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When Is Festivale Animal Crossing

What Are Feathers For In Animal Crossing: New Horizons And Where Do I Get Them

Animal Crossing New Horizons – Festivale Event (What to Expect)

Feathers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are a crafting resource. Like many other seasonal resources in the game including snowflakes, maple leaves, and cherry blossoms they are found floating through the air during a limited number of days. They can then be caught with the net.

There are five colours of feathers in ACNH:

  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Rainbow

In addition to their value when trading with Pavé, feathers are required if you want to customise the new Festivale-themed furniture set. More on that below.

How to collect feathers: catching, crafting, and trading

There are three ways of getting the feathers you need during Festivale:

  • Catch them with your net
  • Craft rainbow feathers at a crafting table
  • Trade with your villagers for them

Feathers will appear on your island from 5a.m. on February 15th, and stick around until Festivale ends at 4:59a.m. the following day. You can see them floating through the air, and they also make a distinctive booping sound when there’s one nearby.

The sound gets louder the closer you get, so run around a bit to locate them if you can hear but not see them. They also don’t seem to de-spawn as quickly as snowflakes or maple leaves, even if you fail to catch them on the first swing of the net.

A much more reliable way to get rainbow feathers is to craft them. Talk to Pavé for the first time and he’ll give you the DIY recipe for a rainbow feather. You need one of each of the common feather colours to make one rainbow feather.

Festivale Event Activities What To Do

Learn more about all of the fun Festivale activities you can enjoy during this event in the sections below, including specific details on how to get every item reward available in this event.

Festivale Set Customization & Variants

If you dont like the color of the Festivale Set furniture items you buy or receive, dont worry! Each item, except for the Festivale Float, can be freely customized at any time into these five colors: Red, Blue, Green, Purple, and Rainbow.

To customize a Festivale furniture item, simply use a DIY Workbench and select the item to bring up a customization screen. The cost to customize each Festivale Set item varies from 1 to 2 Rainbow Feathers with a total of 13 Rainbow Feathers required to customize every item once.

Be sure to spend plenty of time participating in the Festivale Event on February 15th to collect lots of Rainbow Feathers if youre serious about this furniture set!

Remember that you can easily craft a Rainbow Feather by using one of each regular colored feather thanks to the DIY recipe given by Pave you dont necessarily need to actually find that many Rainbow Feathers on their own.

Special thanks to the contributors of the ACNH Data Spreadsheet Project for some of the information and images used in this guide.

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How To Get Feathers

Requires: net

Feathers are only available on the day of the event, so it’s important to get as many as you need while you can. You’ll be able to catch feathers with a net throughout the day; simply run around your island with your net out and press A to catch feathers the same way you would catch bugs.

Like the Festivale items, feathers come in green, red, blue, purple, and rainbow. You’ll find every color floating around your island, but because it’s random, you might find one or two colors more frequently than others just by chance. Rainbow feathers, while very rare, will appear occasionally.

Can I Dance In Animal Crossing


Animal Crossing: New Horizons Where to Find the Dance Emote. The Feelin It emote is a unique reward exclusive to the Festivale Event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. However, players will not receive it as a prize from turning in feathers at Pale. Instead, theyll have to drop 19,500 at Nook and Cranny to obtain it

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What Special Clothing Furniture And Reactions Can I Buy Ahead Of Festivale

Starting on February 1st, you can buy Festivale-related clothing and furniture from the Able Sisters’ tailor shop and Nook’s Cranny, respectively.

These items will be available until February 15th, when they’ll go away until next Festivale. They’ll also be available in rotation meaning not everything will be for sale every day, so if you see something you particularly like it’s worth buying straight away.

Festivale furniture items will be displayed on the seasonal items stand in Nook’s Cranny. After making your first purchase from this set, the Nooklings will direct you to look in the cabinet, where a new Festivale Reactions set is on sale.

The set costs a hefty 19,800 Bells for four reactions but they are great fun and let’s face it, if you’ve been playing ACNH for any amount of time since launch, you can pretty definitely afford it. Performing these reactions in front of special NPCs such as the Nooklings or Blathers will cause them to react in some cute and funny ways, so it’s well worth the cost.

Festivale furniture

There are nine items of Festivale furniture available to buy. They are:

Item Name
Festivale Stage 6,000

With only one on sale per day and only 15 days in which to buy them, you can probably work out that some of these will only be in Nook’s Cranny once. However, these are the same items Pavé gives out on the day of Festivale, so there’s no need to worry about buying them all from the Nooklings.

Festivale clothing

Item Name

Animal Crossing Update Trailer Announces Festivale Release Date

Animal Crossing’s next update brings the Carnival-inspired holiday Festivale to your island, with new items to collect, animals to befriend, and more.

