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What Type Of Animal Crossing Villager Are You

Why Animal Crossing: New Horizons Only Lets You Have 10 Villagers

BEST & WORST Villager of EVERY PERSONALITY TYPE – Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons limits players to ten villagers on their islands at once, and the reasons behind this actually make perfect sense.

One of the main attractions of the;Animal Crossing series is the selection of over 400 different villagers that have been added throughout the franchise’s lifespan. With so many choices, some players may be tempted to collect as many of these lovable neighbors as they possibly can. Unfortunately, Animal Crossing: New Horizons;restricts players to a maximum of ten villagers on their island at once. While this limit may seem overly strict when compared to the total number of villagers in;the series, it serves several important functions in improving;the game’s overall experience.

There are several features that go into the quality of Animal Crossing games. While the series has experienced serious change over its lifetime, the ability to create a peaceful virtual utopia with villagers that get along in Animal Crossing has been a regular appeal. Decorating homes, catching bugs or fish, and paying off the debts thrust upon players by Tom Nook all contribute to the game’s final vision, which would be much more crowded if ACNH had allowed more than 10 villagers to live on player islands.

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Role In Animal Crossing

Initially in original Animal Crossing, there are 6 villagers in the town when the player moves in which are set to be one of each personality. The maximum number is 15. Once 15 villagers have moved in, one of the already existing villagers will attempt to move out to allow a new villager to move in. Once a villager moves to another town, there is a chance to see them wandering around town, talking about how they wanted to come for a visit and that they miss the town. Villagers have a unique role in Animal Crossing that is not so apparent in Wild World. During town events, they gather and celebrate in different areas of the town to partake in different events. Most noted is during the New Year’s Eve celebrations, where they gather around the town pond .

During Summer and Winter, a random villager may appear in the town and live inside a tent or an igloo for the day, where they will offer to play games with the player and give the chance to obtain unique items. In future game releases, they are not a source of rare, unique furniture, but become a means of gaining furniture through trades. They also do not camp out, and only live in their homes.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Special Villagers

Although regular villagers live alongside you on your island, you will probably have more contact with the roster of special villagers who provide goods, guidance, and services.

Some of these – like Tom Nook – are a given, but there are a few favorites from older games missing.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Special Villagers

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Notable Absences

If your favorite vendor isnt in the list above, I am truly sorry.

A lot of mechanics that were introduced to the player by special characters in previous Animal Crossing games are just done by text boxes or regular villagers in New Horizons – leaving those old friends without a reason to appear.

However, Leif was only confirmed in the Nintendo Direct announcing the Bunny Day special event – so theres still hope. Heres a list of all the special villagers who dont appear in Animal Crossing: New Horizons so far, but could turn up later.

  • Brewster

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Selection Of Fixed In

Two villagers will be on the island when you arriveCan select for Sisterly or Jock villagers
Finish the event where you build 3 houses for villagersPrepare furniture for the villagersThere are some limitations on personality type for these 3
Build The Campsite Invite after building the campsitePersonality is fixed to SmugCannot select due to the game autosaving

Villagers That Arrive Alongside Events Can Be Selected For

To a certain extent you are indeed able to “choose” what villagers you get during the above fixed in-game events. If you’re set on getting a certain resident , you can get them even during an early stage of the game.

Most Popular Furniture & Housewares

What your favourite type of Animal Crossing villager says ...

Upgrading, personalising and reinventing your island home is by far one of the most popular activities within Animal Crossing particularly among older players. But of the hundreds of furniture and houseware items within New Horizons, which are the most sought-after?

Large statement items like the Rocket, Lighthouse, Robot Hero, Moon, and Pool, are a clear trend within the list suggesting players are getting into some heavy theming on their islands. The joy of Animal Crossing is being able to incorporate crazy items into the overall design of your home bring a touch of enchantment to your personalisation efforts.

That said, value, size and rarity doesnt always equal popularity. Players also seek out more simple, everyday furniture and items with which to decorate their interiors , from dressers and panels to cushions, lighting and dressers.

So, there you have it a complete breakdown of some of the most popular characters, activities and customisable options within the wonderful world of Animal Crossing. With its animals, species, flora, and commitment to promoting the value of conservation, this is a must play game for animal and nature lovers alike and one were proud to endorse here at Blue Planet Aquarium.

For more fun content, features and information about visiting the Blue Planet Aquarium, head to the homepage or give our team a call on 0151 357 8804.

