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Where To Store Turnips Animal Crossing New Horizons

Buying And Selling Turnips In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How to Make Bells With Turnips in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Every Sunday, an adorable wild boar named Daisy May will visit your island from 4 a.m. to 12 p.m. She will sell you turnips in lots of 10 at a price varying from 90 to 110 bells. There is no limit to buying them as long as you have enough bells. The lower the expenses, the better. It is worth noting that you can not store turnips, unlike ordinary items. Either keep them on the ground or on the ground outside and dont forget to fence.

Turnips can be sold to Timmy and Tommy at Nooks Cranny outside of Sunday. Prices change twice a day, once in the morning, then at noon. On a good day the prices are above 600 bells, while on a bad day you may have to sell them for barely a profit or even a loss. Always try to sell your turnips for more than cost.

The buying and selling prices of turnips also vary by island. Additionally, there are online tools like Turnip Calculator and Turnip Prophet that can help you predict your turnip costs if provided with correct information. Data miners have found that the prices are not random. Instead, they follow fixed patterns. If you arent getting a reasonable price on your island due to a bad scheme or if you didnt sell at the right time, you can go to someone elses island to sell your turnips. .

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Animal Crossing New Horizons: Where To Store Your Turnips

Animal Crossing New Horizons allows players to store Turnips in a specific location. Here is where players can place their turnips in the game.

Animal Crossing New Horizonsprovides a helpful method to gather a large amount of Bells in a short period of time. Here is where to store all of those Turnips in the game. The fruit is a major aspect to any Animal Crossing title. With this newest title in the franchise, players are given a starter fruit for their very own island. They will be given 1 of 6 fruit, Cherry, Coconuts, Peaches, Apples, Oranges, or Pears. To get other fruit, players will need to visit other islands through the Nook Tours or by heading to a friend’s island who began with different fruit. Fruit can be traded and sold for higher prices if the fruit does not originate from that island. Although, vegetables function through a completely different system, especially Turnips. Turnings are special items in Animal Crossing New Horizons that can be sold for a ridiculously high amount of Bells, or a potentially lower price. Turnips function as a form of “gambling” in the game, as each turnip can be sold for a higher or lower value of what the player spent. It’s a somewhat complicated system. This guide will help players figure out where they can store Turnips in the game.

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How To Stash Your Turnips

Storing your newly purchased turnips is a little messy but straight forward. They canât be placed in your house inventory so just leave them on your floor until you want to sell them.

Keep in mind that turnips will rot after one week. Once rotten, turnips canât be sold and theyâll attract ants, so make sure you remember exactly when you have to sell them to avoid losing the Bells you invested.

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How To Recover From Bad Prices

If you got a bad pattern or didn’t sell at the right time, you’re not completely screwed: You can sell your turnips on other people’s islands! If you have friends who are also playing the stalk market, it’s a good idea to talk to them about your prices throughout the week and see if you might get a better deal elsewhere. Making lots of friends and communicating each week is key for making this easy.

When To Sell Your Turnips

Some Creative Ways to Store Your Precious Turnips in ...

If youve made a big investment in Turnips and want to ensure that you make a large profit from selling them, its time to get a notepad out. Turnip prices are not completely random and theres actually a way to predict when the highest prices will happen, so long as you write down every one of your Turnip prices for the week.

Its time to get to know the four possible Turnip price trends: , Random, Small Spike and Big Spike.

Note: This is how it worked in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and in our early testing it seems to work the same way in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. But, as always, Turnip buyers beware, as its possible that the developers threw a couple curveballs in here.

Youll know your Turnip prices are on a Decreasing Trend if they start out low and just keep getting slightly lower throughout the week. Usually prices will start out around 80 or 90, but each price update will drop that by 5 or 10 Bells. By the end of the week, the price will be in the absolute toilet.

If youve been tracking every price and theyve all followed this pattern by Thursday afternoon, youll know that youre on a Decreasing Trend and should either sell immediately or find a friend to visit with better prices.

A sample week of prices for the Decreasing Trend would be:

Monday – 85 / 81

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Selling Turnips: When Should You Sell

Starting each Monday, Timmy and Tommy will start buying turnips from you the only day they don’t buy turnips is Sunday. Generally, anything above 200 bells per turnip is a decent price, but in a good week you can see prices in the 300s and 400s and in rare cases even up to the 600s. Conversely, in a bad week you might have to sell your turnips for only slightly more than you paid for them or even at a loss.