An Animal Crossing: New;Horizons;trailer released;today provides the date for the title’s next holiday, Festivale. Since the game’s release in March of 2020, Nintendo has provided a series of video trailers and free updates every few months that bring new items and events for players to experience. Because the game runs in real time and the seasons change, many of the events;are based on real-world holidays, including;Halloween, Thanksgiving, and “Toy Day” . Nintendo’s goal in locking the seasons behind timed updates is to prevent other players from using the controversial, though legitimate, “time-skip” method to spoil the events of future holidays for other players.;Activating holidays at certain points during the year means that all players experience the holiday when Nintendo intended.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons

While emotes are fun, there are multiple other items that players will want to collect during the Festivale event. Nine total festival items come in five different colors. The color depends on what colored feathers players bring to Pave. Turn in feathers at Pave and interact with villagers to obtain the following:

  • Festivale Flag
  • Festivale Garland
  • Festivale Confetti Machine

Turn in three rainbow feathers to Pave and receive the Festivale Float as a special reward. Players can also get in the Festivale Spirit with event-exclusive clothing available in the Able Sisters Shop. Players will see their islanders sporting all sorts of colorful outfits and will want to fit in. The Festivale outfits include:

  • Festivale Tank Dress
  • Festivale Accessory
  • Festivale Costume

Time-travel has always been a big part of Animal Crossing as our busy lives may force us to miss special events and exclusive items. Roll the clock back and find all the Festivale items. Make sure to show off those new dance moves in front of Pave too.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on Nintendo Switch

How To Get Festivale Reactions

FESTIVALE IS HERE In Animal Crossing New Horizons!

In addition to Festivale Items and the feathers, the event features special Festivale Reactions you can unlock. To get these, youll want to head to Nooks Cranny and check the store cupboard. The Viva Festivale Reaction Set is only available on February 15, and costs 19,800 bells.

Here are all the Festivale Reactions in Animal Crossing: New Horizons:

  • Viva
  • Feelin it
  • Lets Go

And thats everything there is to know about the Festivale event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Itll take some time to get all the Festivale Items and Reactions, but the results are well worth it. For more Animal Crossing: New Horizons content, book a flight to our hub page for the game via Dodo Airlines.

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Held On February 15th

Event Date

The Festivale Event was added to the game in the January 28th update. However, the actual event will only be available on February 15th in real-world time! You’ll have to collect feathers on your island and turn them into Pavé!

Event Held For A Full Day

Festivale will last the entire day of February 15th, from 5 am to 4:59am the following day. Your villagers will also be outside participating in the event all day!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Festivale Guide

The primary event of Festivale is the arrival of Pavé, a dance-loving Peacock whos desperate for feathers. He has set up a stand in front of the Town Hall, but youve got one important task before you head there. A crucially important point before you get started is to head to the Able Sisters and buy yourself some Festivale attire. Pavé will know if you dont.

Once youre dressed appropriately, speak with Pavé to get the recipe for a Rainbow Feather. Hell also send you out to collect feathers from across the island. There are five feather types youll find floating around the island:

  • Purple Feather
  • Rainbow Feather

Rainbow Feathers are much rarer, and can also be crafted from one of all the other four types. We dont recommend doing that right away, however. Any time you bring Pavé three feathers of one color or a rainbow feather hell reward you with a Festivale item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons .

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How To Get The Festivale Float

Once you’ve traded with Pave nine times–once for each regular Festivale item–he’ll ask you to bring him three rainbow feathers in exchange for a special reward: the Festivale float. This is the only way to get the Festivale float without trading with other players.

You can get as many Festivale floats as you’d like on the day of Festivale. You just need to complete a cycle of nine trades, and then Pave will offer you the trade for the Festivale float. You can continue to do this until the event ends.

What Where And When Is Festivale

Animal Crossing: Everything You Need To Prepare For Festivale

Festivale is the Animal Crossing equivalent of Mardi Gras and/or Carnival, but with a Rated E for Everyone feel. The holiday doesnt have a set date and changes each year, usually taking place in either February or March. Due to this, Festivales date is always changing and currently, we only know its 2021 date Monday, February 15th.

To see Pavé visit your island, youll need Animal Crossing: New Horizons Version 1.7.0 installed, that the current version reads as Version 1.7.0a on the title screen , and that the Resident Services permanent brick-and-mortar building has been unlocked. With this completed, Pavé will be dancing away from 5 a.m. in-game time for 24 hours . In the case of 2021, that means youll spot the jubilant peacock on Monday, February 15th, at 5 a.m. until Tuesday, February 16th, at 5 a.m. .

