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When Did Animal Crossing New Leaf Come Out

Years Of New Leaf: Eight Features We Want Back In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Leaf – 11: Come get your coffee!

Its hard to believe, but today marks eight years since Animal Crossing: New Leaf first launched on the Nintendo 3DS in North America all the way back on June 9th, 2013! Isnt that just incredible?

With over 12.93 million copies now sold worldwide, New Leaf was the most successful game in the series until Animal Crossing: New Horizons conducted a hostile takeover with record numbers. Its safe to say millions of current Animal Crossing fans were introduced to the series through New Leaf.

Animal Crossing World began its journey as a blog covering Animal Crossing 3DS as it was originally called, so this birthday always means a lot to us. To celebrate, lets go over eight of our favorite features from Animal Crossing: New Leaf that we wish to return in New Horizons someday.

Editors Note: Todays article is a republishing of last years 7 Years of New Leaf post, with an additional 8th feature added to celebrate the 8th birthday.

While theres plenty of major features that are missing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons wed like to see return, most of the main ones have been covered relentlessly already by others and apply to the series as a whole.

So in this article, were going to focus on features that were unique to Animal Crossing: New Leaf that we want back, including some smaller ones that have been forgotten by many or are unknown to some!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Is Everything New Horizons Should Be

I hate to say it, but Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a furniture problem. What problem? Well, there just… isn’t enough of it. If you asked Animal Crossing fans, “What do you hope to see from Nintendo at E3 2021?”, many would sadly reply, “More furniture and events.”

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, there were 45 different “series” of furniture , with many more smaller “sets” of furniture that don’t necessarily have all the components of a bedroom, but look good together. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, I’ve counted at least 26 “series,” although I was being generous and including some that would have been considered “sets” in older games, such as the Diner series. For a game that prides itself on regular content updates, that’s a problem. Meanwhile, Nintendo’s mobile game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, has clothes and furniture sets on top of established ones, with new content releasing regularly. So, how did we get here?

Issue : Variety Is The Spice Of Life

The second point here sort of ties into the first. After you’ve hit a point, there’s nothing much to do but find busy work in New Horizons. Sure, you can fish, catch bugs, and rearrange your island, but that’s it. You can also talk to your residents, but instead of doing odd jobs for them, like in the past, it’s very rare that you get anything more than a conversation or an easy fetch quest.

These fleeting interactions were once a staple part of the Animal Crossing games. In New Horizon, however, they usually feature a ton of recycled dialogue. Also, though the villagers supposedly have “different” personality types, they all seem pretty similar. Other than their look and the tone of their voice, you really can’t tell the difference between them, except for maybe the grumpy NPCs. Speaking of NPCs, the random vendors that visit need a shake-up. We rarely see Redd, and almost always get Kicks or Leif. Or Gulliver.

Finally, those Nook Mystery Tours are a big disappointment. Sure, there’s an off-chance that you can land on a rare island, but most of them are exactly the same as your island. We usually feel as if we’ve wasted my Nook Miles points on those tickets.

How others do it

Stardew Valley takes the cake here in the variety category. Each playthrough can be different, and the days pass quickly so it’s easy to get sucked in with tasks like daily maintenace on the farm. Stardew and Animal Crossing share plenty of likenesses, but Stardew takes everything a step further.

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Animal Crossing: A Brief History Of Nintendo’s Beloved Life Sim

With Animal Crossing: New Horizons finally releasing this month, let’s take a look back at the other games in gaming’s most wholesome franchise.

Animal Crossing, the adorable life-with-talking-animals simulator, is Nintendo’s tenth best-selling franchise. Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be the franchise’s first main series release since 2012, and it promises even more adorable, wholesome fun and customization options than every before.

With excitement for the series at a fever pitch, now is a better time than ever to look at the history of the nearly 20 year old series and see how it all leads to this month’s island getaway.

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We Finally Know When Youll Become Mayor And Wear Pants


Have you played Animal Crossing: New Leaf?

Andrew Goldfarb is IGNs news editor. He plans to spend an unhealthy amount of time playing Animal Crossing. Keep up with pictures of the latest food hes been eating by or garfep on IGN

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The Snowmen Are Alive Much To Their Despair

If you play Animal Crossing during the winter, you will probably want to build a snowman. Few players can resist participating in such an iconic wintertime activity. Moreover, snowmen spring to life once complete. While the surprise of a talking snowman is creepy on its own, the magic takes a turn for the bizarre if you mess up the snowman’s body.

Most people know how to make a snowman. You roll balls of snow and pile them on top of one another, with the largest ball forming the base and the smallest forming the head. However, if you accidentally screw up and place the larger ball on top, the snowman curses its existence with eloquence that belongs in a rendition of Frankenstein directed by William Shakespeare.