Timmy and Tommy change their prices twice daily, once when Nook’s Cranny opens in the morning and again at noon. This is where things get a little complicated: There are a few general patterns their prices will follow throughout the week, so it’s important to ask them for their prices twice every day to get a sense of what pattern you have. You can look at the main patterns to watch out for below.

How Many Bells Does A Turnip Cost In Animal Crossing

The price per turnip will be under 100 bells at the start of the week. It will constantly decrease throughout the week, with no increase of price. This pattern begins with declining prices, followed by 4 increasing prices. The maximum price being between 180 and 250 bells per turnip on the 4th increase.

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Why Do My Turnips Keep Spoiling Animal Crossing

Now, players will find that their turnips will be spoiled if they do not sell them by the next Sunday following the Sunday when they purchased them. If their vegetables are not sold in this week, they will rot and be worthless when it comes to you being able to sell them for any kind of decent profit.

Storing Turnips In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons | Turnip Guide, Stalk Market & How to Get the Best Prices

Players have a limited inventory in the game that can be slightly expanded throughout the game. The player begins with 20 slots, which then evolves into 30 then 40. Players will most likely want to wait a few days before selling the turnips and to occupy the time, the player will want to complete other tasks that will fill the time. To store their turnips, the best and safest place to keep them will be in their home. Players can store these items on the ground inside their home and they will not despawn over time. Checking in at Nook’s Cranny every day for the right price all comes down to the player. Players can also bury their Turnips into the ground and it will be represented by an “X” similar to when a fossil is planted on the ground. Ideally, the player should craft a specific location on their island where they can create a Turnip farm. This would help players keep track of the locations of the Turnips. Make sure to burry these Turnips into solid dirt and not the beach. From experience, it is recommended to close off this location using fences. Players can make an entire Turnip farm in this location and pull them out when needed. It’s recommended to log in every day into the game to see the price Timmy and Tommy are willing to purchase Turnips. There is no recommended day to head to Nook’s Cranny since it is completely random the day they will select to maximize their selling cost for Turnips. Players will just have to use their best judgment moving forward.

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How To Sell Turnips

Now that you have turnips in your inventory, its time to sell. Unfortunately, you cant sell turnips to Nooks Cranny on Sundays, which means youll have to wait to sell them between Monday and Saturday .

Nooks Cranny will offer a different price for turnips each day, and the value can fluctuate dramatically. Prices can be as low as 15 bells or as high as 990 bells in rare cases, which is where the concept of playing the stalk market comes in. Check the turnip price each day and try to sell for more than you paid. Youll only have a limited time to do so, too, as turnips will go rotten one week after purchase and lose all their value.

Turnip Storage Pen Method

Turnips can also be stored in the great outdoors. Many players are creating storage pens on their islands to keep their investment safe. Making a turnip pen is easy, you just need a little bit of fencing, which you can either make or purchase from the Nook Stop in Resident Services. Once youve got your fencing, find a clear spot on your island for your pen. Arrange your turnips how you see fit and then enclose the turnips with fencing.

Contrary to popular belief, your turnips will not rot this way. The only way your turnips will rot is if you let them turn 7 days old . It is slightly advantageous to keep one or two turnips on the ground a rotten turnip is the only way to get some bugs, like the ant and fly, to spawn.

Keeping your turnips safe is an important part of playing the Stalk Market game in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Buy low, sell high, and laugh in the face of the children who insist that you sell your turnips for even a bell less than you bought them for. Check our other turnip guide for more tips and information on turnips, including how to sell them for the most profit!

And thats it! Hopefully this helps you get settled into your new Animal Crossing: New Horizons island! Much like the game itself, check back throughout the day to see whats new here on Fanbyte. We already have guides for how to move your tent and how to get across rivers using either the vaulting pole or constructing bridges.

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Common Turnip Price Patterns

The good news is that youre not totally in the dark on what to expect from prices throughout the week as there are some patterns to how the Stalk Market typically operates. By tracking your turnip prices every day and identifying possible patterns, you can vastly increase your chances of making a profit!

Similarly to past games in the series, the Turnip Stalk Market in Animal Crossing: New Horizons features four different possible general patterns that your islands Turnip prices can follow throughout the week.

