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When Is Toy Day On Animal Crossing

Do You Want To Build A Snowman

TOY DAY! – Animal Crossing New Leaf

While wandering around on your island, you might find two snow balls on the ground. Run up to one and you’ll kick it, making it ever so slightly larger. Continue to kick it until it becomes large enough to roll around. Now continue to roll the snow ball around and have it get larger. When it’s at a decent size, do the same to the other snow ball.

Now when the two snowballs are a good size, roll one onto the other to form a Snowboy. The first time you do this, the Snowboy will come to life and will give you both a Large Snowflake and a Snowboy DIY recipe. But from now on, you’ll have to make the perfect Snowboy if you want to earn prizes. You can only make one Snowboy a day, so you need to make them count.

Turkey Day Special Villager Franklin

Turkey Day goes live on , and Franklin, the villages first-class chef, will arrive to cook up some delicious meals for all to enjoy. Youll have to help him gather some ingredients so he can cook the best dishes possible.

Franklin, a returning villager, will visit your island. You will have to gather a few ingredients to help him dish up some exquisite meals.

What Happens On Toy Day In Animal Crossing

On Toy Day, Jingle the reindeer will appear outside Guest Services on your island. If you speak to him, hell provide you with the recipe for Festive Wrapping Paper and ask you to craft three of these. Once this is done, hell present you with his Magic Bag.

You can then take the Magic Bag to visit all of the residents across your island. You can give each one a special present, and while you may not get a reward for each present you deliver, you can unlock a variety of recipes by returning and speaking to Jingle after several deliveries.

Animal Crossings Toy Day event will be easy to complete in the time that the event is running. As long as you make some time during Christmas Eve, youll be able to easily complete all that the game has to offer during this event.

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Toy Day Event Rewards In New Horizons

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The more presents you deliver on Toy Day on Jingles behalf, the more holiday-themed rewards you unlock. Successfully delivering more than half of the items in the Magic Bag will earn you the DIY recipe for the Gift Pile item from Jingle.

Furthermore, if you gift every single villager, the reindeer will reward you with the Toy Day Sleigh furniture item. Finally, to ensure you receive all the Toy Day event items, hang up the Toy Day Stockings on the wall in your house. The next day on December 25, you will find Jingles Photo by interacting with the stockings on your wall.

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If you need to check how many presents are left to deliver, you can do so by accessing your inventory and interacting with the Magic Bag. For a detailed breakdown of the Toy Day event in New Horizons, you can read Animal Crossing Worlds guide for the same.

How To Get The Santa Outfit

Animal Crossing TOY DAY

Starting on 1st, you’ll find several festive clothing options at Able Sisters, including pieces for a Santa Outfit, as well as a Festive Dress and a Reindeer Costume.

All of these clothing items appear randomly until Toy Day. On Toy Day, every single piece of the costumes will be in stock at Able Sisters. The Santa Outfit doesn’t include boots, so you’ll have to improvise with some others.

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Find Jingle At Resident Services

To begin the Toy Day Christmas Eve event, head over to Resident Services and look for Jingle hanging out nearby the plaza area. Hell introduce himself as the black-nosed reindeer and tell you about his job this year helping Santa deliver presents on the island.

You can also find the complete Santa Outfit of clothing and accessories for purchase at Able Sisters on Toy Day, but theyre simply for holiday spirit fun and are not required to participate in the event. If you do choose to wear the outfit though, some villagers will comment on it!

‘animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Toy Day: How To Complete Jingle’s Task

On December 24th that’s Christmas Eve for you non-festive folk Animal Crossing: New Horizonswill unveil its latest event, this time celebrating the act of gift giving with Toy Day.

Part of the Winter Event that began on December 15, Toy Day will officially commence at 6 a.m. local time on December 24 and run until 5 a.m. December 25. When you first boot up Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Isabelle will inform you of a visitor that has arrived on the island. Head to Resident Services and you’ll see Jingle, a reindeer wearing a santa outfit.

They’ll explain to you that they are on your island to help Santa deliver gifts, but they are missing wrapping paper. Jingle will get the idea for you to craft wrapping paper for them using a DIY recipe.

Jingle needs just three pieces of this special wrapping paper to complete his task.


To craft one piece of Festive wrapping paper, you’ll need one of each of the following ornaments: red, blue and gold. To find these ornaments, players will need to explore their island and shake the cedar trees that are decorated with ornaments. Pretty simple, right?

Of course, if you’ve been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons since the Winter update went into effect on December 15 you should have plenty of ornaments lying around to craft the wrapping paper.


