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When Is The Next Animal Crossing Game Coming Out

Nintendo Entertainment System Games

Animal Crossing New Horizons – UPDATE NEWS This Week?!

Players can collect various Nintendo Entertainment System games in Animal Crossing, which are playable via emulation. North American releases are packaged with a memory card that automatically gives the player two games upon creating a game file. Others are acquired in various ways, such as gifts from villagers, hidden on the island, or via special giveaways from Nintendo’s website. The available NES games differ slightly between each release.

The following NES games are available for play:

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Four additional NES games are not obtainable in-game through normal means. In North America, two of these games, Ice Climber and , were released through the use of two e-Reader cards, which were not distributed in Europe or Japan. Japanese players received Ice Climber as a gift if they used a special service provided by Nintendo to transfer their save data from Dbutsu no Mori to Dbutsu no Mori+ this service has since been discontinued. Super Mario Bros. was distributed in Japan as a Famitsu prize to Dbutsu no Mori+ players. The Legend of Zelda exists in the game’s code, but is not accessible in-game. These four bonus games can be obtained using a cheat device in earlier GameCube releases, but were removed in Dbutsu no Mori e+.

Game Boy Advance Connectivity

Game Boy Advance connectivity plays a role in Animal Crossing, using a Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance link cable. Each town has an island that can be accessed by plugging in a Game Boy Advance with a GameCube link cable. A character called Kapp’n ferries the player to the island for free. An exclusive animal roams the island, with whom the player can become friends. The island has an exclusive type of fruit: coconuts. The player can also decorate a small communal beach house and fish at the shores. On leaving, the player can download the island to a GBA and give fruit to the villager, who drops Bells if the player returns to the island, they can pick up the money that has been dropped. Players can leave the islander tools to use, such as the shovel or net. Downloaded islands can be traded between GBAs, using a Game Boy Advance Link Cable.

The Game Boy Advance can be used when shopping at the Able Sisters. The pattern design tool can be downloaded to a Game Boy Advance, and the player can then upload designs made on a Game Boy Advance to the GameCube. This feature can be accessed by plugging in a Game Boy Advance with a GameCube Game Boy Advance Cable and talking to Mabel in the Able Sisters shop. The game is also compatible with the e-Reader by visiting the Post Office while connected to the accessory via the Game Boy Advance link cable, players can scan Animal Crossing themed cards to receive new items, town tunes, or pattern designs.

Next Animal Crossing Game

  • 3
    Would you prefer it on the handheld, or on the Wii?Also, what are some new features you’d like to see added?
  • Justin
  • 1393
  • Timdog35
  • DXD
  • Lost in Azure
  • 3
    Personally, I’d prefer it on the Wii because of the graphics. I’d love to see better interaction with neighbors.
  • DXD
  • Lost in Azure

quote Lost in Azure

    Yes! D I hate always hearing the same thing come out of each villagers mouths. Honestly, I’d rather have a few amount of neighbors with more personality and uniqueness in their speech then a bunch of neighbors who repeat the same thing.
  • Justin
  • 1393
  • DXD
  • Crafter
  • DXD

quote CrafterWhile I agree the villagers’ current ‘talking’ gets repetitive, I feel that giving them an actual voice would just ruin it. Somewhat similar to giving Link or Samus a voice

  • Alanar

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Animal Crossing New Horizons: What To Expect From Upcoming Updates

After the recent 1.9.0 update of Animal Crossing New Horizons released, players have been speculating about the next update and what they can expect. A lot of players think that the 2.0 update will be a game-changer and will add lots of new content.

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However, these are all speculations and Nintendo might plan something different. The last three updates in New Horizons added little content, and several players didnt like that.

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What Other Animal Crossing Events Are Coming

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Announced For Mobile

Nintendos recent blog post also confirmed that several other Animal Crossing events are on the horizon: there will be a Hinamatsuri event on 3rd March and a Pi Day celebration on 14th March, and theres also a St Patricks Day event called Shamrock Day taking place between 10th March and 17th March. Between that and the Mario update, its clear that Animal Crossing hasnt lost any of its lustre one year on from its launch!

Check out our video game release schedule for all upcoming games on consoles. Visit our hubs for more gaming and technology news.

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Brewster Could Bring Gyroids Back To Animal Crossing

Lastly, Brewster was often previously associated with Gyroids another missed Animal Crossing staple. These furniture items appeared as wooden cylinders with carved faces and arms, and they moved in a circular motion when activated. New Horizons players see talking Gyroids manage bridge and incline construction, but they were collectibles in previous games.