Okay, maybe their lamentations are kind of funny, but you cannot deny the inherent spook factor of snowmen gaining sentience at the drop of the hat.

‘animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Sanrio Collab Brings Hello Kitty Items To Your Town

Those Animal Crossing: New Horizons-Sanrio collaboration amiibo cards, which were only previously available in Japan and the EU, are finally arriving in the US on March 26th. Nintendo first announced their stateside release back in January, but now the company is giving you a glimpse of what you can get when you snap up the collaboration pack. The gaming giant has posted videos on YouTube and Twitter showing the villagers you can add to your town, as well as the Sanrio-themed items you’ll be able to buy from the in-game store when you scan the amiibo cards.

From , My Melody, to Keroppi, get ready to discover new residents, styles & items inspired by adorable friends! The #AnimalCrossing Sanrio Collaboration Pack comes to the US on 3/26, exclusively at !


There are six villagers you can add to your town by scanning the cards, and each one gives you access to specific Sanrio items. The Rilla card adds Hello Kitty-themed furniture and wallpapers to the list of items you can buy, for instance. You’ll also get items based on My Melody, Little Twin Stars Kiki and Lala, Pompompurin, Cinnamoroll and Kerokerokeroppi with the other villagers. Each theme has a different set on offer the Cinnamoroll items have tablets, umbrellas and signage for a cafe, while the Kerokerokeroppi-themed ones include a bridge and koi pond for a Japanese garden.

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Nuts To Parochial Backwaters: Lets Go To The City

Portable play is all well and good, but what if you had a real hankering for that classic big screen experience on your 12-inch CRT with only one working speaker? With the 2006 launch of the Wii came a two year wait before the series returned to home consoles with Animal Crossing: Lets Go To The City!. Or at least thats what it was called in Europe. In North America it went by Animal Crossing: City Folk because Nintendo of America refuse to publish any game with more than five words in the title. To be honest, we endorse such practices and wish they were still employed it would avoid multi-syllable embarrassments like Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the Necrodancer Featuring The Legend of Zelda or that Dragon Quest XI: The Longest Title In The History Of The WorldEver! Definitive Edition.

If the name didnt give it away at all, Lets Go To The City allows you to venture outside the peaceful tranquillity of your town and, yes, go to a city. That was about the only major difference between this and Wild World, though, and the game was criticised for being too similar to its predecessor. Part of that may be because its based on exactly the same game engine as the DS version. You could have more villagers, your own home rather than sharing one with anyone else who had a character in the game, but much of City Folk was subject to only very minor changes.

Here’s A Timeline Of Animal Crossing Games Over The Years

Animal Crossing Playthrough Part 1

Live your best virtual life

Tomorrow, Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be transporting Nintendo Switch users to a bright, tropical destination to live their best virtual lives. Aside from living alongside a colorful cast of critters, you also get to design your perfect island getaway, collect resources to craft tools and items, decorate your vacation home and more.

With New Horizons joining the roster of the Animal Crossing series of games, lets take a look back on the franchise and how this cutesy, open-ended life simulator achieved worldwide success.

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2001: Animal Crossing

The first Animal Crossing came out on the GameCube console and featured the player as a young girl or boy whos ready to start a new life in a small village.

After discovering your lack of accommodations, shopkeeper Tom Nook offers you a house and allows you to work for him to pay off your debt. Once the debt is paid, you take on odd jobs and errands for the villagers, including picking fruits and catching fish and insects.

What gives this game its charm is its atmosphere, with days, nights and seasons closely following real-life, interactions with quirky and unique villagers and shopkeepers, even celebrating similar holidays through certain activities.

2005: Animal Crossing: Wild World

2008: Animal Crossing: City Folk

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Some Characters Are Just Plain Haunting

Animal Crossing is full of wild and colorful characters, all of whom are anthropomorphic animals. While this raises the obvious question of why the protagonist is the only human in the game, the more pressing question is why some characters go beyond simple anthropomorphism and cross into the realm of creepy.

Stitches, the patchwork teddy bear with cross marks where his eyes should be, is a prime example. Stitches’ mere existence raises numerous questions since Animal Crossing features living bear neighbors. How does Stitches see? Is Stitches even alive? The same questions apply to Coco, who appears to be a gyroid crossed with a rabbit. Not only does Coco maintain a terrifyingly blank expression, but her creep factor is dialed up to eleven because her house looks like a funeral pyre and is filled with gyroids.

Coco and Stitches aren’t Animal Crossing‘s only possible undead residents, though, as Lucky lurks throughout the franchise. His creep factor is dependent on whether you read his heavily bandaged body and single glowing eye as a sign that he is a mummy or recovering from a horrible injury.