The Toy Day Sleigh is a large sleigh that you can leave outside and sit in.

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Animal Crossing Toy Day Is Coming To New Horizons This Week With The Event Counting Down Until Jingle Arrives

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Things have been getting slowly more festive in New Horizons and now Animal Crossing Toy Day will be kicking off very soon.

As revealed by Nintendo earlier this year, Toy Day will be the finale to the current ACNH Winter update running on Switch.

Some things will be ending after Toy Day is finished, with gamers now able to check the cedar trees for the special ornaments hanging there.

Shaking these trees will provide enough special items to craft furniture, but its unlikely to carry on after Toy Day.

Wed like to invite everyone to experience the holidays together with family and friends in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, along with your island residents bringing their unique seasonal cheer, said Nick Chavez, Nintendo of Americas Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Were eager for everyone to discover all the changes arriving to your islands during this holiday season.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Toy Day Schedule

Animal Crossing Toy Day In A Nutshell

As previously mentioned, Toy Day starts in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on December 24th. Unfortunately, Nintendo has blocked players from traveling forward in time to ensure that all players will experience the upcoming event simultaneously. Similar to Turkey Day, Toy Day will commence at 9 AM local time and will see the arrival of Jingle the Reindeer on the island.

To new Animal Crossing: New Horizons players who do not know who Jingle is, the reindeer has been a staple in previous Animal Crossing games, serving as the star of Toy Day. During the event, Jingle will give players a bag of gifts that they must deliver to the right villagers. Jingle will reward players with a gift of their own in exchange for delivering gifts, though it is still a mystery what players will receive from Jingle this year.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is out now for the Nintendo Switch.

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Animal Crossing Toy Day: Start Time And Activity List For Christmas Event

Animal Crossings Toy Day, the in-universe equivalent for Christmas, has reached its start time. Theres plenty to do across the whole day, with lots of festive recipes to craft and activities to complete.

Toy Day sees the arrival of Jingle, the festive reindeer who visits islands delivering toys to all local residents. Players can help Jingle in these deliveries, both for fun, and in order to receive unique items that cant be gained any other way.

Toy Day takes place before Christmas Day, so its important to pay attention to the events start and end times to make sure you dont miss out on the fun.

Toy Day Christmas Eve Event Start Time & Date

The Toy Day event with Jingle is held in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on December 24th for Christmas Eve! It begins on December 24th, 2020 at 5AM and runs for a full 24 hours until 5AM the next day on December 25th.

Make sure youre connected to the internet with your user linked to a Nintendo Account in order to unlock Version 1.6.0c including the event you can find complete instructions on exactly how to unlock the Toy Day event here. If you want to unlock it early in advance of December 24th in your time zone, follow our guide here.

This date is the same for islands in both the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. Note that the upgraded Resident Services with Isabelle must be unlocked to fully experience the entire event.

Youll know the Toy Day event has begun on your island when Isabelle wears a Santa Hat during her morning announcements and you can hear special holiday themed music start to play replacing the usual hourly theme!

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Festive Toys For Sale At Nook’s Cranny

In addition to the Toy Day items you can receive, below is a complete list of all festive toy items available for purchase at Nook’s Cranny throughout December. Note that while there are many color variants of all of the toys, your island’s Nook’s Cranny will only carry one set of variants be sure to exchange with your friends to collect them all!

Item Image

When Will Toy Day Event Start & End

Vamos a celebrar con Animal Crossing Parte 10

The Toy Day event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons takes place on December 24th for Christmas Eve. Thats not to be confused with Christmas Day on December 25th, as even Nintendo made this mistake recently!

As for the event time, the Toy Day event is considered an all-day event and will begin on your island right at 5AM on December 24th running all the way until 5AM on December 25th. So that means youll get a full 24 hours to participate in the Christmas event and meet Jingle!

Thats a notable contrast from previous Animal Crossing: New Horizons events like Turkey Day for Thanksgiving or Halloween, which both featured more limited hours of operation in the day. Its likely an effort from Nintendo to ensure the event remains accessible for everyone, including those who may be quite busy on Christmas at least in a regular year.

However, theres one small catch to be aware of regarding the timing for Toy Day. In order to obtain all of the events rewards, you need to deliver presents to every villager on your island, which can be impeded by any residents that are currently asleep if youre playing at odd hours.

You can easily come back again later to check for any missing villagers if youre unable to find them earlier in the day though. And even if you miss a villager or two, youll still get the vast majority of rewards theres just a single exclusive item for delivering to every villager.