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The Rooster: Snooty But Progressive

There is one simple word that completely describes those under the Rooster Zodiac, extravagant. The Rooster loves to be the center of attention and will do whatever it takes to get there. People who fall under this Zodiac tend to be very in tune with pop culture, fashion, and anything related to stardom. They’re progressive, forward-thinking, and unique individuals who have a lot in common with those of the “Snooty” Personality type in ACNH.

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The only thing different about these wonderful Snooty villagers is that they’re a bit more negative than most other personality types, which is surprising. They insult other villagers and the player character relatively often in the beginning before they open up to them. And, of course, they’re all about those overly expensive items.

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Kk Slider Slider Is Based On Animal Crossing’s Composer

Something you might be surprised to learn is that the inspiration for K.K. Slider, Animal Crossing’s resident canine musician, comes from the game’s musical composer Kazumi Totaka. Obviously, Kazumi Totaka is not a canine, but the game’s creator intended for K.K. Slider’s looks and musical interests to be based on the talented and prolific Japanese composer. Kazumi even did voice acting work for the game. K.K. Slider’s name is also inspired by Kazumi Totaka. In the Japanese version of the game, the character is Totakeke, which is directly derived from Totaka. Kazumi Totaka has composed music for other well-known Nintendo games, including Super Mario, Wii Sports, Luigi’s Mansion, and Super Smash Bros.

Are You Lazy Peppy Or Snooty Or Maybe A Bit Of A Jock Take Thisquiz To Find Out What Your Animal Crossing Personality Is

Which Animal Crossing Villager are you???!

Animal Crossing may have started out life as a bit of a niche Nintendo offering, but it’s gone from strength to strength in recent years – particularly in its most recent guise as Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Switch. With more and more people flocking to its quirky world full of anthropomorphic animals, mortgage repayments and gardening, those who’ve been playing close attention will know that the animal villagers that fill your town tend to fall into a few broad personality types – some are friendly and outgoing, others grumpy and stand-offish, while a few want nothing more than to sleep all day and eat pizza. But if you were an Animal Crossing villager, where would you fit in? Take this quiz to find out!

With brand new quizzes each week, remember to log in for the chance to win £/$/20 of Xbox Live/PSN/eShop/Steam credit in our monthly draw, and to compete with your friends!Stay up to date with the latest by following us on, , , , and/or subscribing to our RSS. Good luck!

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Your Thoughts On Animal Crossing’s Most Popular Villagers

What do you think of our list of popular villagers? Are there any you feel we missed? Let us know. Also, don’t miss our list of our favorite villagers, and make sure to check out our best Animal Crossing T-Shirts roundup if you want to get a shirt with your favorite villager on it.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now for $60 on Nintendo Switch.

The Tiger: Smug But Flirtatious

Finally, there is the Tiger. Out of all the Zodiacs, this is the one that shares the same descriptors on most sources, and these descriptors usually have something to do with terms like confidence, brave, snarky, and charming. Those born under the year of the Tiger are people who usually express themselves in ways different from the norm, and they’re fine with that. They don’t go back on their word and they don’t mind seeming over-confident or too into themselves. And, of course, Smug villagers are mostly the same. They’re a mix of multiple personality types like Peppy and Normal, but the most outstanding trait they show is that same overconfidence that got them the “Smug” identifier. These villagers are really the only ones that get a bit flirty as well, which just feels so weird in a game so G-Rated. Still, the shared overconfidence means that these Smug inhabitants were only ever going to align with the Tiger Zodiac.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Sprinkle Villager Guide

Some Villagers in Animal Crossing are obviously named after some sort of food or drink, and they wear it on their heads. Just look at Chai. However, there are others who have names that are much more subtle hints at some sort of food, but never a direct one. In this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Sprinkle Villager Guide, were going to look at one such Villager. Well cover everything you need to know about the penguin Sprinkle, and even throw in some details you wont have known before reading.

What Your Favourite Type Of Animal Crossing Villager Says About You

Animal Crossing Villagers: How Many You Can Have & How To ...