One of Brewsters hobbies was collecting Gyroids, so he offered to store players Gyroids for them when they became friends in Animal Crossing: City Folk. He also gave Brewster-themed Gyroids to players who completed barista shifts in New Leaf.

We can only hope that Brewster and Gyroids go hand-in-hand in a future update so players can start building collections again.

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Why Animal Crossing’s Future Could Look Surprisingly Similar To Gta

What’s next for Nintendo’s hottest franchise?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the undisputed video-game champion of 2020.

Released on March 20, the charming life simulator was a relaxing escape for those stuck at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, giving friends a way to stay connected during extraordinarily difficult times. To date, New Horizonshas sold more than 26 million units worldwide, making it the second best-selling Switch title ever, behind Itâs likely to surpass even that record by the end of the year.

New Horizons has been critical to Nintendo’s 2020 success. While first-party titles have been in short supply throughout the year, the company sold a staggering 735,000 Switch units in October 2020, just weeks ahead of the global launches of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. A once-niche series, Animal Crossing has become an S-tier behemoth alongside Mario and Zelda.

How can the company keep that momentum going in 2021 and beyond? Inverse spoke with an Animal Crossing content creator and Nintendo expert to find out.

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Halloween In Animal Crossing New Horizons

For the first time in an Animal Crossing game, New Horizons delivers seasonal events via an update to avoid players time traveling and experiencing events out of season. This also goes for this years Halloween event.

There is currently no information on what this years spooky event will entail, what we do know is that our islanders will contribute by decorating their homes and store fronts! Much like the town plaza transformed into an easter wonderland last spring.

During a Nintendo Direct gameplay reveal we got our first look at some of the Halloween decorations taken place in New Horizons. Take a look at the Nooks Cranny during the fall time! These pumpkins and tiny spiderwebs are the cutest.

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The First Of These Updates Arrives On July 29 Paving The Way For A Weekly Fireworks Show And New Seasonal Items

Visiting Animal Crossing 19 YEARS LATER! (Nintendo GameCube)

Despite it being some time since Animal Crossing: New Horizons got a substantial update, Nintendo has promised that more free content is currently in development for later this year, and it all begins with an update on July 29 that sets the stage for a weekly fireworks show and new seasonal items.

Nintendo shared the news on and while it didnt give much of a hint as to how big these future updates will be or what they will contain, it did thank Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans for their support and patience and promises that more information will be shared in the future, so please stay tuned.

Fans have been curious about the status of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a game that has sold more than 32 million units globally, and many have taken to sites like Reddit to share their frustrations with the community.

About a month ago, Reddit user TetrasSword noted that its been two months since in New Horizons, and the lack of communication from Nintendo on updates was becoming worrisome.

Have you played Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

I figured now would be the time for a feature addition due to the lull in events in the next couple months but I almost feel like well get nothing at all, TetrasSword wrote. Well what do you guys think? Is an update still on its way? Is it time to give up on the game and accept theres not going to be any meaningful updates?

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Animal Crossing 2021 Updates: What Could Come Next

Nintendo of America’s president promised that “new and fun activities” are coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but will they arrive?

After a launch year which saw Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ become a worldwide phenomenon, 2021 has been disappointingly slow. Nintendo’s E3 presentation, while delivering major trailers for Breath of the Wild 2, Metroid Dread, and WarioWare, did not mention Animal Crossing at all. Just a year ago, ACNH was the Switch’s most popular game, so the radio silence on updates is confounding. It either means Nintendo is phasing out ACNH, which is very unlikely, or that it’s waiting to announce something – hopefully, a major update or DLC.

ANCH‘s updates have been lackluster since Festivale in January and the eruption of Mario items in February. A March update focused on New Horizons‘ anniversary and gave new customizable variety goods, like a photo stand, to the Custom Design app an April update added minimal tweaks to last year’s spring and summer holidays. Essentially, players have been reliving the same annual content without sufficiently new spice – if they’ve visited their islands at all.

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Animal Crossing: Next Big Update To Come Out In The Next Couple Of Weeks For New Horizons

Doug Bowser of Nintendo America announced Nintendo’s plans for Animal Crossing: New Horizons just a few days back. He also revealed that many interesting activities are going to make their way to the title but fell short of providing a window for the same.

The game is currently running on version 1.10.0a, which added the Wedding Season event to the title, which initially wasn’t programmed for the game.

Naturally, the Wedding Season event was the last holiday event of the summer update.

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There is a huge possibility that mini seasonal events from last year will be added to the game sooner rather than later. These include the Tanabata Festival, the Cowboy Festival, and Marine Day.

Undoubtedly, these will add limited-time items to the game from last year but might also include items never seen before.

