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What’s The Rarest Fish In Animal Crossing

Always Have A Spare Net On Hand

Streamers Catch Rarest Fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Funny Moments)

This seems like a no-brainer, but nevertheless its extremely important. The last thing any bug hunter wants to do is run into one of the rarest bugs in the entirety of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but be forced to give the catch up because their one and only net broke after catching a grasshopper beforehand. Having an extra net or two in your inventory can be a catch-saver.

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Why Cant I Catch Fish In Animal Crossing

Youll never catch a fish without seeing the shadow, so no need to cast unless you spot one. When you do you just need to equip the fishing rod, face toward the shadow and hit A to cast. Your goal is to get the bobber to hit right in front of the fishs shadow, or at least close enough that it sees your hook.

Animal Crossing’s Coelacanth In Real Life

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ rare Coelacanth fish can only be caught during rainy days on the player’s island, but it is available year-round. In real life, the Coelacanth is also a rare species, primarily located off the coast of Africa. In New Horizons, Coelacanth’s are quoted as being “living fossils,” which is based on real-world evidence that most of the Coelacanths were thought to have died out in the Cretaceous period.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Rarest Fish Species

According to Gamepur on Monday, June 28, there are the fish that you can spot in their unusual sites. Here is the full list of them:


You can luckily spot this rare fish between June and September if you are from the northern hemisphere. If you are playing from the southern hemisphere, you can find it starting December to March. Usually, it appears from 4 PM to 9 PM.

If you are given the chance to catch it, you could sell it for 10,000 bells.


Fishing is not an easy task and Barreleye proves that you wont catch it soon. This exceptional fish can be found at any time of the year usually from around 9 PM to 4 AM . If you are fortunate to capture this one, you are headed to receive 15,000 bells.

Blue Marlin

If you want to search for this, go to the island and head to the pier. Prepare your fishing gear and start the process. In the northern hemisphere, it appears in July, September, and November to April.

In its southern counterpart, it comes out from January to March, May, and October. This fish is thrilling to catch since it is hard to grasp. The clue that it is around the area is the presence of a huge shadow in the water. Its market value is 10,000 bells.


This ancient fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is dubbed as the most challenging fish to catch. This sea monster is spread everywhere but make sure its the rainy season if you want to begin hunting it. It can be sold for 15,000 bells.


How Do You Get Golden Fish

Giving Blathers the RAREST Fish Animal Crossing New ...

The mythic goldfish is currently the rarest item in Fortnite, and, like other fish, you can catch it by simply fishing. However, it takes a long time to catch since its so rare. But this is not the only way to nab the elusive creature: some players report that you can simply find it randomly on the ground.

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What Is The Rarest Fish In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Having been widely thought extinct for 66 million years to much of the world until 1938, the coelacanth is one of the oldest fish swimming in the oceans today. Fetching a whopping 15,000 bells when sold, this makes the coelacanth the rarest fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

While the coelacanth is extremely rare in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and in real life, it’s arguably much easier to obtain in the video game. That is, of course, unless you have easy access to deep-water fishing off the southeastern coast of Africa and a really long fishing line.

Here’s what a coelacanth might look like with you eventually catch one after hours of fishing.

Are you curious how to catch a coelacanth in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? While fishing in Animal Crossing is known to be one of players’ favorite in-game pastimes (coming in only second to planting all the trees in Animal Crossing, knowing how to fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizon will be key to catching the ever-evasive coelacanth.

Follow these basics for catching a coelacanth in Animal Crossing: New Horizons:

  • Make sure you have a fishing rod handy this should be a no-brainer.
  • Ensure that you’re fishing in the Ocean. The coelacanth do not live in any freshwater lakes, streams or rivers in Animal Crossing.
  • Find a large shadow to begin fishing in, and don’t be afraid to throw in the fish bait to attract you soon-to-be fish friend.
  • Where To Get Big Fish

    First of all you have to know that getting large fish is not an easy task, you have to know in which places they can appear or rather in which areas you have to fish them because there are some rivers, others sea and others lagoons or ponds this is why to know how to catch big fish in animal crossing The first thing you have to know is where to fish them, this is mostly going to be in the sea since it is where the largest fish are found.