How does one partake in Festivale? In the wise words of Pavé, There is no right or wrong. There is only Pavé. Oh, and catching feathers, crafting Rainbow feathers, exchanging feathers for furniture.

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Buy Festivale Clothing & Reactions

To celebrate the Festivale event, three new pieces of themed Festivale Clothing can be purchased at Able Sisters and a set of four new Festivale Reactions can be picked up at Nooks Cranny.

These items are no different from what was already made available starting on February 1st in the run-up to the event, but you can still grab them on February 15th if you havent already!

This guide is a work in progress as we explore the Festivale event. Please leave a comment below if you spot any errors, or have a suggestion to add to the guide.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Festivale

  • 0

Image: Austin Voigt

Weeks before the dawn of spring, the month of February brings not only Valentine’s Day to get your heart pumping, but also carnival season with its confetti, dancing and general jovialness. We could all do with a drop of frivolity, right?

The arrival of carnival seasons means it’s time for Pavé, the divine dancing peacock, to land on your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island and get that party started. The to Nintendo’s sedate life sim contains a host of new items and activities to look forward to, as well as the Festivale event itself, and we’ve collected all available information about the event in this handy guide.

¡Viva Festivale!

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When Is The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Festivale Start Date

Mark your calendars: Festivale is on Monday, February 15. While some previous Animal Crossing events span multiple days, Festivale seems to just be a one-day affair, so youâll have to log in that day or miss it entirely. A free update for the game will be available on Thursday, January 28, which adds the event into the game, so youâll need to make sure you have that downloaded.

How To Find Blue Green Purple And Red Feathers For Festivale In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Pavé and the Festivale! – Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Gameplay Part 115

Throughout Festivale in New Horizons, you’ll see feathers floating about your island.

Aside from the special Rainbow Feathers, there are four types of feathers for you to hunt down – blue, green, purple and red.

Just like the seasonal materials, such as snowflakes and cherry blossom petals, these feathers can be easily caught in your net. Simply run about your island, keeping an ear out for the wibbly-wobbly sound which signifies a feather is closeby, and then swipe it with your net.

These feathers are a little more durable than the seasonal materials, so don’t worry if you miss a couple of times, because the feather won’t disappear.

If you’re having trouble finding a specific colour of feather, then take the time to chat with your villagers. They’re also hunting down feathers and will be happy to trade.

When you talk to a villager, they’ll tell you which colour of feather they’re looking for and which colour you’ll receive.

Since the feathers stack in groups of three, you can only exchange a maximum of three feathers at one time and, it’s important to note, that you will always exchange the max amount of feathers from whichever stack you select.

This means if you only want to exchange one red feather, for example, but only have a stack of three, you’ll want to catch an additional red feather before you make the exchange.

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Catch Flying Festivale Feathers

During the Festivale event, beautiful colorful feathers will rain down from the sky across your island floating in the air alongside colorful confetti! There are five different types of feathers you can encounter and catch during the Festivale event: Red Feather, Blue Feather, Green Feather, Purple Feather, and Rainbow Feather.

Similarly to seasonal items like Snowflakes, you can catch these wonderful feathers on Festivale by using your Net and swinging at them. Feathers also make a whoosh sound effect when they are in the air near you, which can help you find them behind trees and other obstuctions.

While the Red, Blue, Green, and Purple feathers are all equally rare, the Rainbow Feathers are particularly rare and valuable. Be sure to catch them whenever you see one as you might regret it later! After that, you should focus on feathers of the color you would prefer to obtain Festivale Set furniture in as the color determines your reward.

Trade Festivale Feathers With Villagers

Another way you can get feathers during Festivale is by trading with the villagers on your island! Simply talk to a villager while carrying feathers in your inventory and they may propose a trade.

In particular, villagers seem to seek out the feather color that matches their current Festivale clothing. For example, if you spot Roald wearing a blue outfit, then he will suggest trading one of your Blue Feathers for another color.

Craft Rainbow Feathers

What Is Festivale In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Who Is Pav

Festivale is inspired by real-world celebrations like Carnival and Mardis Gras. Described by Nintendo as “all-day festival of color, costumes and craziness!”, Festivale is an opportunity for you and your animal friends to have some fun and celebrate the imminent turning of the seasons.

Past Animal Crossing titles have included candy exchanges and a variety of games during Festivale, but in New Horizons the order of the day is all about collecting feathers. You’ll then give them to Pavé in exchange for Festivale-related goodies.

In case you haven’t had the pleasure in the past, Pavé is a flamboyant and exuberant peacock who sets up in the plaza on the day of Festivale. Much like Zipper on Bunny Day or Franklin on Turkey Day, he’s there to exchange your seasonal collectables for unique rewards like furniture and recipes.

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