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Make 3 Wrapping Papers

Once you make 3 Festive Wrapping Papers, return to Jingle once more. You’ll get Toy Day Stockings, as well as a Magic Bag full of presents which you’ll need to hand out to villagers!

Hang Up Your Stockings On The 24th

Make sure you hang the Toy Day Stockings somewhere in your house on the 24th! You can get Jingle’s Photo on Dec. 25th for doing this today, so get this done asap.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Toys

Starting December 1, you’ll be able to buy a range of Animal Crossing: New Horizons toys from the seasonal spot in Nook’s Cranny. These are brilliant new festive themed items that come in a range of colours and patterns . The full list of Animal Crossing: New Horizons toys items that will be available across December is as follows:

  • Kids’ Tent
  • Puppy Plushie
  • Tin Robot

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What Are The Rewards During Toy Day

There are 5 different items you can exclusively obtain during the Toy Day event from Jingle! If youre wondering whether its worth spending your time playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Christmas Eve, taking a look over these items in advance might be helpful.

Or if you want to feel assured that you have everything there is to get from this years event, you can follow alongside this list as you play by using the handy checkboxes provided next to each item name!

Obviously, the list below can be considered spoilers and you should back out now if that bothers you.

Refer to the table below for a complete summary of every item reward you can unlock during the Toy Day event:


All Toy Day Diy Recipes

Animal Crossing “Toy Day”!

Toy Day, as well as the Festive Season in general, offers up many different DIY Recipes to get into the holiday spirit, including Christmas Trees, Presents, and of course giant illuminated decorations!

Visit the first link below to learn about all the Festive DIY recipes, and visit the second link for the DIYs you can get by helping Jingle out on Toy Day itself.

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Animal Crossing Toy Day Guide

Hello! I hope you’re staying cozy and getting into the holiday spirit this week. Oh! Speaking of the holidays, I’m told we’ll be getting a visit from one of Santa’s helpers on Toy Day this year. That’s December 24th, so keep an eye out for a deer friend in the plaza that day!


The makers not released Animal Crossing Toy Day event but the players seem extremely curious about it already. The event will begin on December 24th, 2020 at 5 AM for a full 24 hours until 5 AM the next day on December 25th. To help out the players, we have also listed our Toy Day guide that might just help you guys out. We have also listed the thing t odo and list of rewards available in Animal Crossing Toy Day event.

Everything You Can Do On Christmas And Toy Day

Below is a complete list of all of the activities you can take part in on Toy Day – read on in the article for more specific details on each activity:

  • Find Jingle in front of Resident Services on
  • Unlock the Festive Wrapping Paper DIY recipe from Jingle
  • Craft 3 of the Festive Wrapping Paper items and give them to Jingle
  • Obtain Toy Day Stockings to hang in your home
  • Obtain Jingle’s Magic Bag of presents
  • Visit each of your neighbors, both inside and outside of their homes, to give them their presents from the Magic Bag
  • Obtain a reward from Jingle after delivering a majority of the presents
  • Obtain a second reward from Jingle after handing out all of the presents
  • Exchange wrapped personal gifts with your neighbors afterwards to receive more color variations of the Christmas Toy Day items from Nook’s Cranny
  • Hang up your Toy Day stockings in your home that evening on the 24th, and check them the morning of the 25th to receive Jingle’s Photo
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    Craft Festive Wrapping Paper

    Talk to Jingle and he’ll tell you that he forgot to wrap your villagers’ presents and will give you a recipe for DIY Festive Wrapping Paper before asking you to craft three of them. To craft all three items you will need a total of 3 Blue Ornaments, 3 Yellow Ornaments, and 3 Red Ornaments.

    • How to get Ornaments for DIY Recipes: From Mid-December through early January, if you shake one of the festive Christmas trees on your island, it might just drop an ornament. You’ll be able to use these ornaments to craft Toy Day decorations. It’s hard to get these things to drop, so you might have to shake your trees several times before one falls to the ground.
    • Reward: Once you have the three Festive Wrapping Paper pieces in hand, return to Jingle and give it to him. As a reward, he’ll give you a set of Toy Day stockings. Make sure to hang these in your house right away .

    Your Guide To Toy Day In ‘acnh’:

    Animal Crossing New Leaf

    Toy Day takes place on Dec. 24, whether you’re in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. You’ll know it’s Toy Day when Isabelle opens the morning announcements wearing a Santa hat.

    To start the Toy Day festivities, you’ll want to visit Jingle, who will be standing outside of Resident Services. The reindeer will then ask you if you can help him and give you the recipe for Festive Wrapping Paper. You’ll have to craft three, each of which requires one red, yellow, and blue ornament.

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