular non-event version.

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The List Of Wedding Season Items You Can Buy With Acnh Heart Crystals

  • Wedding bench – 5 heart crystals

  • Wedding decorations – 3 heart crystals

  • Wedding table – 6 heart crystals

  • Wedding chair – 3 heart crystals

  • Wedding flower stand – 4 heart crystals

  • Wedding candle set – 4 heart crystals

  • Wedding head table – 6 heart crystals

  • Wedding cake – 5 heart crystals

  • Wedding pipe organ – 40 heart crystals

  • Wedding arch – 20 heart crystals

  • Wedding welcome board – 5 heart crystals

  • Wedding-part wall – 12 heart crystals

  • White wedding wall – 12 heart crystals

  • Brown wedding wall – 12 heart crystals

  • Green wedding wall – 12 heart crystals

  • White wedding floor – 12 heart crystals

  • Brown wedding floor – 12 heart crystals

  • Green wedding floor – 12 heart crystals

  • Blue wedding rug – 4 heart crystals

  • Red wedding rug – 4 heart crystals

  • White wedding rug – 4 heart crystals

  • Cake dress – 20 heart crystals

  • Wedding tuxedo – 20 heart crystals

  • Wedding pumps – 6 heart crystals

  • Wedding shoes – 6 heart crystals

  • Bridal veil – 12 heart crystals

But remember that: you can only order eight things per in-game day! Make sure you spend your little crystal hearts as you get them, and dont hold them for the last couple days of the event because then you won’t be able to time travel back and spend them.

player once you’re done with your 422 heart crystals or however many you get you’re done and you can’t get any more. We are honestly curious about how that’s going to happen.

We Discover A Method The Captain Uses To Decide Which Islands To Take You To In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

ð How To Get Heart Crystals in Animal Crossing New Horizons ð Wedding Set GIVEAWAY

Many players who rebooted their island for update 2.0 have been finding that the Captain has been taking them to fairly common locations, blaming that to chance. However, there is something else: the game restricts certain special islands depending on the age of our character.

This is how we have been able to find out thanks to our friend Joseph, who has discovered that, if for example, we have not passed a certain date within the game world, we will not be able to access the island that was related to it. To illustrate it in some way, you will not be able to access the winter island if you have not lived on February 24 within the title at some time. This, of course, can be easily solved by taking a temporary trip or waiting.

We leave you with a list of the rare islands available in the Captains trips and the dates that you have had to have lived within the game to be able to access them :

  • Winter Island February 24
  • Cherry Petal Island April 10
  • Bamboo Island May 31
  • Star Shard Island June 15
  • Seashells Island August 31
  • Autumn Leaves Island November 25
  • Setitas Island November 30

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How Many Heart Crystals You Can Get In Animal Crossing

You only get a certain amount of heart crystals once per day. As we mentioned above you need at least 265 heart crystals for redeem a total of 29 wedding season rewards, but you can get more heart crystals to buy these items repeatedly! What is the maximum heart crystals you can get? Here we talk about the maximum amounts that you can get as a traditional player:

Traditional Optimizations: How many heart crystals can get every day in Animal Crossing New Horizons:

  • Days 1-7: 11 Heart Crystals Max Per Day

  • Days 8-30: 15 Heart Crystals Max Per Day

  • Total: 422 Heart Crystals

So the maximum heart crystals for traditional players to get is 422, and if you buy each of the wedding season rewards comes to the total spending of 265. 265 out of 422, if you do it optimally that’s not too bad, you still have a lot left over to order even more chairs, even more candles, head tables, and wedding cakes.

How Do I Use Heart Crystals In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Now that you know what Heart Crystals are and how to get them, what do you use them for? As you might expect, you can use this special new currency to buy some cool new items.

In this particular case, Heart Crystals are used to buy special Wedding Season items. The very first day shows only five items that you can purchase.

What are the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wedding Season items?

  • Wedding bench

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What Are Heart Crystals

Heart crystals are a reward for completing Cyrus and Reese’s photo shoots during Wedding Season. You can get between 5 and 11 heart crystals depending on the quality of your photo . This increases to a maximum of 15 after the first seven days.

Heart crystals are a currency used to purchase wedding items from Cyrus. Unlike crafting items like Summer Shells or Star fragments, heart crystals are a currency accepted only by Cyrus. They are a limited resource and can only be obtained by returning to Harv’s island to photograph the Re-tailers.

Assuming you get the maximum number of crystals every day of Wedding Season , it’s possible for one player to collect 422 heart crystals during the entire Wedding Season .

One important thing to note is that YOU CAN ONLY ORDER A MAXIMUM OF 8 ITEMS FROM CYRUS EVERY DAY. So, don’t hoard your heart crystals – spend them as you get them because you won’t be able to order all the items if you wait until the end of the month.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wedding Season: All Rewards Heart Crystals How To Get A Good Score

Every Wedding Season Item and Heart Crystal Price in ...

Animal crossing: New Horizons

Its a funny sort of event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons this month, with series staples Cyrus and Reese returning to celebrate their anniversary in a month-long event. Its wedding season, where the two Alpacas take center stage in a photo-oriented challenge that will go all month long. Read on for more info, how it all works. how to get the rewards, and whats up with heart crystals.

To start it, you need to got Harvs Island, where Cyrus and Reese are waiting to recreate their wedding photos, but Harv hasnt exactly gotten anything together. So the two want you to help them out, and take the photos as well, presumably because Harv is wicked creepy.

Each time you visit, youll be given a different scene to recreate, like the ceremony or the reception. Youll be able to use any of the furniture from your catalog to get the job done, but if you want to please the happy-ish couple, youll want to lean heavily on special pink and white pieces that Cyrus has made for the event.

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Dialogue Suggests Again That Flick And Cj Are More Than Friends In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Today we bring you a nice story about flick and CJ, two characters from Animal Crossing: New Horizons whose relationship weve learned more about with the titles 2.0 update. Specifically, lets start with the screenshots below:

As you can see, in addition to knowing that flick and CJ are now living together, it has been discovered that if we build a house for one, the other will automatically move in too.

To this we must now add the advice on love relationships that CJ gives us in some of his dialogues , as well as what flicks father, Nat, tells us about his sons relationship with CJ, stating that he feels happy about the relationship they have.

All this dialogue makes fans think that CJ and flick are more than friends, and some are already celebrating with drawings and other fan material.

What Are Heart Crystals In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

What are Heart Crystals in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? This brand new currency made its debut as part of the Animal Crossing Wedding Season event, but some players are finding themselves puzzled. Well tell you what they are, how to get them, and most importantly what you can spend them on!

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