If Jocks are your favourite I really dont think we can be friends

For the past two months, youve probably spent your lockdown either racking up 500 play hours on Animal Crossing, crying because you couldnt get hold of a Switch, or wondering why the hell people are getting so excited about a game where you live in a tent but still have a mortgage .;

Weve already told you which Animal Crossing character your uni is, and now its time to feed your insatiable ACNH hunger even further by finding out what your favourite village type reveals about you. Im going to play Katrina and look into my crystal ball. Keee heh ha mo-atata

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Personality Guide


One of the best aspects of the Animal Crossing series is the animals that populate your towns. Each game has a crop of animal types with varying personalities that can inhabit or visit your village. Some characters have become fan favorites, other must-haves for players to take up residence.;Animal Crossing: New Horizons is no different, of course.

In total, there are 391 possible villagers who can move into your island home, all sharing eight distinct personalities. Instead of listing every single villager or animal type here, it would be better to look at the personalities of these villagers so players know what they are getting into when inviting new animals to their island.

There are a total of eight different personalities villagers can have in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, four for males and four for females. The main list is as follows:


Each personality determines the responses and moods each villager has for the player, as well as general behavior against each other. Some personalities ultimately mesh better, which can determine things like villager mood and willingness to give the player tasks, rewards, or general attitude. Each personality also has a counterpart for each gender; Cranky and Sisterly personalities, for example, are considered counterparts because of their similar interests, attitudes, or hobbies. The other counterparts include Jock and Peppy, Lazy and Normal, and Smug and Snooty.

Lets look at each personality in some detail.

Check After Arriving On Your Island

Choose the layout and hemisphere of your island
3 As soon as you arrive, check which 2 villagers you got
4 If you’re unsatisfied, reset the game and try again

You can find out what villagers you got as soon as you arrive on your island. Once you arrive, if you’re not happy with your results, immediately reset the game and try again.

Fixed Personality Types

Choose Layout First

At the beginning of the game you’ll be asked to choose your island layout. This means that it will be extremely difficult to get the ideal Layout, Fruits, and Villagers. You’ll likely have to sacrifice something here, so make sure to decide your priorities before you begin.

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Mystery Tour Villager Recruitment

Before Resident Services Event Peppy, Lazy, Normal types appearVillagers you recruit will come live in the plots you set up
After Resident Services Event Don’t spawn if you’re at the cap

Personality Types Change According To Your Progress

The villagers which appear on Mystery Island Tours will change according to your in-game progress. If you go on the tour prior to completing the Resident Services Event with the 3 houses, you’ll only be able to get Peppy, Lazy, and Normal type villagers. After you complete this event, all 8 personality types will become available.

When Capped, Have A Villager Leave

When you’re at the maximum number of villagers , Mystery Tour Islands won’t spawn villagers. However, if you have one of your villagers move out, their house will become a vacant lot and you’ll be able to find villagers on Mystery Tour islands during that period.

The Player Survey Animal Crossing New Horizons Popular Villagers Ranking

Ranking EVERY Animal Crossing Villager Type

Animal Crossing New Horizons, an excellent casual game, it also has some competitive data. Some Japanese players have made a global reputation ranking among all the villagers. If you have nothing special Ideas about the villagers, you can take a look at this list first.

In addition to Anabelle and Cyrano, who have never heard of it, there are Ursala, Charlise, Groucho, Beardo, etc. Among them, Anabelle Amiibo card is the most popular character in various auctions, often with very high, The price is completed.

Of course, he is not only cute but also has some unique appearance, house decoration, and other elements. Although only the avatar is used as a reference in the leaderboard, if the player has a plan, we still recommend that they learn more about each villager!

What is the most important thing? This list is for reference only. This is not to encourage you to work hard to collect the so-called S+ villagers. This will make you lose the meaning of the game. After all, the biggest advantage of this game is leisure and freedom. Of course, you can choose and What kind of villagers live together is better than in reality you can’t choose neighbors.

ACBellsBuy keeps pushing news for you.

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Sometimes, after a long day, its nice to come home and unwind with a relaxing game. If youre not into the intensity of fighting games or the lengthy dedication required by MMOs, then Animal Crossing is the perfect game for you.

Youll spend your days fishing, bug hunting, building parks, Show More

Sometimes, after a long day, its nice to come home and unwind with a relaxing game. If youre not into the intensity of fighting games or the lengthy dedication required by MMOs, then Animal Crossing is the perfect game for you.

Youll spend your days fishing, bug hunting, building parks, sprucing up your house, meeting adorable animal villagers and so much more. Each of the games characters has a unique personality that affects how youll interact with them throughout your time in the town.

The important question now, though, is: which of these villagers are you most like? This quiz is designed to answer just that, so lets jump in!


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