Finally, there’s Pietro, the sheep clown. However, you might only find him creepy if you suffer from coulrophobia.

What You Wont Like

The occasional overwhelming sense of sameness

As much as I enjoy my time in Animal Crossing, its hard to ignore that this is the same game I played on the GameCube. Its also the same game I played on the Nintendo DS. Its probably the same game many of you played on the Wii I skipped that one.

I felt like I could get back into Animal Crossing again after not touching one since 2005. I was right, but even so, this is the same game. That might really dampen the experience for some people. If you exhausted this franchise with a previous release, then I doubt youll find much worth exploring this time around.

I dont know what I would have had Nintendo change, but I feel like this is a franchise they could take a lot more risk with. That they try almost nothing new is really disappointing.

Clunky interface

Whats even more frustrating about Animal Crossings stagnation is that Nintendo doesnt just keep the good stuff. The decrepit inventory management, conversation system, and interface design also all made the jump to the 3DS.

Every little action in this game take just a few too many button presses. Donating fossils to the museum requires you to first get the curator to identify them. If you have more than one, he doesnt let you automatically contribute them. You have to advance to another menu where you can finally hand them over.

This outdated design exists throughout. I think the designers might believe it has some kind of charm, but if it does, it didnt work on me.

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Animal Crossing: Wild World

Animal Crossing sold relatively well, but the series skyrocketed after the 2005 release of the Nintendo DS sequel. While overall gameplay was mostly the same, players could now use Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to travel to and interact with the villages of their friends. Additionally, the game utilized the unique dual-screened layout of the DS to allow new levels of interaction and customization with the touch screen and stylus.

Animal Crossing: Wild World was also the first game in the series to switch from a flat, grid-based world to one that was curved and continuous. Unlike the previous entry where all individual players lived in separate houses, all players in Wild World shared one house.

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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

In Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, one of Donkey Kong’s idle animations is pulling out a blue 3DS XL with sound effects being heard from one of four random 3DS games. One of these games is Animal Crossing: New Leaf. He can be heard either starting up the game, coming out of a house, or digging something up. This is removed from the Nintendo Switch rerelease.

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What Year Did Animal Crossing Come Out Mean

While wandering New Horizons, you might have encountered the Grasshopper-head, Mantis-head, and Wasp-head models. These horrific, blown-up renditions of bug heads are mounted on walls like hunting trophies and let you see every micron of their noggins in terrifying detail, from their chewing mandibles to their segmented antennae. Bug heads were not meant to be seen that close, but New Horizons provided the models, presenting them as art commissions by the special visitor, Flick. It’s hard to decide what’s more frightening: the models themselves, or the fact that one of your island’s frequent guests creates them as a hobby.

May 7th: Alexandria Ocasio

Out of the blue, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced she was going to visit peoples islands on May 7th. She briefly opened up her DMs to solicit Dodo codes, and visitedsome islands. On one island, she shared fruit, took pictures, and signed the bulletin board.

Update 2: first ever House call in the books! It was so sweet. Island belonged to a family of three. We exchanged fruit, took pictures, and I signed a bulletin note using my touch screen.I was floored by how fast they typed and they taught me about the app.

The NFLs Detroit Lions revealed their 2020 season schedule in a hilarious video that used elements from New Horizons to announce each week of the season. In one vignette, the main character buried a stuffed bear, for example, while the one for bye week featured the player turning off the lights and flopping into bed. You should just watch the whole thing.

Big shout out to for holding it down while we wait for football season. #animalcrossingnewhorizons#acnh#animalcrossing

Detroit Lions May 8, 2020

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Has Nook Miles

A continuous problem for the Animal Crossing series is that players eventually run out of things to do. New Horizons didn’t fix this issue, but it made more meaningful steps toward addressing it than New Leaf did thanks to its Nook Miles system. Nook Miles are points awarded for accomplishing in-game tasks that the player can redeem for exclusive items and other rewards. While eventually a player will be able to accomplish everything on the list, the game adds new daily challenges every day that the player can also work toward. It’s not a perfect system, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons can still get repetitive, but an in-game achievement system helps to keep the game fresh in a way that New Leaf never did.

Throughout April: Players Design In

Animal Crossing: New Leaf – I Find the Most Disturbing Statue! -Ep. 2-

Soon after the games launch, players started to use Animal Crossing: New Horizons design tools to recreate their favorite streetwear brands in the game, like Supreme and Louis Vuitton. And esports teams, like Gen.g, shared designs of their jerseys for players to use, while 100 Thieves added its entire apparel collection to the game.

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