Note that your buy price in this section refers to the price that Daisy Mae was selling on your island. If you bought at another island, the price will not be accurate as patterns are based on your own islands buy price.

Big Spike Pattern

Your turnip prices will initially go down continuously by small amounts appearing to be a bad week, but at some point in the week a series of increasing prices will begin, in which the third increase is the largest spike price.

The peak spike price in the Big Spike pattern can be as high as 660 Bells or as low as 180 Bells, depending on your islands starting buy price.

Small Spike Pattern

Your turnip prices will initially go down continuously by small amounts appearing to be a bad week, but at some point in the week a series of increasing prices will begin, in which the fifth increase is the largest spike price.

Random or Rollercoaster Pattern

How To Buy Turnips From Daisy Mae

ã?Animal Crossing: New HorizonsãHow To Get Rich Selling ...

The one and only way to purchase Turnips and play the Stalk Market in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is meeting the visiting Daisy Mae character on your island.

Note that in order for Daisy Mae to show up and the Turnip Stalk Market to be enabled, you will need to have fully constructed the Nooks Cranny shop building on your island.

Daisy Mae Visiting Days and Hours

Daisy Mae shows up offering Turnips for sale on your island every Sunday morning between 5AM to 12PM . You can find her wandering around in a random location on your island, so be sure to explore the entire area until you find her sneaky spot.

If you have ramps and bridges on your island, expect her to cross over those to farther areas of land, so watch out for that.

How Much Do Turnips Cost To Buy From Daisy Mae?

The price that Daisy Mae will sell Turnips to you on Sunday mornings is a random number that varies every week. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the buy price of turnips will always be within the 90-110 Bells range.

So its best to purchase turnips if they are towards the 90-100 Bells buy range as that is objectively a good price, but we recommend buying them no matter the price as 110 is certainly not a bad price either. You can profit regardless of where in the buy price range you land its not worth fretting over the buy price.

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Animal Crossing: How To Store And Sell Turnips

In Animal Crossing, bells make the world go round. They are paramount to the game, closely mirroring how money works in the real world. Buying and selling bells helps pay off mortgages, among other things.

Players can make them by doing a lot of things, but one way of making bells is by using turnips. Turnips can be sold for varying prices on different days, with the turnip market perpetually in flux. Similar to the stock market, players can use turnips to get rich quickly.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Buy And Sell Turnips

There are several divisions in the economy for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, consisting of items like insects, fruits, fish, fossils, turnips, etc. Turnips are the best of the bunch if youre aiming to get rich quick on the island paradise, and theres even a vegetable market. Its Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the product-based equivalent of Wall Street.

Unlike other items, turnips are special items in Animal Crossing. Purchasable only on Sundays, they rot if they are not sold during the week. In addition, the prices vary from time to time, so we lose or we make money. As the payouts in the gambling den increase and you move on to upgrading the infrastructure, you will need more and more money. That is why you have to buy turnips and sell them correctly.

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When And Where To Buy Turnips In New Horizons

Turnips can only be purchased on Sundays from 5 am to 12 pm. They are purchased from one of the new Villagers in the game, Daisy Mae. Only 10 bunches can be purchased at a time, but still, it may be wise to come to Daisy Mae with as many bells as possible. Remember to stock up on bells with tricks to earn them as fast as possible.

Daisy Mae is found at Sow Joans Stalk Market, which she has taken over for her grandmother. If someone were to purchase turnips and NOT resell them by the next Sunday, they will rot. Players can rebuy the turnips in a weeks time but, not selling the turnips would be a waste.

Who Is Daisy Mae And When Can You Find Her

How to Buy and Sell TURNIPS for Profit on Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Between the hours of 5 AM and 12 PM, the Turnip Lady will appear on your island, so make sure to check in with her every Sunday. Known as Daisy Mae, the NPC pictured above is who youll be heading to weekly to purchase the money-making vegetable.

Carrying a hat full of turnips on her head, and a little blue dress with pound signs, shes incredibly easy to spot.

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What Happens When You Time Travel In Animal Crossing

Be careful when changing the time in your game when playing the stalk market turnips may spoil if you time travel. In our testing, they only spoiled if we traveled forward beyond the week we bought them in however, if you time travel backward, your turnip pattern will reset, which can seriously screw up your price predictions.


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