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New Update Coming This Week

In addition Nintendo also revealed the next smaller content update coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons this week. The weekly firework show will begin again in the first weekend of August, so make sure you submit your preferred Firework designs to Isabelle or grab some of these amazing designs!

There will also be new limited time items you can grab from Nooks shopping, such as a cucumber horse, eggplant cow and even some boba tea!

Update Announcement Coming Any Day Now

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is coming out on Wednesday

As weve previously covered in other articles, we can expect that the next major Animal Crossing: New Horizons update will be released by the end of July, just mere days from now.

Thats because the next expected in-game event is the Fireworks Show held on Sundays during August, but it hasnt yet been implemented into the game for 2021. Assuming the first event date will be on August 1st, Nintendo will almost certainly release an update prior to then.

UPDATE:The next Version 1.11 Update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons has now been officially announced learn all the details here!

Furthermore, the company has never released an update on a weekend, so an update should arrive by July 30th at the latest. All that means were surely going to see an Animal Crossing update announcement or trailer shared by Nintendo any day now likely on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday this week!

If youre curious for more details on the release timing and why, we go into a deeper explanation in our Animal Crossing: New Horizons Summer 2021 Update article here.

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Nintendo Leaker Notes Brewster Coming In A Future Update

Leaks are far too common within gaming, and while Nintendo has done a decent job at controlling some of these leaks, theyve sometimes broken out into the public.

This is the case when it comes to the future of New Horizons, as notable leaker SamusHunter2, stated that the next major update for AC will be sometime before November at the latest.

ACNHThe major update, that will likely introudce Brewster and his bar where you can meet old friends, is set to be released in November at maximum. The team has taken precautions to install the Halloween event without requiring a new update in case of delay after September

Samus Hunter | Nintendo Leak inside

As the name suggests, Brewster specializes in making coffee and in previous games, would sell cups of joe for around 200 Bells to your player.

While this isnt confirmed as of now, SamusHunter2 has also noted that a new Nintendo Direct could be airing sometime within the next week or so.

DIRECT AIRINGWay back in July I said around WarioWare launch. The 8th/9th is still possible, but I personally expect the week after, because of other presentations and the game review period/launch

Animal Crossing Direct Announced For October And It Looks Like Brewster Is On The Way

During today’s Nintendo Direct, it was confirmed that a new Animal Crossing Direct is happening in October and that a free update is coming to the game sometime in November.

No doubt most exciting is the tease of a fan-favorite character first introduced in the 2005 Nintendo DS game Animal Crossing: Wild World. Brewster is a quiet, reserved, but ultimately very lovable pigeon that runs The Roost, a cafe players could visit in earlier games for a cup of coffee and some increasingly rewarding conversation correlating with how much coffee you drink. In Wild World, players would visit The Roost to see K.K. Slider perform his concerts, and in Animal Crossing: City Folk you could get Brewster to store your Gyroid. Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Brooster’s most recent appearance, allowed you to work at The Roost after so many cups of coffee.

Nintendo has all but confirmed that Brewster and The Roost will be added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in November, but it’s unclear what else the update will contain. Thankfully, with the Direct happening next month, it won’t be long before we learn more.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update Coming This Week More To Come

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is getting a free update later this week.

The free update to Animal Crossing: New Horizons will arrive on July 29.

Players can expect new seasonal items and weekly Fireworks shows. You will need to make sure you have downloaded the latest update to the game in order to enjoy the content.

And thats not all to expect, as Nintendo says there is more to come in the way of content.

According to the company, the additional content is in development and slated for release later this year.

The most recent update to the game occurred in June with the Bug-Off tourney, which is a yearly event. Here, Flick presides over the carnival, which works similarly to C.J.s fishing tourneys.

Instead of quarterly like the fishing tourney, The Bug-Off takes place once a month throughout the summer, so it is still going on now through September. The most recent one happed on July 24, and the next one will go live on August 28.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Next Update Is Upon Us Finally

New Animal Crossing Update HUGE COMING THIS WEEK?!

Animal Crossing New Horizons is overdue for a new update. The game has not seen new content in the longest time since it released back in March 2020 nearly 90 days without an update.

While Animal Crossing New Leaf only received one major content update years after its original release, fans argue that it had launched in a more completed state with more gameplay features than New Horizons.

Unless you consider small updates to make slight seasonal event changes a major addition, there hasnt really been anything new in the game since the holiday season last year, which also did not introduce a game changing feature.

Nintendo recently announced that more content for the more than 33 million Animal Crossing New Horizons players would be announced in the near future.

And today the company once again iterated and shared on Twitter that more content would be coming to New Horizons this year. This is in addition to simple seasonal events. It is clear that the big N is currently working on significant free content updates coming to New Horizons in 2021!

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