    If what you need is to know where certain fish are located, we can help you, you can find them in:

    • Ocean: In this place you will find, as we already mentioned, most of the fish, among the largest are the shark, the whale shark, the hammerhead, the sunfish, the fish, the oarfish and the coelacanth.
    • Dock: At the dock, believe it or not, we can find one of the largest fish that we have in animal crossing, lime is swordfish, so it is the place where you can get it without much difficulty.
    • River: There are some that specifically appear in an area of the river, in this case one of the largest fish that we will find is the sturgeon and we can fish it at the mouth of the river to lower the difficulty and increase the probability of catching it.

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    How To Catch Rare Fish And The Highest Fish Prices In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Explained

    As you might expect, the rarer the fish, the higher the price it will sell for in the shop – making for a welcome money making opportunity.

    But as implied, even if you know the correct time and place of where they will appear, finding these fish are difficult – requiring a dose of luck to appear, then some skill in catching them, especially as rarer fish tend to be more skittish when biting the lure.

    If you’re after rarer fish, especially to sell, there are some rules to follow:

    • If you’re planning to make money, keep scanning the sea as it’s where most expensive larger fish can appear, so stick to the coast .
    • If a fish has a fin, it’s likely to be a shark – and is one of the few fish types you can spot ahead of catching.
    • Though lures don’t increase your chances, they will force a fish to appear in unusual locations, such as the pier – saving you some effort in waiting.
    • Though rain is unconfirmed to increase numbers or chances of certain types of fish, the infamous Coelacanth will only appear when it rains – which can give you an extra incentive to get out to the coast when it does.

    It’s worth adding though some fish can sell for up to 15,000 Bells each, the chances of catching enough to make it worth prioritising over other make money opportunities – such as finding Tarantulas and Butterflies – is unlikely. As a result, see fishing as more of a completionist exercise than a lucrative one!

    What Kind Of Fish Can You Catch In Animal Crossing

    Guide: How to Easily Get RARE FISH in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

    The coelacanth is the only fish that can be caught in the ocean. In Animal Crossing, there are 40 species of fish obtainable.The herabuna from Animal Forest and Animal Forest+ has been replaced with the brook trout. The crawfish, frog, killifish, jellyfish, sea bass, red snapper, barred knifejaw, and arapaima were added. Animal Crossing fish list.

    Sharks There are many different varieties throughout the year, but as long as you fish out at sea, and fish in the evening hours theres a chance you can find one. If you see a fin on the fish silhouette before you catch it, then youre in luck.

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    Fact: Plague Doctor Costumes Were Surprisingly Practicalsort Of

    Given my recent professional fixation with disease transmission, Ive found myself increasingly curious about something Ive always wonderedwhy did plague doctors dress up like freaky birds?

    Public Domain

    While its not clear how widespread the use of these iconic costumes truly was , they definitely got some airtime in Europe starting around the 1500s. While the 1347 outbreak of Yersinia pestis infections known as The Black Death is the most infamous instance of European plague, the pathogen actually kept cropping back up for a good 300 years. Sometime during that long period of trying to keep epidemics at bay, some physician or another starting suiting up in distinctly birdlike attire.

    But as silly as the costume looks to our modern eyes, it did have its uses: The oiled leather material covered every inch of skin, limiting risk of exposure to infection. The goggled mask further insured this, while iconic walking stickswhich made the physicians look even more like ghastly harbingers of doomcould be used to gesture at or help undress an ill patient . In many ways, it functioned as a sort of rudimentary hazmat suitand it provided far more protection from pathogens than anything else doctors were wearing at the time.

    Your Question: What Is The Rarest Fish To Catch In Animal Crossing

  • How much are fish in Animal Crossing New Horizons?
  • Coelacanth Infamous for being one of the rarest fish in the Animal Crossing series, Coelacanth is back in New Horizons. The rules for this one are pretty simple it needs to rain, but otherwise its available all year round, at all times of day, and from the ocean.

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    How To Get Floating Presents In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Seen those floating presents in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Pop that balloon and claim your prize!

    In your new island life, an Animal Crossing: New Horizons fish list is essential, as fish are a currency unto themselves. Theyre some of the most expensive resources you can find on your island, so dipping your rod in the water whenever you see a lurking shadow is always worth the effort.

    As with everything in Animal Crossing: New Horizons the list of fish available at any time changes with the seasons and even the time of day. There are some fish that can only be caught in ponds, rivers or the sea, and even some very specific parts of each that you need to cast your line from. No matter the area, you can use fish bait to lure them in for a catch.

    Below is the Animal Crossing: New Horizons fish list for everything weve found so far. Well update the fish list as we find more. Each fish is listed with its sell price, how big its shadow is , and what time and month you can catch them . If youve found any others let us know and well make sure to add them to the list. Note that some fish must be found in specific areas of the island, such as the cliff rivers and the pier, or when it is raining or snowing. These are noted in brackets.

    Rare Fish In Clifftops

    What Is The Rarest Fish In Animal Crossing / Acnh Rare ...

    There are a few extremely rare and elusive fish that are found on top of cliffs in New Horizons. These fish require ladders to climb up to, and a lot of patience when fishing. Bringing loads of fishing bait also helps a ton.

    Golden Trout – The Golden Trout sells for 15,000 bells and casts a medium shadow. It can be caught from 4pm – 9am from Mar – May & Sep – Nov or Sep – Nov & Mar – May .

    String Fish – The String Fish sells for 15,000 bells and casts a huge shadow. It can be caught from 4pm – 9am from Dec – Mar or Jun – Sep .

    It is possible that in the coming months Nintendo will add content to the game and even add more rare fish. One rumor points to the chance that deep-sea fishing may return to Animal Crossing, and thus quite a few fish would be added to the Critterpedia app. But for now, there are more than enough creatures to collect.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons is out now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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    Is There A Trick To Fishing In Animal Crossing

    When youre out fishing, try to walk slowly near the waterrunning might scare away your fishy friend. When you spot a shadow in the water, its time to grab your fishing pole. The size and shape of the shadow may give you a hint about which type of fish it is. If the shadow has a fin, it might be a shark!

    How Much Does It Cost To Catch A Shark On Animal Crossing

    Sharks There are many different varieties throughout the year, but as long as you fish out at sea, and fish in the evening hours theres a chance you can find one. If you see a fin on the fish silhouette before you catch it, then youre in luck.

    Below you will find a complete Animal Crossing: New Horizons fish list featuring a gallery of every fish and collectable underwater creature in the game and some basic fishing tips. There are a total of 80 fish to catch in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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    Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Catch A Whale Shark

    Heres what you need to know about catching this massive animal.

    One of the biggest fish you can capture in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the whale shark, a massive creature thats found in the ocean around your island.

    In the Northern Hemisphere, the whale shark can be captured from June to September. As reported by Prima Games, it appears in the Southern Hemisphere from December to March. The whale shark can be captured at any time of day.

    While many aquatic animals appear as standard silhouettes of various sizes, the whale shark is a bit different, as its silhouette has a fin that sticks up out of the water. Unfortunately, there are multiple creatures that have this fin, so when you spot one sticking out of the water, its not guaranteed to be a whale shark. However, looking for the fin can help you narrow it down.

    Remember, if you want to speed up the process of spawning and capturing fish, there are a couple of things you can do. For instance, if you see a silhouette that doesnt match the fish you want to capture, you can run along the waters edge to make it disappear, which will allow another fish to spawn in its place.

    You can also use Fish Bait to cause fish to instantly appear in the water. Theres no guarantee a whale shark will appear when you toss a Fish Bait into the water, but it cant hurt to try!

    And there you have it! Have fun tracking down this massive creature!

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Coelacanth

    • 166

    There are several rare fish to find in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the Coelacanth is one of the most sought-after. It’s a huge fish and a satisfying catch, although it only spawns under certain conditions. If you’re wondering how, when and where to catch a Coelacanth, just follow the steps below and you’ll have one hooked in no time.

    If you’re after information about every fish in New Horizons and general tips on how to hook them, check out our Animal Crossing: New Horizons fish guide and list for all the fishy facts you could want.

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    Animal Crossing Hemispheres Explained

    When beginning your Animal Crossing: New Horizons adventure, youre asked whether you want an island on the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. The idea is to choose the one to match where you live, but youre free to choose whichever you like.

    Your choice of hemisphere dictates seasonal changes, ultimately affecting the months in which fish and bugs spawn on your island, so its important to know which area your island is in.

    Heres a quick reference sheet of which months comprise the four seasons on both sides of the world.

    • Spring: Northern = March, April, May | Southern = September, October, November
    • Summer: Northern = June, July, August | Southern = December, January, February
    • Autumn: Northern = September, October, November | Southern = March, April, May
    • Winter: Northern = December, January, February | Southern = June, July, August


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